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I made this for clockday

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Holy crap, your character is so secksay. x3 And your flashes are .. Eh, I don't know how to describe it. They're good. Very, very good. Like, OMG good. Yeah. x_x;

I loved this movie, by the way. I lurved how when he talked, Jesus echoed. x3 That made me fuzzy inside.

Meh. Lighten up, Banana. x_x; Where's the holiday spirit? Huh?

x3 Here's a ten. Thumbs up. =D

Pretty damn good.

Good work Irish this was a soild peice of work smooth animation,clean graphics and nice arrow aswell :)
Keep making IBR!!!!
Also redemption must have a bad memory becuase he was there when irish was putting up tha banner and he made he fall over *Sigh* when will redemption learn that hurting people isnt funny.....well..never mind that remark.

StampedHand responds:

More like I have a bad memory, I can’t remember shit from when I start an animation to the end. In fact I put like 3 of the same things in this movie while I was making it that I later removed when I realized my mistake. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the review.

Happy Clock Day 2004! (50)

Nice backgrounds and colour schemes and all. A lot of variety to the look of your flash from scene to scene, and that's always a good thing. Yay, presents from SBC! Heh. Makes me wish Clock Day was closer to Christmas.

OH MAI, it's Banana. Awwww ... such a poor sport. Hah, I loved his bicycle kick, though. Banana should play soccer. Bunnies, Nazis, ... and then Jesus. You certainly went for a wide cast of characters. Haha... and so Jesus tells Banana that Clock Day is basically Thanksgiving Day for Clocks.

Anyway, it was an interesting flash and just the right length, I think. Nice one!

Happy Belated Clock Day 2004!

StampedHand responds:

Wow, man this is probably the best review I’ve ever had written for one of my movies. I'm glad you like all the little details and quarks I threw in there. I hope my movies to follow please you and others as much as this one did. Thanks for the review.


nicely done

haha that one made me laugh !
great work irish.

StampedHand responds:

Thank you.

very cool!

hahah. that was a great way to celebrate clock day!! it was very funny, indeed! heheeh.
the graphics were great - all clocks, backgrounds and other items were greatly drawn, shaded, etc. it was awesome.
sound was great - plenty of cool clock voices, with great sound effects and music. great sound!
overall, a really funny clock movie! happy clock day to all, and keep those 'toons coming.
overall score: 7/10

StampedHand responds:

Thank you good sir. I'm glad you enjoyed my movie, I’ll be sure to make another one soon enough.

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3.26 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2004
7:45 PM EDT