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Bub my friend has made up some commercials to put together
Thanks to Yanni for a lot of help he is teh best at flash :)

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no! hot! dont touch!@

ok this is what i think of this sh1t mmkay hree goes

th15 5l-lit 15 fu1k y()u @r3 sU(1n9 6@115 dude lol

so any way

you @r3 t3h suxxor!
you @r3 t3h suxxors!
you @r3 t3h suxxors!
you @r3 t3h suxxors!

haup88 responds:

Flash by jar_of_jelly:
- none -

not even worth a click

This isn't flash it was put together with flash.
This movie is a collection of downloaded movie clips imported into Flash and recompressed. This is not flash animation, you didn't make the clips, you didn't do anything but waste you'r recommpressing the clips, even then the video quality was terrible. And by the way the clip with the person getting hit by a car crossing the street is not funny i've actly seen that happen up close.
For the lack of animation, talint and effort on making a movie as a result you'll recieve a low score.

I hate those 'Truth' ads.

It makes me wanna take up smoking just to spite them.

You didn't actually do any flash...

...It's all just movies you tied together in Flash, but at least they were funny. And if you had to wait a long time to see this movie because you have a 56k modem...well, that's your fault, isn't it?


ok this is stolen .
also i seen all does vids before so your friend didn't do shit . just like you didn't do shit.