Lesko's Revenge

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Another Animutation, like Hyakugojyuuichi!

PS, I know this one's already on NG, but they DIDN'T GIVE ME CREDIT. I'm beginning to think this website is full of sleazoids.


There is no words to explain how godly this is.

This blows every other flash out of the water in humor this is a true classic and i loved every minute of it,i was laughing my ass off non-stop and it was a really long hilarous flash at that,you sir are a god.

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Matthew Lesko Forever

This is one of my favorite movies on NG ever. Last night I watched an infomercial with Matthew Lesko and I was like "Lesko's Revenge! I've got to watch that thing again!" Wow, the first I'm I watched this was back when I graduated from high school. Now I've just graduated from college. Wow.

This is in Japanese...

Someone commented in their review: "I'm guessing that what's being said is supposed to be another language, but English keeps getting tossed in a seeming random intervals, so maybe its just lots of words from different languages mixed together."

For those of you who don't know, this is in Japanese. Japanese often borrows words from other languages, and they have borrowed heaviuly from English in the past. These words are called b"loanwords" and they are written in Katakana.

So, to the guy who didn't know what language it was: Bakayro!

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Gary Coleman animutated...

What more could a person want? As well as a talking wall of Colin Mochrie heads and lots of monkeys. I swear, if I did drugs, this would be so much more hilarious to me than it already is. Great work! You rule!

that's an animutation,all right

pewee and that pig were scarey

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May 23, 2001
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