Punish SBC

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StrawberryClock Has been caught trying to smuggle illegal immigrants over the American Border. You have to punish him! Since you can't find your whip, you decide to play a little "game" with him...
NOTE: The author of this game is not responsible for any similarities this game has to pong.
Happy Clock Day!


Happy Clock Day 2004! (63)

Heh... well, certainly a nice wide playing field. Perhaps a bit TOO big. But SBC was nice and controllable by where you hit him with the flashing paddle, and that was nice... I think it'd have been even better if hitting B with him got you points or something, or there were obstacles or blocks to hit like Breakout or Arkanoid or something... but anyway... the constant verbal abuse/funnies from SBC was a good touch. The mouse cursor definitely does need to be hidden while over the game, though.

Happy Belated Clock Day 2004!

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Too short.

I got bored with this very quickly. I suggest you learn how to hide the mouse cursor, it get's annoying, and it's not needed for this game. Also, the game was too easy.

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Oh you crazy clocks!


Nice, little pong game, dude.
The day that the clocks weird robotic voices are no longer funny is the day the world ends.

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happu clock day!111

happu = happy. ^_^

wow this is lame.....

This game sucked. Pong is much better then this....... Now I know what the B stands for BORING!!!!!

JoeyCapone responds:

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2.84 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2004
10:39 PM EDT
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