Stande: Battle Mode

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Sketch: In Stande, you are a death-row convict whose malicious and brutally infamous tactics are being exploited by the government in a Black Ops suicide mission expanding half the globe ( that’s a skirmish level in video game terms ). Bottom line, your mission is to kick ass. Easy enough, eh? You get a mini arsenal, including grenades and a wicked machete, to hack and blow your way through a variety of bad guys, coming at you from all angles.

Nero: Controls are under options, except for the undocumented pause feature which is enter/return. Use a gamepad! Look up joy2key(pc) or USB Overdrive(mac)!

Soldiers are grunt units, go for the ever-popular headshots. Repellers will most likely drop spider mines, which can either blow your ass up, or take out a few soldiers for you if you’re quick enough. You got grenades, use them! and don’t underestimate the jump button.

This thing’s made to run on even the slowest of comps, just turn off the background and it should run like butter on even a calculator. For the record, this is my first competed flash game.

Give us some secksay reviews, vote the fiffen, and DONATE and then maybe we’ll start up on the adventure side of the game. Insane amount of thanks to NegativeOne. Also, shout outs to fR0ZEN, RobsH66, Rocky Pinnicle, John Perazza, Tom, Dan, and all the other artists who have kick ass projects up their sleeves.

End transmission.

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I remember being impressed with the graphics back in the day. Still a fun game, but even then I kind of wished there was more to it. Weapon pickups. Different environments for different levels maybe. Still a fun game though.

Great game for what it is.

As it is said in the description, this game is just a skirmish mission, but for that, it's pretty good, with great graphics and animations and the right atmosphere.
The controls are okay, but could use some improvements, like the ability to aim with the mouse, maybe.

If this would be turned into a bigger game with multiple stages, I'm sure it would be awesome.

the music

the game is good but I have hear this music before but I can't remember the name of the game


Nothing that great about game play but graphics and animations where great

good game.

the game is fun but I think there should be more put into it. there aren't any pick ups for extra weapons so your just stuck using the assault rifle machete and grenades. and there's only two enemy soldiers. only having two enemy soldiers really isn't a bad thing though but it would of been cool if there were more types. the controls are quite good but you can't through a grenade or go prone while standing up, you have to duck down to those. it would've been better if they had there own keys. the gameplay is fun and the AI is good, they'll advanced slowly and run away from you when you too close. the AI may not be too advanced but its still good. there really isn't enough put into the game and that's pretty much the only problem besides the controls.

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4.14 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2004
6:24 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
  • Daily 2nd Place August 18, 2004