Hack Hack Revolution

August 12, 2004 –
October 9, 2018
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Author Comments

NOTE: If you have a slow computer, or slow internet connection, this game will lag severely!

Hack Hack Revolution is a Dance Dance Revolution ripp off. You can choose to play the song in Light, Standard, or Heavy mode. The song in this game is Burnin' the Floor by Naoki, taken from the original DDR 4th mix game.

If you dont like these kinds of games, or just aren't good enough to pass any of the modes, don't vote low, just don't play it.

And yes, I know its "1th" instead of "1st"...Its a bad joke...for the slow.

I will update it as time goes by, maybe even make more songs if people like this one.




Very smooth

Love the way the game pulls the traditional DDR feel off. I would love to see more from you and give a beta for any new songs

nice game

like the music to the game. i would of liked to se more in it

Great game

Loved the muise and would love to see more but here is a idea. Some Rave songs. Like /Ravers in the UK / Ravers Fantasy /ETC. well good game and can't wait to see more. xD

so interesting!

pretty nice!
I like this game.
I think so good if there were more songs.


all you need now is more songs

Good,reminds me of...

Stepmania.If only you can play more than 1 song its a 10


pretty coool

Pretty cool

It would be better if there was more songs.


overall pretty good game only thing is there's only one song and on hvy the game is almost impossible


on lgt i got AA and a combo of 123
but on std i didn't even get through the song... bogus


Ultra easy and soo kool


I played all 3 modes, Easy was way to slow, try making it a 3 footer, Medium was Way to slow,try making it a 6 footer,and Hard was still way to slow, try making it a 10 footer. maybe I'm just to good,I play FFR,ranging from 5-8 footer songs. also, please add more difficulties, and more songs, that's why you get a 6/10.


One song that doesn't stay in sync with steps that don't make sense. Graphics weren't bad though, which surprised me.


Ultra hard on hard and ultra easy on easy. medium is also to hard. but it really funny

Not bad but could have been better.

The transition from easy to medium was too great and only features one song? Not bad for a flash version of DDR but could have been sooo much better. I'd love to see a second one!!


that was so totaly awsome the best oje i have ver played other then flashflash revolution

Great game!

I thought it was really fun, but unlike stepmania, its one song! not much veriety. Loved the game though, great coding. Well done!

Not that great..

Not that the game was bad, but the fact it's the exact same thing as DDR just take's the fun outta it, Try and make something a little different please.


That was the coolest game eva!!!

Great Flash Game

It was a great game and a hard one. I love the music and it's probably the most entertaining game I've played in awhile. I could probably play this all night and try and beat the second stage with my slow fingers. But, back to the rating, it's a 10 out of 10, great and fun game that entrains easily. I'll keep trying, but it'll always have a 10 from me! :) Keep making them!


this was the best flash game ive ever played in flash thats most like the original DDR. im looking for a game thats titles DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION and that has EVERYTHING that original has including ALL of the song choices, SFX, and other things such as stealth mode. maybe since this is flash, even have a kool mission mode? but this game is kool overall.


Overall i liked it, but there was no variety.

not bad but too short and easy

not bad in and of itself but short and easy to beat i'll stick with flash flash revolution.


I LOVEd this game. It was almost exactly like the real DDR but with a keyboard! I'm very, very impressed. The only quams I have with this is probably the fact that it only has one song and the Light mode wasn't exactly tuned in with the beat of the song very well.

Other than that, excellent. Call me when there's more songs ;D

One of the best DDR flashes ever!

Great song! Great timing! Great layout! Hella fun to play on Standard, and grades just like real DDR.

You REALLY need to make more of these!

Awesome simulation of DDR!

Wow, this was really cool. I mean my hand hurt after a while and all but anyways...yeah I thought this was a pretty cool flash. After-all, it was pretty hard for the standard and expierenced modes. I'm not that quick...lol. But yeah, overall, I'd give it a 9 outta 10. I'm gonna give this on the scale of 0-5 a 4. Once again, great work.

Good excersize for my fingers ^__^

Pretty good, I liked the song and it was really tough only got a D on heavy. One of the best DDR paraodies out there.


its ok but you can't have the same song with 3 difficulties, especially when the arrow marks don't match the beats

A very good rip-off

Can't you get in trouble for this? I mean it looks a lot like stepmaina. If you do make another one, I would suggest that you have more songs to choose from.
Suggested songs:
1. V(for extreme)-DJ Taka
2.A-DJ Amuro
3.321 Stars-DJ Simon

Great Game Dude!!

I really liked the game, but everytime I get a Good, it becomes part of the combo, and that's what it lacks. Hope you make another DDR game that has a song from Naoki in it.


Although it's not the best DDR game on newgrounds, it was still sick because it was like the classic DDR, however i believe you should've made your own arrows because they looked very low resoluttion. Still sick!

need CUSTOM controls

MAKE some controls you can change. it really ruins the game that your stuck with the arrows.


u should make another 1 and use the song sandstorm by darude
or something wicked like that looking forard to it

Great game

i got a 300 combo on heavy. is that good?

This is good

This is a good game. i really enjoyed it. but there is a game like this on another website. other than that this was awesome!


i sure do love ddr and i remember playing that song there in ddr extreme. because i no how to play it in life i tryed standard mode and i noticed not all of the arrows are the same and even the real standard lvl song on the real machine is harder then your heavy mode but well it was from key board so i guess it was ok... also i guess because of the thing i said about not the correct arrows mush mean you just put whatever arrows you felt like putting anyway nice work


I love DDR, so I had to try this out. Its a pretty well-made game, but some of the arrows seemed to be just randomly put on there where ever you felt like putting them on. overall, it was good though


i know i cant expect something spectacular,but that wasnt that great.the sound is great,and it had good style,but i have a very fast computer and fast internet,but it still had a lil bit of a lagging prob.just take care of the gameplay and you could have something really great.


flash flash revoulution is better go to the website it is the same as the name

not bad

pretty good, nice choice on the song but to the previous reviewer YES stepmania DOES rape all other DDR sims

wow that sucked

ffr just barley passes off as a ddr sim , but this just sucks ...sorry:(
stepmania rapes all other sims.
and one more thing the arrows dont register quick enough.

Great game

Awesome game dude but its nothing compared to FFR (flashflashrevolution.co,m) or the DDR made by konami

still great game I smoked heavy first try...all combos =)

why? cause I play FFR much harder songs....ALOT harder

but still great game

nice game

Really good quality but there needs to be a challenge mode or somthing cause that is WAY tooo easy :P


I come to this game every day. It just keeps getting better and better.


Well, Your game was cool, but unlike all you newbs at DDR I scored AAA and all 3 mods...You should Add the "CHALLENGE" mod into your game next time...Over all you had the arrows right. The light was WAY TO EASY
(oh course it always is..on this it was like a 1-2) the standard was ok..the speed was a little to fast though (on the mechine it might be rated as 6-8) AND LETS NOT FORGET HEAVY...Heavy is the SECOND hardest mode on DDR so, on this its like rated a 9. I have an idea...If you feel like making this game better. Add more songs, Defferent Colored Arrows, Animated back grounds, and "good" doesnt count as part of your combo....why'd you do that anyway?

~Peace out man!

DDR champion in Michigan!

Holy Jesus Nipples!

This game is friggin' awesome!!!! The Light Mode was way too easy, I got a perfect score. But the Standard Mode was a little bit too hard for standard, juuuust a little. Expert Mode, 6.37 seconds. Awesome game, dude.

wow dude

very good game.... reminds me of the arcade so much... cept the difference between light and normal... light was about right and i got an A with 125 combo..... then i did normal.... failed in 5 seconds

I did not feel at home with this game at all.

I liked the menu page of this game. I really do. Done rather professionally, which got my hopes high.

Apart from the attractive graphics, which were no doubt done in effort to resemble the traditional DDR style of interface, I felt that the rest of this game was lacking.

For one thing, the music seemed to be standard throughout. This was more of a test of the hand-eye coordination, while the music served as a distraction. You claim that this was a rip-off version , yet it contradicts the entire essence of traditional DDR, which relies on music rythmn and movement to get the beats right.

In the light section, for beginners, the beats were slow, and offbeat. Dull, dreary, and it showed clear as crystal that the arrows weren't in sync with the music. When the time came to 'normal', the arrows flew by insanely. It came as a shock that there was such a large difference in the timing between 'beginner' and 'normal' stage.

Fine, so the game ended. I was rather dissapointed in seeing blackness, with a word that came up slowly 'Failure'. I expected some sort music at least. It seemed to me in that instant that this game probably used only 1 soundtrack.

Even though the graphics were attractively done, with a mix and gradient of bright colours, I felt that it was distracting, instead of focussing on getting the beats right, I found myself staring at the arrows. Simple yet professional should do the job, at least it does not draw attention away from the job at hand.

Just some thoughts. :)

good game.

Great song, pretty good replica, everything seems in order, i think you should make an extensive flash of the game with like more than 20 songs on it, you could possibly sell it if it was extremly good.

The guy got 120?I GOT 130

Well guess th proves it I AM GOOD!! WOOT ,WOOT! WHO DEY!!

god this was great

i somehow manged to get a 120 combo but this game is nearly impossible on hard. If you are a die hard ddr fan this is a must.

Pretty Good..

I liked it. It passed the time for a while.. And finishing on Heavy mode took me ages. Nice one. 5/5 :)




Very nicely made, but as with other DDR simulations on Newgrounds, way too F***ing easy.

vely vely vely VELY cool

that was cool. my fave song on my fave dance game. burnin the floor. now i put humour on 4 because there is no sync. i have not run into any flash that has sync in it. so im giving it a try.
love the song. love this game, no im not gay.

sorry getting off taget.
YOU MUST PLAY THIS GAME. a must play game.
inuyasha rules

I liked this

The person before me was right, it isn't stepmania..But, I still liked it, i'll have to give this one of my Wunderbar!'s. P.S. I got an A on this with a 159 combo on heavy >.<

Well... it's not StepMania

I don't know how easy it is to make this... but i have a little critisizing. First off, there was no real rhytm to how the arrows came compared to the rhytm of the song, this makes it a wee bit too hard to get a good score. I've played StepMania a lot, and i concider myself pretty good at it, but i got only a D on this... for some reason i feel like sticking with Stepmania.. :P


I WANNA PLAY DDR NOW...but i dont to set it all up...i guess i could play stepmania...but i dont feel like switching to my other comp...oh well...laggy or not on this comp...im saving the SWF...lol...SWEEEET!


I liked this game even though it lagged, oh and by the way, how the hell did you get through standard and heavy modes? I beat standard, got an AAA on Light and got to half of heavy!

Still its a cool game and I think you should make another game with a bunch of cool songs!


I like that song

DDR is one of my favorite games, and this song is one of my favorites. My only thing is the arrows don't match the song well enough, and there's something about when you hit the arrow, it's blurry, and off.

holy shit sweet

my best combo was 100

i liked it

this is damn good! i liked it very much but...you're lack in songs!!!
try to put more next time!o.k.

It wasnt bad

It was pretty good,iv played better,you should get more songs though

pretty good

u made heavy 2 ez and u messed up on a couple of doubles.


possibly the mostg realistic DDR game ive ever played but the song list is very very limited

i underestimated

hmmmmm i underestimated this game on heavy i mean i played light it was simple tried heavy i screwed up big time it was hard my fingers ouldve gotten cramped from that but nice song but the arrows didnt match the beat i didnt no wat to expect and also make a character to match my finger key movments and maby just maby u could get a 8 or 9 maby a 10 if u have a selection of SONGS and a create a dancer mode i havnt seen one ddr game on newgrounds that has a create a dancer mode that be pretty peimped and u can call it pimp my dancer w00t but anyways try and improve we no how hard it is to make flashes like 1 year for a picture i heard lol but probaly not true but i mean d00d it would have been pretty kewl but still this is my last resort of a score on this i giv a 7 out 10 0_o

get the arrows to go to the beat...

...and you will have a great piece of art here. i voted the interactivity a 6 cuz the arrows dont go to the beat.

One of the best online DDR ever!

I love the idea of you using offical DDR music. Hope you make a new one if you do use the sond -Drop The Bomb- or
-Drop The Bomb (remix)- by Scott Dolph aka Scotty D. for the new song. :)

2 things,

more songs, less difficult. It felt like you were fucked the second you went to heavy, just try harder
(add Sandstorm!!)

A great ddr clone.

This game looked just like the real game and was presented very well. The song choice was fair but not a terrible one in my opinion. The gameplay was great, and it didn't lag or mess up for me.

I would have liked it if you added the announcers voice in the game, like in the real ddr when he says things along the lines of "You're doing great" or "Booooo", because it would add more fun when playing. It would have been cool if you choose a different song for each diffilculty but whatever, one song works just as well. Now the biggest problem I had was with the diffilculty of the game. Insted of adding just more arrows and making the dancing patteren more complex, you upped the speed of the incoming arrows, which does not happen in the game. It seems impossible to actually do well in heavy because the speed is just way too fast, and you end up pressing random arrows to stay alive (which works). The last thing I have to say is that I didn't feel the arrows went with the beat of the song, it seemed too random, and it's hard to do well when it's like that.

But it still ruled as a ddr game and maybe I'm just complaining about the way too high speed because I suck. But oh well...

Good DDR game

This is a very good DDR game. the Light seemed a bit too easy for light, it seemed more beginner level material, and the Standard seemed a bit too hard for standard. All in all this was a great game. The song was good too. All I could really suggest is to add a beginner level and improve the quality of it a bit.


Music didn't match up with the arrows ((Unless it's just my comp.)), arrow color was confusing, and you couldn't tell very well if you have to do a jump ((combo.)). So yeah...

Jam Jam Jam HHR-r-r-r!!

Suggestions for 2nd Mix:

Nonstop + Oni
More Songs

really cool ddr game

this game was really cool and it wasnt that challenging i dont know why but the harder it is the beter i am the easier it is the worst i am

Great game, small flaws

The game was wonderful, I am a huge fan of DDR myself. I just have a frew comments.

1. Great difficulty level, i think you were percide with those
2.Your moves need to get more on beat with the music
3.As good as the quality was, you should make the arrows come up smoother anmd easier to catch an eye on too
4.Just because "Heavy Mode" ar for the pro's doesn't mean it should go so crazy fast, you just need to make more arrows the higher the difficulty.
5. More songs, and more options, and more challenges
other than that I LOVED IT


I think this is the BEST!
even though I don't play DDR much, its cool how u made a computer version of it.
You should add more songs, options, and stuff. i think it would be better, (for the pros) if you made a EXTREMELy HARD difficulty that u could earn if u beat hard or something.


Man, that was great, but I do have some suggestions...

1. Fix the lag. I mean you admit to it, so fix it.
2. Add some options. Drunk mode is always fun!
3. Get true DDR songs like Butterfly

Great job!

whoo hoo!

i loved it! make another,and improve it. kudos.

Almost DDR Material...

Bit too hard. You should rename the Standard song "Legend of max," you know, the extremely-fast-you-cant-even-concentrate song? XD And the arrows do not match the beat to the song on my computer. Good though ~•~


Was okay but it got too hard too fast.


it was pretty good but it was kinda choppy, maybe make it more frames per second

Great Game!

DDR is my favorite game. I myself can A (or AA) many of the 9-footers in DDR. This is a great finger DDR game. The only problem is the steps don't sync in well with the music. But seeing as you are using Flash, it is fine with me. You did a very good job. Perhaps you should create more of this series (with different songs). I give this an 8/10.

DDR is my 3rd favorie game!

I like this game because instead dancing with your feet, you dance with your fingers. Its better if you should of put more songs instead of one song, but you have the difficulty to choose if you want light, standard, or heavy mode. What about beginner mode? Well. It's still a good game. Do 2nd mix please.


AWESOME DDR PARODY! But why Hack Hack?

Best DDR Ever On Newgrounds!

I'm Speechless! It was very well done, very good song, I loved the fact you could choose the difficulty, and the game flows smoothly! BEST EVER DDR ON NEWGROUNDS!

Not very good

Being a Flash Flash Revolution junky myself, i was incredibly dissapointed with this because the hard version was wayy too choppy, and it wasnt even hard. It was a rediculously easy, hard version, and the arrows skipped so many times it was rediculous, a good try though. =)


i love DDR and you did an awsome job replicating, the only two problems where that your arrows where never really on beat and they they should go with the song, not just at random intervuls. the other problem was that the speed should not change on difficulties, only the number of arrows should, if you pay atytention to the game the speed never changes in the game only the number of arrows. awsome game none the less.

make more

read wat i said make more i love ddr and this game

This game is almost my life

I realy love this game... i got it on my computer and i have 361 songs to it!... i hapy to see it on NG! u made it prety well and and the song you selected were good too... good that u made light, standart and heavy! i give u 5! (cola is my life)

Not bad

It was pretty fun. If there is anyone who likes FFR or DDR (mostly FFR) then i recomend this game. I got addicted to it even though i messed up a lot, but didnt fail. It was good. Keep it up.

umm, stolem idea or what?

did you ever played flash flash revolution, because this is really like it, anyway, this was really good a nice game play, but you must work on the timing of the arrows and the bpm if this is posible. you got a little 4 of an overall and the vote, i will keep it in secret.
good work anyway.

Way to EASY!!!

I did heavy and almost got a AA. I got 272 perfects, 164 greats, and only one BOO! WAy to easy. You need to make it way way HARDER!!!!!!


meh...I got a AA so i don't care...it works for me...but the real DDR is better, and I've never played stepmania but I assume it's also alot better!


if you play StepMania and all that, dont touch this, i was dumb to play this, it is ok but just no. make a beter one that actually responds better.


This is a good game. I noticed a particular angry review saying it's not smooth... They specifically state the game may run slowly on older computers. It works great for me, and is pretty catchy. The song isn't too bad, but either a selection of songs or a mute button (So you can listen to your own songs on the computer at the same time) would be great.

wow, fucking waste of time!

waste of my fuckin time! this IS a rip off of ddr, and not a very good one at that. looks like a noob made this. whenever an arrow gets to the point in where u have 2 press the button, it seems to slow down quite a bit. In other words, not smooth at all. Me draggin my cock against 1 mile of cource sandpaper would be smoother than this shit. also, not a very good song to pick (i would have gone for something more upbeat, more of a challange). Go back to the drawing board

Try flash flash revolution

Flash Flash Revolution is a ddr spin off also. The guy that made ffr won an award of some sort I forget right know. Well put together.

Try StepMania.

Yeah......StepMania is this game exactly, except better graphics and you can get a crapload more songs.

flash flash revolution

better game


You obviously have no concept of Dance Dance Revolution. The reason why people who, like myself, are able to play songs on heavy and challenge mode is not because we follow to see when the arrows hit the marks at the top of the screen. It's all about a sense of rythm, which you obviously do not have, nor did you take into account when making this. I strongly suggest that you keep this in mind for future games, as well as if you decide to play the real version yourself.

sry but this sucks

im an avid ddr player (pass all songs on hevy w/bs) and i have to say, this sucked. it was off beat, had way too much lag.

just like the arcade...

man that was exactly like the 1 in da arcade i give it an 8 cause i'm not really a fan of dance dance revolution but its adicctive



its ok

im a fan of ddr so i liked it but u really need more songs


The game's fun the music is bad.

As a hardcore DDR player im disaponited

plus it wasn't 1 of naoki's best songs i would know i have alomst all of then downloaded. should have been B4U


I liked it cuz i have DDRMAX2 For the Ps2 and i like the game! have songs by Be For U (such as Break Down and Dive), good-cool (spin the disc), and Dirty Vegas (Days Go By)!


dood noone except fat people want to play ddr on the four keys....other than that the sound needs a lil work and graphics werent the best

here are the things you nedd to do

1.more songs
2.dancers in the background
3.music videos instead of a pitcure
anyway godd work!

Very bad judging/sync, but good overall

I understand how RIDICULOUSLY DIFFICULT it is to get flash to do anything with good timing. I've tried myself. So for that I forgive you. However, there were some serious issues with the judging. I can handle off-timed arrows, but just lining them up with the action zone didn't work either, arrows that were clearly perfect must have dropped frames and gotten misses.

The heavy song, if it were official, I wouldn't give it more then 7 or 8 feet. It's VERY easy to do on the keyboard, on Stepmania I would AAA, or possibly AA with a couple greats.

So..... some real bugs u gotta work on there, but apart from that, not bad.

Pretty fun to play, but not for hardcore DDR fans

Well, only one song, kinda pixelized graphics...

I AA'd the Easy level (I never AAA T_T)
Then I did what I thought was B or A on the intermediate level but I got a D
I only got 21 misses and 8 boos.. that would be a much better rating on Stepmania
On hard I was doing horribly and I don't know what was happening... probably used to C mods

And to all the whiners: these levels are easy to pass
Getting high ratings is hard though because I'm getting bad FPS so I'm not getting PERFECT on every arrow

Otherwise, it's been fun anyway.

Pretty good

But there should be a gradual increase in difficulty, not a lot from one mode to the next.

Love it m8

good job just love that song

This game sucks ice.

This game got me a lag. and btw what does hack hack revolution mean (i did play the game) this game would've been better if you wouldn't make it lag. Better luck next time.

stop playing this .. go to www,stepmania,com

stop playing "this" and dont go to flashflashrevolution .. there is a free version of DDR (with finger) .. its just like the real .. and you have to dl the song .. everything is at this site ... and plz dont try to make a DDR game ever again .. this is so sad

It is REALLY bad. Everything is off beat! It SUCKS

There is a site called FlashFlashRevolution that has an online version of DDR. try looking at it and see how it actually STAYS on beat. ^_^ have a nice day!

<deleted> responds:

And who are you, another nobody? Enjoy the rest of your pathetic little life, oh, and have a nice day! ^_^

Loved it

I've been looking 4 an online version of ddr for ever. This was great (ddr for my fingers :P). Just try adding songs or something!

Quite a good game!

I like the way you made this game but i have a suggestion for you. Why not take advantage fo the great number of songs here on newgrounds in stead of stealing one from DDR. That way you get to write the dance steps too. In addition, please add in some stuff like the cool backgrounds they have in DDR. If you make another, i would be happy to make some symbols of people dancing in the backgrounds for you. Good game and nice menu. Great Job!


I played DDR for the first time today...I thought this game was veryclose to the arcade version...Please make more!

Almsot a 10

So close to a 10 but i thought it was 2 easy.

Ok, but could be improved

Very nice game although it could be improved, even i kept getting greats, boos and goods, easily, and the game could be smoother also it would be nice if there were a few more songs.

Good layout! Bad Workout!

I love all the graphics and it is a apparent to me that you know what you are doing. Although the problem I had was your timing was off. Ones song? Definetly need some tuning but _great work_

Not very well done.

Well, I'd want more than one song...you could improve that. Also, timing system is somewhat flawed. Sound quality is sub-par. Arrow sprites are fine for a simulation, but neverless, I didn't like it.


i loved this one! the graphic were ok n the choice of music was also cool :P
i'd love it if u made more like this!
please please please keep it up! lol


VERY nice simulator with nice graphics compared to the origional. I LOVE IT! If you were to make a second mix, my onle peve would be to have more songs... Not that I have a problem with burning the floor or anything but I know there are WAY more amazing songs in DDR. Any keep up the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G work and Il be sure to check back for more. ^_^ Yeah!!

Good Good :)

lol, it's good. Kinda like flash flash revolution...

Very freaking good. Its exactly like ddr.

Very freaking good. Its exactly like ddr.


>15 15 >4 8357 >>/> 51/\/\ 0[_]7 7#3/>3 (omg it's all in 1337. Yeah dude this is almost as good as FFR. Its probably going to be a lot like R2


Amazing! Yet impossible. Even the pros at the real ddrmax cant beat this on heavy! and I for certain am not one. Keep it up

Great game

One problem for me, I had a hell of a time keeping up with the Up arrow. it isnt level with the others.. and it was even harder when the up and down arrows both had to be hit, at those speeds. you know what i mean? fun game.

It was alright

I have a very fast computer and internet connection but the game still stalled a lot. It was a good replica of DDR but it just couldn't keep my attention. I would like to see another one but just make it run smoother.

<deleted> responds:

Ok. I think I know what one of the lag problems was. I had a lot of masking, so I'll take some of that away, and see if it helps.

my hand is crampin

phew thats a workout for your fingers but hey good gamei got a total of 4176743 who can beat that???

A darn good version

Lots of fun to play! The interaction was tremendous. I agree with the last review, though: more music would be better. You might drop the music quality a little to get another couple songs in -- after all, it is just a Flash game. Great work!

That was the shiznit!

That was fun. It stole bout a half hour of my life, before I realized that medium is impossible. The music made it alot more fun to play. Maybe you should make like a version 2 with different music?


This is a bad game but i guese the lag got me a little off. If theres a way to reduce the lag then you should. Otherwise it'll be a big bummer for those who cant play to well with it.

<deleted> responds:

Yeah, I know its not that good. I'm trying to fix lag problems and arrow problems in the 2nd mix. I'll also try to get the double arrows more aligned.

Thanks anyway. :)

not so bad

could have used more songs like the last few people said and some better steps would've been nice too. put Dive into your next one!

<deleted> responds:

Yeah, I'm using everyone's advice (even the people that rated real low) to make the next one hopefully enjoyable for everyone. It will have 3 songs and I'm spending a longer time making sure every arrow is on beat. I'm guessing it will be out in a week and a half.

Brutally Honest

I'm not sure if you're a fan of DDR or not, since this game seems to be a total mockery.
1st) Your steps blew, just a steady stream of arrows. Nothing special
2nd) This is so uninspired. I've seen it done before, and each time its done, the same thing happens. "Hey, I made a DDR flash game, vote high for me, and I'll make more" blah blah blah.
3rd) If someone likes DDR, they already have games for their computer which emulate DDR, I wish people would realize this and stop with the flash DDR projects....
4th) I weep for poor Naoki that you used his music for this crap. Lame.

<deleted> responds:

You can just shut your level 2 face, because it seems you have no flash talent at all, and you probably suck at DDR anyway.

I wouldnt want to take any more time from your free hentai filled day, so I will say good bye.


This is Great it just needs more music and a 2 player option.


it waz very fun
it be better if there were some dancers to chose froma dn see some moves .... make another man it will be killer

<deleted> responds:

I am making another with 3 songs and correct arrow syncing, and will be very small in size for better load time. :)

Very nice game!

Man, I can barely do std and hvy knock me out alot lol. I is a VERY addicting game so free up some time :)


Wow this kicked ass im addicted to this game, i was on her for like 2 minutes, lol jk i was on here for about 30 mins ontil my sis wanted to try it but its an awesome game.


great game but for a downloadable version of a game like that go download Dance With Intensity *DWI* or Stepmania *SM* but download DWI and AIM me at Darkd500 and i will give u a site that has every sim file song exactly like the real version and i am not joke if this is a joke i will give u any site that u want thank you

ddr is cool

but now i know why i never play it -_- anyway, this is really cool! the first one is hard for me though, for some reason (: i just need to practice a lot...i wont though :P anyway i think hte file size wouldve been a lot smaller if you didnt use a bmp for almost everything in here. great music though!

I LOVE it!!

I have been waiting for one of these games, great music, addictive, just good job!!!


i tryed hard mode dang thats fast


wow my name is Naoki too, and i got a D on Normal mode.. and got halfway down on Hard mode.. been 2 years since i last played DDR.. i prefer PUMP


Omg this was hard, very good, but extremely hard for me atleast, I have no finger coordination.

Nice job..

I've seen a lot of DDR clones and this is one of the best and most traditional one. Nice job. Make the steps harder on heavy. And add options like making the arrows disappear and move faster. Just a few suggestion.

Nothing already done

DDR clones have been done before on NG, and maybe this one is less catered for slow PCs like mine - other DDR clones here on NG work fluidly on my computer, but even on low quality this one lags a lot. Oh well, guess this is for med/hi spec PCs to enjoy - nice choice on the song though :)


you couldnt have been serius when you made this? this makes me feel sick!

GREAT. one idea though`

when you redo this game(please do) for more songs i sugest using the ddr scrolling song selection. just a hint. otherwise AMAZING


Only complaint with this, along with every flash DDR copy, is the arrows. They aren't aligned. I can only imagine how hard that is to do, But I dont think I'll appreciate FFR's untill the arrow alignment is 100%

Also, tis much too easy. You should make a tougher one for the DDR pros out there ^_^w


I enjoyed it but (try the hardest first) MWUAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

What the f&#@?!

I'm a huge DDR fan, and this just blew. Only one song, and the timing wasn't always right with the song. Might need to think about that next time, k?


anybody could just go to flashflashrevolution .com and play this or get stapmania. your game was kinda lame. and only 1 song???


hard was pretty fast to do

Well its good but kinda short

lol i noticed the abbrievation for when you choose standard is STD and i cant help but wonder if this is an inside joke or whatever


Ok, it was a pretty good game, but, the scoring is really bad, I had a full bar the whole time and missed 10 and I still got a D somehow, gotta fix that. And definitely get more songs. Get healing vision, some maxs, and definitely some paranoias. That would be great. Well it was a good game, but it should only get a 7 or 8, and for the vote a 3 or 4, but since I love DDR I'll give ya 10 and a 5. Lucky you ^_^


it was pretty good but u kinda fucked it up

its alright

dang this games preaty good. Jackx575 needs to chill the fuck out, the fucking moron.


Make yer own damn game...fuckin ripoff.

Pretty good

Definitely needs more songs also in DDR when you get 'good' your combo ends.

<deleted> responds:

Ok. I was going to fix a lot of this stuff, but NG wont let me update it since it has over 5k views....

Very Nice


I love These kind of games!

I Loved it! Gave it a five! If ya liked this too, i have a good site for you! Its
ww w.flashflashrevolution.c om (without spaces)(its not some link to a outworld type recruitment page, im not getting my account deleted for that.)
It's got more songs, and harder ones too.

Please make a second one!!!

<deleted> responds:

I know about FFR. I've been playing it for almost a year now. I've played 1015 games of it so far.

Very nice! Yet very hard..

Great game!
I got this after the first level:

Grade: AA
Max Combo: 81
Perfect: 74
Great: 44
Good: 10
Boo: 3
Miss: 0
Score: 2229759

And then you think "HA! I'm TEH 133735T player around! I can take everything!"

But then you only get !FAILURE!, which is the funny part. ^-^

Great game, standard might be abit too quick tho.


<deleted> responds:

If you liked this, you're going to love HHR 2nd mix. 3 songs, and better arrow syncing.

ddr watcher not dancer

that was hard. i could do the light but the standard and heavy were super fast. i think ill stick to watching people play when i do door at work.


I love ddr and this is addicting as hell :(


Ok so it's basicly a DDR emulator like Stepmani 3.0 except it only has one song, is rediculosly over sized, the Arrows flash on teh off beat instead of the down beat, it really doesnt matter if you anywhere near the arrows when you press the arrows, and i only got a A for a full combo. So it sucked alot, make it like DDR just not, well a bad and probly Trademark Violating Rip off


i only have a 350mhz comp so it laggs like hell :(

<deleted> responds:

Sorry about that, I am making a second mix with actionscript that loads the music, that will bring down the file size, and may fix the lag.

was ok

the steps weren't in sync with the music beats... although the steps look like they are the actual dance steps to this song, the timing is off from the song, probably due to the lag... other than that, good job


is it just me...or isn;t the point of DDR to be dancing TO the music...this was random arrows with music behind it...right...crap

<deleted> responds:

I know...This was my first time ever making a game like this...Im making a second mix and the arrows will go with the beat...

Pretty good, reminds me of FFR

if you play FFR and are good this should be easy to beat...

But otherwise pretty good


It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great. I'm not into the whole Dance Dance craze, but I even thought it was entertaining. The game needs a few more songs to be really good, I think. Good work.

Lacking and Laggy

One song... not only that but one of the worst DDR songs you could have chosen if you were just going to choose one. You should've chosen The Legend of MAX or something. The main reason why the game sucks though is because of the lag. Maybe you should find out why your game lags so much, and try to make it more efficient. More efficient = less lag.

<deleted> responds:

Well, I have absolutly no lag problem at all on my computer, so I cant tell whats lagging. But I'll try to take off some of the graphics that might be making it lag.


I`m not objective in this. Why? Because I hate the Dance Dance Revolution games. They are so stupid. I just can`t guess why people like them so much. But it seems this cost you some "happy and funny" hours of your life. Do something with your lives fucking bastards!!!

<deleted> responds:

I'm glad to see you scored high even though you dont like DDR games, but what is there to do in life exactly?

Nothing. Because life sucks.

And what are you spending you're precious hours doing? Wasting your time reviewing games you dont like at the age of 19. I think your the one that needs to do something with your life.

I rest my case.

cool game

It was a great game. If you liked this, you should also try FLash Flash Revolution. The URL is flashflashrevolution .com without the space.


I'v got one question, Did you passed standard and heavy lvl's?


wow,being such a DDR bitch as i am,i love it.its very well done,and emulates the game very nicely.


As an awesome fan of normal people id like the last reveiwer to shoot themselves for being so damn nerdy. :)


as a freakingly large fan of DDR id like u to shoot urself.. twice if u can get them off quick enough, ur steps are off beat, ur gfx are pathetic u picked a song that has 2 remixes that are both better then the original and u couldnt even make half decent steps for them... atleast use the official steps

people just go get stepmania @ stepmania dot com then download some songs @ ddramerica dot com

dont let this ruin ur DDR experiance

<deleted> responds:

I know how much better those games are, because they were made by professionals. I just wanted to see if I could make one on my own. Hey, why dont you go bash all the other DDR games on NG?


I "AA"d it song on heavy :) first try to, probably cause I've been playing FFR for almost half a year now :) good job make more! and make a high score thingy so we can all compare our scores!!!


Total ripoff of flash flash revolutions.

Teh Bomb

Finally, a DDR that works with a keyboard! This is just like the original. All of this is just awesome.

Whoa there

As an honest fan of DDR, I'd like to point out again what's mostly been said. First, the arrows have got to match to the beat. Second, song selection is key, something Konami knew about since their first mix. Third, DDR simulators are out there, most of which actually run close to 60 fps the newer DDR machines run at, not this choppy stuff. (My favorite is Stepmania for computer.)

The third point is the most important, because with the wealth of other DDR games, and the real game, it's hard to come up with new and innovative ideas. (i.e. In this flash, the sound was stolen, the graphics were 80% stolen, and the only original content were the few l337 quips here and there.) And if I wanted to read leet quips, I'd just visit Fark or something equally as lame. Frankly, I highly doubt that you will give anything more original than what's already in Stepmania, and it will probably look worse since it's done in Flash. So if you want to continue this series, go for it, but as an avid fan of DDR, I'll say that maybe we should let the world enjoy what great DDR we have already without dilluting it's name.

<deleted> responds:

Sure thing, oh great protector of DDR's reputation.

Shut you face. Now go look at your free gay ezine.


Flash Flash Revolution is already out there..


got an A rank! nice game


Yeah! Cool. I loved the graphics! even though i was not good at it, i liked it!

Worked Well Enough

I'm also going with grimbozo, keep it in beat please. Otherwise the game makes no sense.

Gonna have to agree with maniac productions.......

It has to go with the beat. This game was way off. You can say its a flash game but I have seen way better than this. There was a game which was more like DDR with metal music and that went with rythm perfectly. This was off. People don't waste your time.

This game isn't worth playing...

I'm sorry to say, but this game could be better, a LOT better. You can't just play music and slap on random arrows to press, the arrows have to go to the beat of the song. I know that this is only a flash made game, but it would be nice if you'd work on it more. This could be good with some good graphics and not just copy and pasted graphics. There also needs to be more selection of songs. It gets extremely repetitive playing the same song all the time. It isn't worth playing, but it has potential.


im not a big fan of DDR but you just made me one!! i LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED PLAYING! it was an excellent game... make more with more music and stuff....you really blowed me away with this game!

Super cool!

This is a bad ass game! Not quiet FFR but the best DDR clone on Newgrounds.

Good, but....

It's fun and all, but it's way too easy, tried heavy first try and I didn't even have to try...

I'd suggest making heavy a hell of a lot harder than that.

Also theres a game like this, but like 100s of songs, you earn credits to buy new songs, it's free, and it is done with arrow keys too, called flash flash revolutions, and tons of harder songs o.o (which is probably why I was able to do heavy with no prob, lol) but you are off to a good start, it takes a long time to load, and it is a tad bit choppy (and I know it isn't me because my comp is new, and I can play the more advanced, FFR game with no lag at all)

Good luck with your game.


You should add a couple more songs to this.

<deleted> responds:

Im working on another that will have 3 songs, and the arrows will match with the beat of the songs.


You know what... this seems to be so much like Flash Flash Revolution it's not funny.

I actually wish I would have found this sooner >.> Anyway... If I hadn't seen something like this before. I would have said ti was great

Very Good

I got Dance Dance Revolution and this makes me just wanna go play it . Good Work!!! NExt version add some more songs

the best i seen so far

this was the best game i've ever played.You know if you show this to Konami they seriously buy it and make it into a game.


best rythm game on newgrounds yet...i think only one on newgrounds...but who cares! maybe you can put a music choice thing like in DDR. Plz make another one.

awesome game dude!

i always liked those dance dance revolution games =D they are fun to play, even though i pretty much am the worst person ever tpo play. i tried on light, did good, then i went to the hardest mod and i just pushed random buttons lol that was the 5 for humor btw

It's great

I don't care what Mr_Fluffykins says, this game is still a good game. What if you can't afford a stepmania, didn't think of that, did ya?

I liked this

I thought this was amazing. Great game, addictive. :)

well what can i say exept

Goods are suposed to break a combo, and if you want to play ddr on a comp you can easily get stepmania, making this a waste of time

<deleted> responds:

I originally had goods breaking the combo, but then the combo got broken too easily... Maybe i'll fix it.

Definitely not front-page material

1) There's too many games like this. Where is the originality?
2) I can't help but see the mirror-image of this to FFR. The gameplay screen is EXACTLY the same. Seriously people, go look for yourselves. And although smaller, the quality button is the same too.
3) Like you said yourself, this is an experiment. There's so many flaws in this, that it really doesn't deserve to be on the front page with really great flash.

I understand you worked quite hard on this, but playing FFR and SM really makes me dislike this game.

<deleted> responds:

Yeah, I know its not as good as FFR, but lets think for a minute. They have been improving and updating FFR for about 2 or 3 freaking years! of course its going to be better~!!@!~@Q#WR


It's kind of shoddy, but well thought out and programmed. Theres a game online called Flash Flash Revolution that is the same thing as this, but a lot smoother, and has song selection like DDR. Nice try though, 4/5

1th ey

its 1st dude just letting u know good i can't play the game, the real 1 but i'm really good at the computer 1. more levels n it would be alot better but overall it was well done.

Very impressive sir!

This is a remarkably well executed simulation of DDR. Presentation is immaculate.

There are a few notable flaws;
1. The arrows aren't in time with the beats so it doesn't feel so rhythm-based
2. I was able to "cheat" by mashing my arrow keys

Besides that, this is a great job

Ow, my wrists...


That was the best game i ahve played for a while. Im working on hard although i doubt i will get there. you sould make a proper story mode or something and add more songs. Besides that it was a great game and well done

Man I love that game...

This is a good CPU version of DDR, but standard and heavy modes just got faster, I'd be cool if you could fix that.


if you dont understand the joke you are slow.....its dance dance revoloution...for the disabled...lol jk but seriosly this game rocks....lol play it in hard you fingers will ache for sure!

<deleted> responds:

I will try to fix the arrow difficulty and synching, but I am also working on the second mix with 3 songs, and it will have correct synching. So I might just let this one stay as is.

nice parody

DDR is something that is kinda meaningless to play on the keyboard tho. Add a 2player showdown with the 'WSAD' keys

The beat dont match

It is stupid as everything in ddr match the beat i think u did it well but have to edit the moves as they dont match.

not good as DDR

this game can't even compete with DDR, i don't even think you attempted to sync the game with the music. if you want to make a successful DDR i suggest you take the time and study DDR. a good flash DDR can be found at flashflashrevolution

<deleted> responds:

Really?! WOW! Guess what? FFR runs off of other files on a server, and has a team of people updating it all the time over a period of 3 or more years! I made this by myself in not that long of time.

And by the looks of it, your games dont come close to anything, because you cant even make them!

Not has hard as DDR...

Its pretty good. Its definatly not as hard ass ddr, due to the fact im a standard person and i beat the song on heavy. Good job, though.


Overall it was very smooth lookin, but those steps are terrible for that kind of song. And next time use something from TaQ.

love it

I like to play DDRMAX This was good next time put more songs

Pretty Good

A good DDR copy, in general. I don't think you punish misses enough, though. Do you have a sliding scale on how much health you lose per miss, or is it linear? If it's linear, it would be better as a sliding scale, depending on how many you miss in a row. I guess i just found it too easy, but it's still an excellent sim. Keep up the good work!


You should have used "Waka Laka".


I gave you a 9 purely because your timing onthe beats was WAY off and they didn't match to the music atall. Sorry ... if you would like me to do some step files for you , I would be glad to.

<deleted> responds:

Hey, I might do that. Email me, or contact me by AIM. (see my profile).

great fun

Although FFR has better songs , difficulties and interface the actual playability of this basic version is far superior . why? I think it's due to the colors of the arrows but i found it mor fun :/

What were you trying to accomplish anyway?

This is Drewsus, I made a review earlier for which you made a reply. Yes, I have heard of dance dance revolution, but there is a difference between DDR and FFR. You have nothing different from FFR in your HHR (dont know why its hack... there is no hacking be it with a computer or a hacky sack). Yours is EXACTLY the same as FFR, EXCEPT yours has worse graphics and obviously far less music. The difference between DDR and FFR is significant and your reply to me is just you being an arrogant smart ass. In DDR, as I am sure you know, you DANCE. In FFR you use your keyboard. See the difference? Now, with HHR you use the keyboard in the EXACT same way as in FFR. Are you getting it? I guess its called Hack Hack Revolution because you are a hack.
Everyone, go to the Flash Flash Revolution site for yourself and see that this is just a weak copy. There is nothing different, just less stuff.
I don't mean to knock you Wooty, but really, what do you expect when you COPY something and then act as if you didn't? DDR is to FFR as dancing is to chatting on MSN. HHR is to FFR as typing randomly in notepad is to chatting on MSN.
What I am getting at is you do not deserve credit for this. This is your work as much as it is mine. I mean, you deserve credit for being ABLE to do it, but....

<deleted> responds:

Mabye you're a moron, and don't realize that the term hacker means "sombody that hacks away at a keyboard". (which is what you do in this game)

And, I made this game because I wanted to, not to try and overthrow FFR, because their game is beyond me.

And you probably suck at FFR anyway.


HHR 1th? < 1TH >!! wtf sort of english is that?
not sure if it was just me but i swear the left and right buttons dont come at the same time ,they look slightly off...maybe just me...i dunno

<deleted> responds:

Maybe you should try reading the AUTHORS COMMENTS!

1th Mix was a joke...but it seems NG users cant handle thins like that.

Yeah, the doubles were off, and I had to do it that way or else they wouldnt load right...I'll try to fix it in the 2nd mix, coming soon. (which will blow this one away)


The point of these games is matching the rhythm. I have a pretty fast computer, and even on low quality the arrows didn't match up with the beat.

Try synching it so you have to actually tap the beat out on the arrow keys, and missing a beat means you lose the point, not just missing some arbitratry arrow.

<deleted> responds:

I know, sorry.


i think my brain is going to explode inside my skull, anyway this game is pretty sweet, the only thing i didn't like was the music, you should make one with some tripp psy trance or whatever, anyways i love this thing nice job.

Wow that was great

Wow, that was amazing, i never thought of that for flash, that was great, but man its really hard just like DDR, those ppl play it none stop i wonder if anyone does that with this and conquers it?, wow great game, keep em comin-----


If i wanted to play DDR on the comp i'd go to the flashflashrevolution website. Its the same thing but better ;). Have a nice day

front page material!!

I;m telling you this is a 1-of-a-kind flash(NOT GAME)!!

Good try

The gameplay wasnt very smooth on this, and i couldnt tell at times if they were doubles or offbeats. if you could make the game smoother, it would be a lot better.

I will look for more stuff from ya in the future

It was ok

The game play was ok, maybe add more combinations instead of making it go to faster (<--- for difficulties). You might wanna find a different song also, to play the game I had to turn off the speakers, the song threw me off concentration, wasnt too fluent with gameplay.

<deleted> responds:

Ok, I will be making a second mix, with more songs, and they will each have their own difficutly, instead of you picking the difficulty.

And the arrows will be synched correctly.

This was basically a test game.

I thought it was pretty good.

I thought it was pretty good,e xcept for every once in a while there was a delay with the arrows, probably because of my processor. But other than that, I thought it was great.

its was nice dog

nice song i am also a huge ddr fan and i think u did a great job not bad at all,but heavy was a bit to hard but i still passed with a C but anyway for the next mix can u please do eit

any of those would be cool

greGreat DDR Tribute

as a DDR fan i gotta give props where props are due. this game was awesome. although heavy mode was a bit hard, even for heavy. Gotta remember that useing ur feet is alot for easier to control than coordinating ur fingers.

anywayz great grame, in the 2nd mix u should use "Butterfly Remix"

<deleted> responds:

Ok, I'll probably do that, along with Afronova and Dynamite Rave.

Uh... I dunno.

First of all, the Standard and Heavy modes went by so ridiuclously fast, it was like it was glitching.

And I think it needs at least 3 songs.


Good coding, there was some sync problems. Basically its just a ripoff of stepmania though..., I thought it was going to be a more creative type of input instead of... well the same thing as stepmania.

oh, and wtf is "1th".


That was awesome!
Although I wish there was more than one song...
It still rocked!

Good job!
d^-^b <--Thumbs up

<deleted> responds:

I might make another with two songs, only one mode, and synch the arrows to the beat exact.

good but...

it was well designed and it was a good effort. But this isnt the type of game for NG. If u wanna make a DDR-type game make it official for download and use your flash skills for Ng-style games, cuz im sure you could. cuz i mean ONE SONG???

<deleted> responds:

I just wanted to make it a one song game... There is no need to make some big game with a bunch of songs, when the internet already has Flash Flash Revolution, that is so much better than this.


This is exactly like flash flash revolution so... why did you copy them exactly? (almost exactly, yours is of lower quality...)

<deleted> responds:

Guess what? Maybe you havent realized that FFR is almost EXACTLY like DDR!

So why did they copy them exactly but lower quality?


wicked game. it was totally awesome.
you should make more games, or other flashes like this, that would be awesome.

<deleted> responds:

Maybe I'll make another with only one mode, with better music and spend more time synching the arrows to the beat of the song.


Not too shabby

It was really well made, but i have the same criticism as everyone else, pretty much. The arrows were out of beat, which really took the fun level down to at least half. synching the arrows would make it so much cooler.

<deleted> responds:

I can always synch the arrows better later, and update it.

I've never made a DDR game before, so I'm new at this stuff.

I'll probably just make a whole other game with one mode and better synching.

O_o Its called a beat.

Wow, this is crap. I saw something else like this called "Flash flash revolution" or something, and it did a hell of a lot better job than this. The framerate is horrid, and so is the beat/arrow timing.

<deleted> responds:

Moron, its the lag. I used 30 fps, and FFR uses the same.

You computer just sucks, and you're no good at playing ddr games.

awsome job

enjoyed this game, always liked DDR, you should make one with a whole bunch of songs in 64bit, would be fucking great.

nice job ;)


Not too bad, im not really a big fan of the genre. However for those of you who are, i would HIGHLY recommend Gitaruman for the PS2. Similar to DDR in concept but much different better style. Has great songs and graphics.

It was alright

I have been playing DDR for over three years now and this was actually pretty decent. I don't know if it was just me but the steps seemed a little off beat and you should incoporate more songs.

Love it

I'm do DDR regularly and this was pretty good. Just one thing I have to say. The arrows weren't with the beat. It made it a little harder.

i never did like DDR

i never did like DDR but i have to give cred were cred is needed man u did a great job on it to bad it only had one song keep at it

Not bad

But the arrows on heavy were sloppy, It doesn't go that fast, unless you multiply the speed by two, but very well done. I'll give you a 5 cuz I love ddr.


Yeah, its a bit choppy, FFR has already gotten way ahead of you. So has StepMania (stepmania(dot)com) and Dancing With Intensity.

Don't let me drag you down though, great effort! Always happy to see a fan of the game!

So-so but...

It is good, but it is too hard on medium and (it sounds stupid) hard. Well im off to go play DDR. it needs less difficulty, more tracks, and more to do. maybe a versus. Just my opinion.

Hmmm... it's ok...

Not a bad effort on your part. I don't know if you are aware of this site, but flashflashrevolution(dot)com (submission won't allow urls) did it first and does it better. It has more songs to choose from, and the arrows sync up better. If you are trying to improve on what they've done it will be a hard task.

<deleted> responds:

I'm not trying to improve what they have done, because they are far beyond me. Ive been wanting to make a ddr type game for about 2 years now, and finally did it.

I know about FFR and I play it all the time.


I hate to say it as a huge fan of DDR, but that game was terrible. The steps weren't in sync with the music for starters, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that's kinda the whole point.

Why would anyone play this when they can play stepmania instead?

<deleted> responds:

Then you go play your game. Be gone.

Standard Mode was too hard >:l

That's about my only complaint, even light was pretty fast after awhile but it was a good game. You should make another game with more music and a little less difficult. Good Job.

<deleted> responds:

I actually thought it was too easy, but I tried to make it slower for other people.

Still, I get people telling me its to slow, and people telling me its to fast.


Ok too help u out

make it sync... new songs u can choose from the actual ddr or add some extremely good techno ... Put it some marveloses... and lol i could do the heavy mode in real life but not on pc wierd... umm more difficulties ... and yea more songs .. i can suggest some if u want but add me on msn .. ill tell u some super_sumo@hotmail . com

<deleted> responds:

Yeah, but I used that song because it was compressed down to 500k and sounded decent. Any other song would have taken up more space, unless I compressed it, and I probably couldnt make the quality sound as good as this on did. I will make more songs later.

It's okay

As the other guy said, it doesn't sync well, even with the settings on low. You should give everyone an option themselves to change the quality settings in the game also or find a way to make it so everyone's computer would work with it.

Other than that, seeing how I hate DDR and the likes of it. It was okay. I didn't mind it but I would never play it again.

Doesn't synch up

The timing of the arrows doesn't synch up with the beat. I seriously doubt its my comp, because I've never had any problems with Flash and I even turned the quality to low. Otherwise good game, though. Pretty fun.

<deleted> responds:

Well, a lot of the arrows to sync up with the beat, but some do not...I tried to make them go right, but sometimes it just doesnt happen. And the lag will also make them go off beat.


I give it a five.......out of five

ahem, anyways yah it was great!!! But the hard mode was like insanely hard, maybe thas cuz i only played three times, but it still seemed psyhco hard. I hope you make another one with more songs...cuz that would kick the patoot off my boot...damn im so funny. Anways great job, it looked nice, sounded nice, and was fast (for me), it also was suprisingly responsive and accurate. You obviously put sometime in this (am i right?) So Plz make another one???(hope that wasnt to pathetic)

<deleted> responds:

I will make another, with a better song if a lot of people want me to, but thanks. And this took me a week of non-stop work to make. Like 10 hours a day without stopping.

Okay game

but it gets boring pretty quickly. Maybe add some more buttons, so that I'm using more than one hand, or something.


ive only down tha beginnin level n i thought that shit was gonna be easy but it got hard, especially at the very end..GREAT JOB!

Totally Awesome!

this was awesome man. it was like real DDR. and I love DDR so when i saw this i was shocked. great job!!

Nice flash skills but...

I thought you did a good job creating the engine, but, as an actual DDR player, that was way to off the beat and one song is not enough to constitute a game. I suggest you take the engine from this and expand the game in a future entry.


... but i have stepmania... so who needs it


Well be a guy with a great computer and fast connection, what a mad one, i have to say that that was really cool and heaps of fun keep it up

<deleted> responds:

Yeah, I said in the comments that it WILL lag if you have a slow computer.

It was good but....

I guess I was pressing the buttons wrong, because right when I saw them I was pressing the corresponding buttonwhen it was barely coming on the screen, was that to early, because it kept saying failed. I don't know, It was still kick ass....

<deleted> responds:

It was probably lagging, that all i can say.


Front page amterial keep it up

wow this was good

This was one of the best games i have ever played. Putting it on my favorites. :)


That would be great with more songs. Some D.J. Taka would be nice.


My computer sucks, so it lagged like nuts, I can't say if it was a good stepfile or not because I couldn't play it smoothly >.o

Heavy was too easy, not to brag of course.

<deleted> responds:

I know, i was trying to make it hard, but I figured most people on NG wouldnt be able to pass it, and they would vote low because of that... So I made it compatible for everyone.

that kool yo

thats hot with all the mixing and shit...but you need better music next time but thats still mad hot


amazing fun game! good job five out of five!


Very nice Matt! I beta tested it!


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3.70 / 5.00