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Seismo 2

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Author Comments

Please note, that this movie is a reflection of my anger! I KNOW that, sadly, my homeland has no real chance to do anything happening here, and i do NOT want WW3, nor have half the world dead.
I made this movie prior my homeland Hungary has joined the EU. However, months after the joining, I still don't see the Promised Wealth And Welfare. Instead, the daily news are filled with headlines like "300 people fired". I cannot do anything!!!! As an outlet for my anger i decided to publish this movie. Rate it low or high, the only thing that matters me is that you see it and think a bit about this whole EU mess.
As for the largely nationalist ending, i'm fed up with Hungary being regarded as a lightweight negligible country. We OWNED Europe for hundreds of years, damnit! Anyone heard the prayer "Save us from the arrows of Hungarians, oh my God"...
but after trianon...
eh lets not get into it. *sigh*

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Nice job.

Nice job but, you are insulting us americans by saying that our nuclear silos arent
cyberly protected. even though i dont like living in america id rather live in switzerland and have a father stationed there. he,s a marine.

yay for hungary! straight to faves!

i mat not know alot of hungarian, and i may not be born in hungary, but practicly my entire family is hungarian, so i still root for them!!!!

ShunterAlhena responds:

I didn't visit Newgrounds for a loooong time and I'm pretty surprised that my foolish little movie was viewed by over a thousand people, not to mention favorited by anyone... thanks! :) I personally love this movie as I made it with great passion at that time, but posting it here might have been a bad decision, since it pales in comparison to other Newgrounds content... anyway, I'm overjoyed that there are other people who can enjoy it :)


Remélem vagy annyira "hazafi", hogy nézed mi a fasz folyik itthon. Ha ennyire nagy a pofád gyere haza, és itt éld ki magad. A Rohadt társaid akik mondják, hogy vissza a nagy Magyarországot azok most épp tüntetnek, és egy rohadt fanatikus csõcselékké állva követik az õrült Orbán Viktort

ShunterAlhena responds:

Amint a kommentárban is írtam, hogy is van a jogi szakszöveg? "hirtelen felindulásból követtem el" ezt az animációt, és akkor még a mostani életkoromnál is fiatalabb voltam, nem kell komolyan venni :) egyébként szerintem minden magyarnak, de egyébként minden más állam polgárának is hazafiasnak kell lennie valamennyire, ha nem akarja elveszteni az identitását; a kiélésemr%u0151l annyit hogy születésem óta Magyarországon élek, viszont az Orbánért %u0151rjöng%u0151 csürhe nem épp a társaim, tekintve hogy 20 centis hajam van, és szerintem te a kopasz néprétegre céloztál :) minden jót!


You are right! WE ruled Europe, and I feel just the same as you...but the arrows of Hungary are no longer that fearsome....what happened to the once strong country....why doesn't anyone know of us? Why? IT MAKES ME SICK! Tisztelet tesó!

ShunterAlhena responds:

A lot of Hungarian rulers needed to fuck up their job, and a lot of circumstances needed to turn against us until we sank where we are... but Hungary HAS been around for a thousand years, we survived Mongols, Turks, various occupations, two lost world wars, decades and communism... we are still alive and kicking, and that's something to be proud of!

Bad Idea, Great Movie

If you don't like the EU, you can leave. Most people want EU countries to stay. Killing millions wouldn't solve anything, because there are many Hungarians, who want EU as well.

Nevertheless this movie was great!

ShunterAlhena responds:

Thanks for the good score, and about your political commentary: it's better to be in than out, I suppose. I really was outraged when I created this movie, but since then I have mellowed :) the EU didn't bring an instant economical boom, but it didn't do anything bad either; I'll just wait and see what the future holds. Anyway, it does sound neat to be able to say "I'm a European Union citizen, jackass." :)

Credits & Info

2.96 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2004
4:10 PM EDT