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They had a love that was forbidden...

Edit: SRC owes me $3.50 >:(

~ BgryderClock ~
~ ClockCrew 2004 ~

Starring StrawberryClock, NefClock, SlurpeeClock, Topcatyo, TobaccoClock, RedneckClock, KoalaClock, BrocolliClock, DecepticonClock, CineClock, ArchonClock, LeekClock .... Yes i am a whore!


hey nef, check out my new hat...

haha fantastic !
silly nef being scared of spiders :)
hehe lol
the ending creeped me though, lewl :D
big red shiny 5 for you sir

Happy Clock Day 2004! (44)

Nice title sequence with the Spider text appearing... Very well animated character motion and character expressions, funny speech intonations (especially SBC's), nifty little subtitle strip, subtle music, and... hahaha, such overkill on the attempted spiderkilling!

Hahaha, Bitey, SBC's new pet spider. An admin! hahaha. Spiders aren't creepy, Nef, spiders kill all those other bad bad crawly/fly-y thingies. ;_;

The prospect of playing in a park with a spider is so very silly. Hahah, swirly insanity scene with the huge spider "hat." Egad, Nef fell apart. Oh noe. SBC riding Bitey is fucking hilarious. (especially the dismay with which a lot of other clocks are looking on) GREATNESS! I loved it. Perhaps this entry got a little overlooked due to the title having nothing to do with clocks or clockday or whatnot.

BITEY OWNS YOU ALL, indeed. SBC, rock on! Hilarious finish to this one. MORE, MORE, MORE OF BITEY AND SBC'S WAKCY ADNVENTUERS!!!

Happy Belated Clock Day 2004!

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bgryderclock responds:

wow, thanks for the nice review.
you will make a great editor/writer! <3

I just happened to see your movie today

I was looking around the portal to see if I had missed any clockday movies, and some how I missed yours. The movie was great, very funny and such. I liked it a lot. Great work.


bgryderclock responds:

Irishclock is a founded my movei!<3
Thanks! your movies rock!

I like it.

Nice fresh concept you got there. It was pretty funny too. It's just that the broccoli fla I made is bad, haha.

bgryderclock responds:

wow, thanks Blackberry, your review means alot to me!

Not another clock movie

This was a fair idea for a story, and the animator clearly has some skill, but I think it's wasted on these bloody clock crew movies. I'm sorry, some people may think they're cute and they're the new tamagotchi or furby, but I just think they suck. And what's with the stephen hawking voice over? record some sound bites! That's what makes the anims personal. Please go have a beer, jot down some original ideas and put your efforts into something worthy of newgrounds. If you think this is unfair, reply and I will read it. Overall;
Bleedin' Clock Crew!

bgryderclock responds:

effsix profile:

Favorite Bands:
* The Offspring

:( *poor guy* :(

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4.03 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2004
5:54 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody