"Good" Guitar Playing

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This is a little funny short me and my friend made using characters that we made. I was thinking about using them in a series, and here they are, Chad and Rupert.
This short, featuring these guys, shows that Chad needs a little guitar practice. I always wanted to do a sequence like this, and now I have. In case you care, there is a little random Matrix Revolutions spoiler in here!
(Randomness Ahead)



rock on dude. i love these kinds of animations. completely well-planned randomness... keep it up. work on, i guess you'd call it "flowing the audio" a little better at some parts, like just the clicking off/on of audio, you could smooth that out a bit. Play around with your motion tweening a bit more too. PWNage work my friend


This was a quality movie - I like the almost random nature of the humour - espescially shows up with the woman choking on the ring. This was damn funny.


i like the end the most but every thing was ok


Personally I prefer Smoke Kills. Even so, I have to say it was extremly amusing. I always thougth the movie gave the "true story" of the matrix world. I guess not :P

All I can complain about is a somewhat "unrealistic" character drawing. It was something I got stuck on. The rest was brilliant, good sounds too, though they were thin at times. Just... good :)


heh. Nice. I could see the jokes comming a mile away though. You need to work on your timing and only showing what needs to be shown. once people get what your talking about (all of 3 seconds of animation) MOVE ON. you lingeres with the establishment of the gags and when they happened I was expecting them. Tighten those loose bolts for the next episode and you've got a winner!

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Aug 14, 2004
10:17 PM EDT
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