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With that being said, hi everybody. After a week of creating this on and off, I created a music-board, filled with my favorite tunes from old video games. In this one, it deals with Sonic 1 and 2. Yes, I will continue this as a series, and other video game music will be featured. I did put effort into this, for everything is in order, in case if you were wondering. If you don't like these type of things, I suggest you do not watch.



Didn't really like it, it's a li'l boring. The quality of the sound isn't good.. Maybe a good idea, but it doesn't work (for me).

cloned-illusion responds:

Thanks...I guess.....


not really to much to say... its just music with a background but u do recieve a for because it brings back the old games i used to play

Good, however...

I did notice there was a bug with the buttons - if you started one song, then started another, and stopped the first one both songs would turn off, rather than just the one you clicked the button for. For what you were shooting for though, pretty cool.

cloned-illusion responds:

(see below response). But still, I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for viewing!
Presented by: Justin

(great, now Capcom is gonna have some beef with me.....=) )

U get a 4 cause its Sonic....

........... JUST SONIC.... i hoped u learned your lesson!

cloned-illusion responds:


I am jst responding to zelions review

the buttons say on so that when you push them they go on....they say off so when you push them they go off.

the purpose of these buttons is not to display the current state of being created by the button but to display the effect the button will create

cloned-illusion responds:

*puts a dunce cap on this guy*

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Aug 18, 2004
5:07 PM EDT
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