"The Fall"

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Happy clock day everyone. <3 <3 <3

Apologies for all those expecting 'Bananabeard 2' to be released today. The launch of CCUK, and getting ready for university have held me up. Instead, I've finished this movie I started on following the closure of clockcrew.net. A movie displaying what many people apparently think of the clock community at present. I'm not trying to depress anyone with this, I just want to give out a message. If you believe the clock crew is dying, then it will, however if you dont, then it wont.
Here's to Fight club if its released today. I'm wetting myself with excitement :D


Guilt trip.

I'm not partial to the clock crew, but it is a good franchise. I nearly cried when i read the sad paragraph at the end :( Do what ever is in your power to bring back clockcrew.net (or whatever ;P) because it is awsome.

Clockcrew--Don't let it die.

Newbahs can't argue because they'll get a pizza stapled to their forheads.

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I wont let it die!

Clock crew cant be dying! how can people not like it, i mean i know they are just fruit with clocks as faces, but thats what makes them funny, and plus the stories within are funny!...i wont let it die

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I still remember the first clock I saw. Marijuana Clock, and wondering what the hell it was. That was so long ago and I went through my stage of despising the CC to absolutely loving what they did for NG. Your movie really drives home the message that the clocks are spread out and valorless now without their once vibrant unity. The audio choic ewent great with the black and white atmosphere. Indeed, very sad, but I strongly agree that the "magic" that made the CC is still alive and wouldn't think twice that the CC could live on and possibly see a revival. Great movie.

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Is this some sort of advertising so that we support the Clock Crew? haha, I think it is...

Happy Clock Day 2004! (42)

First off, supercongrats on nabbing the daily 1st place on a day of 117 protects! That's just impressive as all get out in this day and age.

Secondly... I must praise you for creating such a wonderful noir feel with your viusals. From the constant rainfall (great blinds effect with the numerous windows from dark outside to slightly darker inside, BTW) to the dark shadows and wonderful shades of grey... to the nice, simple music and the good character design and everything... an excellent beginning to the flash.

Then comes the text message. It was certainly a good message, but I feel that perhaps you could have better integrated it into the wonderful visual flash you had going beforehand. Perhaps you or another clock delivering a speech? Or maybe you didn't want to have any voices. I dunno. Anyway, I just find myself wishing the first part had continued on, but if a message being delivered was the main goal of this flash, then it was a success. Bravo!

Happy Belated Clock Day 2004!

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Aug 15, 2004
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