Millionaire: LOTR Vol. 2

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Your favorite quiz game is back, now with new special features, create-a-player, and all-new questions! Test your knowledge on The Lord of The Rings movie Trivia!


now thats good shit

it was good very good. i didnt figure out the options like 50/50 work'd till the second to last question lol. keep it up lotr rules tis all

Good Good

I will make this review count for both games (1 + 2)

Bar a few typos - no one's pointed out Boromir (not Borimir) it was really good.
I wasn't overly impressed by the first one's questions - I've got no CLUE about actors unless ur talking about Hugo Weaving. Also i think you should make the questions more accurate to either the book or film, and explicidly state which one, it has caused debate.

Very original - now all you have to do (please) is make one that has more questions (and random) and it will be good!

Or make one like of the Einstein Factor (Aust TV) where you have 45 (make it 60) seconds to answer correctly as many LOTR questions as you can! that would be sweet.

LAst but not least (a mere annoyance) in the second get rid of the build a character (it did nothing for the game) and change the loading screen - after it came up with your alias, i could see how long to wait - this irritated me

Once again - great game

EviLudy... such a twat

Callin' urself a LOTR-FAN?? WTF...
Why then ya don't know that Aragorn is a numenorian and that those lucky fucks live until they are 250 years old. And they only get old if they choose to hang on to living when it's about to rest in peace. Anyway, if ya haven't read the books (clearly you haven't), there is a funny scene in the extended version of the Two Towers, when Eowyn asks Aragorn about his age... and the answer is of course: 87!... and Eowyn gets chocked. So EviLyd... keep your stupidity to urself next time ok?
Thx to a good game... easy for the REAL LOTR-fans... a little tricky for the beginners. Will glady play the next one.

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Just missed out on a 5

well You just missed out because of what I see as a quetion or two wrong.

I'll tell yah what I see as wrong:
On question 11 I'm certain that you got "aduril's" name wrong, isnt it meant to be anduril (with the N)...kinda threw me of, hey i might be wrong, but I dont think I am.

And on question 14, Frodo doesnt see legolas in the mirror of Galadriel at all the First time he looks, I think its Gandalf although its open to debate, here's a direct quote from the The fellowship of the ring (Bk 2, Ch VII, Pg 477) When frodo actually looks into the mirror of Galadriel- "'I will look,'" said frodo, and he climbed onto the pedestrial and bent over the dark water. At once the mirror cleared and he saw a twilit land. Mountains loomed dark in the distance against a pale sky.A long grey road wound back out of sight. Far away a figure came slowly down the road, faint and small at first, but growing larger and clearer as it aproached. Suddenly Frodo realized that it reminded hgim of gandalf. He almost called aloud the wizards name, and then he saw that the figure was clothed not in grey but in white, in a white that shone faintly in the dusk; and in its hand there was a white staff. The head was so bowed that he could see no face, and presently the figure turned aside round a bend in the road and went out of the mirrors view. Doubt came into frodos mind: Was this a vision of gandalf on one of his many lonely journeys long ago, or was it a vision of saruman?"

This is actually after gandalf has died and therefore we are obviously see-ing a vision of the gandalf to come (gandalf the white), oobviously not legolas though, BUT because he didnt actually see gandalf clearly, the first PERSON (remember he kept calling the image a "Figure")
may have been Bilbo:
"The vision now changed. Breif and small but very vivid he caught a glimpse of bilbo walking restlessly about his room."

So either gandalf the white, saruman (doubt it) or Bilbo...never legolas tho.
But please correct me if I'm wrong!
Anywho great piece of work, still need to randomize those questions...I wouldve gotten through it first time if you didnt make that mistake tho, but when if tried second time I did it easily...way to easy didnt actually use a lifeline once.
Make another one qwith randomized questions please thanks!!!

Corey responds:

ok, about the anduril thing yes you're right, i did misspell it on accident. And the mirror thing, yes you are right about the book, but i meant in the movie.
:( Sorry.


This one was quite brutal!!! I even pulled out the DVD's to check an answer or two! Again, great questions and the create-a-character addition was super nifty and innovative. : ) There was only ONE sorta-problem with one of the questions: In the book at Helm's Deep, NO ONE dies. . .well, none of the people that you listed anyways. The elves don't even show up to help Rohan in the fight-however I am under the impression that this game is based on the movies, which more people are familar with. Impressive job, keep 'em coming!! : D

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