Set The World On Fire

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another movie that did well on deviantart.com
Deviant Art is a great place for those of you with artsy type movies to submit, flash goes over well there, and can get you popularity pretty fast

and about the music, i am no musician, but i tried to play something befitting = /

i wuz having fun on my keyboard (that i do not know how to play).... heh but having fun is what it is all about



you dont know how to play the keyboard. so i would suggest you stop putting this sort of music into your movie untill you get good! hah, go on the audio portal or something...
neways, the movies message itself was pretty good, but i could not will myself to watch it after having to listen to that god awful music for so long.
so yeh, the main thing is the music... make it stop!!
overall score: 4/10
(THE THUMB: slightly down)

how long?

how long did it take you to make that? 1/2 hour? you should start putting some effert into your movies.

make it stop

the music itself was so god damn annoying that I was tempted to blam it that and the entire time I was watching I kept repeating to myself "get to the fucking point already." It was a very nice style but you took way too much time moving from one part to another which really killed the effect.

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2.60 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2004
3:51 AM EDT
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