Set The World On Fire

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another movie that did well on deviantart.com
Deviant Art is a great place for those of you with artsy type movies to submit, flash goes over well there, and can get you popularity pretty fast

and about the music, i am no musician, but i tried to play something befitting = /

i wuz having fun on my keyboard (that i do not know how to play).... heh but having fun is what it is all about



hey dude, want to work with me making flash movies. If you want to or you dont want to send me a reply. Thanks.

monkeyanorexia responds:

hm... how can we collab?

if its music you want to provide, i have a friend that normally does the music for me

but if it's anything else i'm open with ideas and such

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Nice Movie!!! But .....

The Music Tore Me apart not in a visualistic way but in a screeeeching out of key blur slowly severing every capillarie. blood slowly oozing from my side no hope in my eyes

Make Your Own music go for it but ask someone first even send it me. i can even compose a song for ya if you give me keywords
poem was great

it was alright

the concept was good but that damn music is so annoying and is now stuck in my head


This was very off-beat and different, MUCH different that any 'ole pube puppets. The images are haunting and the music-which I may say was nice for someone that was just messing around with a keyboard-really help to set the mood. The last image is a bit blurry, but it adds to the overall movie.

nice work

The poem was great, i love your poetry. But honestly the music was killing me...it got repetitive, other than that...great message. Jynxx

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2.60 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2004
3:51 AM EDT
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