~Ghost House~

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This is a short horror movie about a not so pleasant house. The movie itself was basicly made as a test movie to see what we coult come up with. Enjoy


no ofence

no ofence man but that wasnt scary it didnt even get close to chucky

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Mp3Durahell responds:

Oh man. And neither was it supposed to be.
I want you all to know this didn't even start out as a movie but only as a test. Just as I said in the description.
We started on another movie afterwards that looked totally different and better. But unfortainly we couldn't finish it and maby someday we will.

r u crazy?

this is a test? i don't wanna see the full then i watched the entire thing and...and i felled inconscient in the final

(paint) (paint)

holy crap in my book that was frekin scar especlly the girl (paint) (paint) freaky super freaky i didnt finsh it i stoped after the little girl and i can handdle alot of thins i beat doom 3 silent hill 3 resendent evil 2 dark watch well darkwatch isent that scary and alot of other creapy games but this movie was really scary

Mp3Durahell responds:

I have a distinct feeling you might not be all too sorted out in your brain... am I all lost or..?

good but...

like FDCrew said, ur a good animator and u will probaly make really good flashes later on in your life. Good work!!

PS: o and by the way that little girl looked freaky holy crap!!!

Good work I must say

I think your pretty good animator you will without doubt get a better score with a little more experance and a bit of time but I really hope to see more its a good idea and once again hope to see more:) Good luck!

Mp3Durahell responds:

Thank you!!! I also hope ill get better with some experience

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2.69 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2004
10:40 PM EDT
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