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Whiney superstars Vol. 2

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Another paintball flash I made, that I figured I'd submit to NG, because I love the input you guys give. I've included some paintball phrases used in the flash to help you understand it better, because I realize, not everyone plays.

Ollie lang = famous pro player
Tippman = the Ak47 of paintball (indestructable...but a low end gun)
1 for 1 = a PB penelty. You're out..so is a buddy of yours.
Agg = a "style" in paintball. Be unique...just like everyone else.

I think I got them all...not sure. Enjoy!

(I know the scenes aren't spliced perfectly, I was in a rush!!)

-Johnny K

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HAHAHAHA! Love it.

"Look! There Ollie Lang!"


A parrot named Squeege? HAHAAH I love it!

Newb pissing around about DM5. What a dweeb.

i love it

if i could id givie it a 20 4 humor. the phsyco parot is my fave. lol the terms may have been a little bit unfermillyer to me, but it is a 9/10 flash.

ps, don't put swearing in them

Could not have said it better myself.

This flash says all that I felt needed to be said about those whiny little punks who have their parents buy them Angels, and PMIs, and the like. The point this flash gets across is a easy 10, the flash however was not to well synced with the voices, but I do not think thats what the initial point of this flash was. It does what it was designed to do, and it does it very well.


paintball yea the kids got DM5 haha


Rofl that was the best movie I've ever watched,f'ing hillarious.The sad part is its true

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4.36 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2004
12:55 AM EDT