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Showdown On The Range

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Hi, this is my 51st movie.

Pwease review.



I cracked up at the end, to be continued, you got all the main chars from ur previous flash stuff, hehe nice one Cal.

still the cutest

skit is really cute! =)

wallpaperman responds:

he sure is

short n sweet

from the look of it, i liked it.
it looks like quite an entertaining series to come... i hope you make a few! heh.
one thing i would suggest - however - is that you take a bit more time to draw the characters. in the opening scene, Skit and the other guy looked pretty rugged (and not in an old Western way), and not very detailed at all. so if you work on your graphics a bit, the movie will look great. everything else seems fine, so keep up the nice work!
overall score: 6/10

wallpaperman responds:

the thumb up wooooooh

looks good so far

the bodies were a little rough and pixilated but the animation was smooth and the sound matched the actions ex when skit i think it was hit the guy in the head with the glass. this flash looks good so far so finish it so i can see the rest.

look forward to it

wallpaperman responds:

thanks for teh support =D

Not bad

Make it a full movie, improve the graphics, make it slightly serious and you may have something, a gun duel would look cool, especially in bullet time, Nice try, atleast your efforts are creative.

Keep it up :).

wallpaperman responds:

thanks for the advice =) bullet time would be cool for a duel!

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2.66 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2004
2:37 PM EDT
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