BattleWay: Clay Special

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Me and Justin have decided to add a little something to battleway,like a special claymation based on battleway! Cartoon Animations By me (Marchello Beaulieu A.K.A Stereoflash) and video animations by Justin Coleman! enjoy!



they looked like legos and the sound was terrible!

BlueZombieClock responds:

Of course they looked like legos,we used lego's as a character shape base


clay is pretty easy. your clayguys were well made, but you arent good at motion capture. this movie wasnt very smooth, and also short. i understand if its short, because you can make one for ten minutes straight to only find out its twelve seconds long. decent job, every frame do only a little bit at a time, dont move the guy an inch and capture it. keep working on it, youll get alot better. ive made one clay movie on ng, you can watch it if you want. overall two out of five

BlueZombieClock responds:

Thanks for the tip,ill tell this to our webcam animator,justin,and watch the rest of the battleway episodes (not clay)

Nice, Very Nice

Somethign about clay figures duking it out in really choppy graphics just seems so hilarious. And the Warthog outta nowhere was hilarious to. Obviously u couldnt animate any father so u just rolled the camara with ya hand in the picture.

And the preview was hilariously Pointless

BlueZombieClock responds:

Yep,thats ONE point of it,lol


I CLayanimation is something undone very much because it takes a lot of work to make a actully good one, this one was just a bunch of legos and videos flashed together on a table, no backround, little effort, and no heart.

BlueZombieClock responds:

Well,justin isnt the type of guy who puts all his energy into flash lol


first of all, im not a big claymation fan, but this just wasnt good,
sorry guys..

BlueZombieClock responds:

u noob lol

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3.55 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2004
8:55 PM EDT