M+L:Plague of the Stars#1

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Myself and Tonberry2k Joined forces to create this movie. He'd been writing the script for ages and he showed me it. I agreed to make it and then he started to prepare all of the sprites and backgrounds so construction could start on the movie. Now here is the finished product. Stay tuned for Part 2!



Hey, Zeon! It's me! Brendan! From Ptendo!

This was cool flash, I thought it was gonna be crappy, but it was as good as Rotmk3...

And Rotmk3 wasen't that much good.. Too much detail..

This was a cool flash, and err... I dunno.


I really liked this movie. Good use of two story lines.

A story I actually want finished...

This movie won't be for everyone. If you didn't play ML Superstar Saga or Super Mario RPG, you will not know who half those characters are. However, I have played both and now I wish this would be an actual sequel to the Mario RPG franchise. The story couldn't have been done better. There is only one being that surpasses bowser and that was Smithy, and the idea of Cakletta(sp?) "meeting" up with Smithy is very original.

The sprite animations were done well except for one issue that bugged me. The rendered sprites you stole from Mario RPG looked horrible since you coated them with "ML SSS" style graphics. They don't posess the detail from the GBA game that they should. Croco is a perfect example. There aren't enough shades of purple and he looks a bit too bland. Hopefully you'll have more time to further re-detail your Mario-RPG Sprites for your next installment.

The second big problem I found was that waiting 30seconds for the text to change was a pain. I feel you should add buttons to text bubbles so the viewer can simply click them when they are done reading the text.

The sound used was pretty good. Im so thankful you kept the background music to Mario Bros and didn't venture offtrack and included Zelda,metroid,Matrix,etc themes cause they "sounded cool."

Overall a good addition and I am looking foward to the story in your next episode.

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This was pretty good for a sprite movie. I'm not a big fan of those type flashes, but this one was actually good. When does the second part come out?

Zictor responds:

It comes out when its finished! DUH!

Great sprite movie!

Awesome sprite movie! most of the sprite movies here well... suck. Its good to see some good sprite movies. I saw a link to this from the spriters resource, the best sprite webpage!

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Zictor responds:

Yeah, we are friends with the owner!

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3.69 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2004
6:32 AM EDT
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