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chick quiz

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if you dontlike quizs or chicks dont play


bro r u gay?


the pictures of the girls were hot but, was the old man pic nesceary? (if that is how u spell it) i mean are u gay!?!!

right click and select forward and tata!!! and don't get a question wrong!!!


What the hell was up with that chick with the airbrushed superman outfit?!?!?!?!?

You put alot of effort into this^^

You can tell that you obviously thought of alot of different questions, and that you put alot of work into your pics and putting the movies in and so on^^ Nice job, I salute you, I wish there were more people that would make these kinda LONG quiz's and not just 4 questions that everyone already knows.
And for those of you idiots that didn't get all the right answers, HERE THEY ARE XD
1. Friends
2. General Lee
3. Optimus Prime
4. Rhonda
5. Nobody
6. HTML or PHP
7. George Lucas
8. 1024, (but shouldn't it be, how many bytes are there in a megabyte? Cause bytes and kilobytes are the same thing....)
9. 11
10. To be sure that Goku was real
11. sean Archer
12. Median
13. 0.6
14. The Shireless
15. A conductor
16. Empire State
17. Mega Twins
18. 85.9
19. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
20. Marsupiliami
21. Tenchu: Stealth assassins, heehee, ass, ass, ins:P
22. Shoot
23. Stomach
24. Mercury
25. Baltimore Chop
26. Bucket
27. Pennsylvania
28. Sean "puffy" combs
29. Charles Dickwad, oh sorry, i meant dickens
30. 58 mins, anyone who didn't get this one is a grade A moron...
31. Cesium
32. Jetsons, should'nt it be "the jetsons"?
33. Ethiopia
34. Gad
35. Hartford Whalers
36. Irons
37. 4.06
38. Clockwork Knight
39. Addis Ababa
40. The Accused
41. EPMD
42. X = 8
43. RBL Posse
44. Rugrats
45. Adrenalin
46. You still shake me, (what the hell is that sposes to mean?)
47. 6, don't you dare say 4!
48. Kickboxer 3: The Art of War
49. Eggs (heehee, learnt that from Maverick)
50. Soviet Strike
WHEW! That was indeed a loooong quiz^^ Enjoy the extras

Its retarded

i mean wtf is up with you, some of the questions you have to guss on, ITS A QUIZ, SO YOU HAVE TO PUT QUESTIONS TAHT PEOPLE CAN ANSWER THROUGH KNOWLEDGE!

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Aug 16, 2004
9:19 PM EDT
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