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HOTM Chapter One

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Author Comments

Ok, having gained some sleep and let the movie float around for awhile, I've gained a good idea of certain things *cough*AUDIO*cough* to clean up. I'll get to it as promptly as I can. Anyways, if you want a storyline commentary, information, etc. Just go to NG Mag. The alpha should have all that information for you. I've revised the "basics" so you can understand certain things about the movie.

1. This was delayed more than necessary, so I apologize to those who waited. Most of it was due to stingy voice actors and work schedule.

2. The Scene Selection is having some trouble with uploading the sound, so I'll fix that first thing tomorrow. I'll also fix the static issues with the audio.

3. Do not say this movie is stolen because of the Psycho Sonic looks like Psyguy deal. Many of you state that Psyguy has a copyright on the character. Unfortunately, that is not legally possible... Both characters are blatant rip offs of Sonic the Hedgehog, and as it is stated here:
Familiar Symbols and Designs and Ornamentation are not protected by copyright. Though his art is naturally copyrighted, the character itself violates copyright protection laws. Basically, it's why I claim no copyright, to avoid getting sued by SEGA (If they even care...)

4. Me along with Zwickel are taking a sabbatical for a well earned break as well as preparing properly for the next installment. We will still be submitting movies every so often, but they will not have to do with HOTM.

5. We discussed with Skullkidlink about a contest idea we had. It's for everyone who cares to participate. Basically, we're allowing you to create a character and send it to us to use in a cameo for the next installment of the series. I'll post the rules up and when you can start sending the characters to us as soon as we iron out what we want in this contest and what we don't want. More to come later.

So, yeah. Enjoy the movie.

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I can't wait to see the other(s)!!! Keep up the good work :D

hey this is dumple

sorry for that last review. i wrote it a long time ago and i was in a really bad mood. i only blammed it once though or maybe twice. alright well sorry and thanks for not cursing me out for that last review. bye.

Rogan-YLS responds:

It's no big deal dude. You don't need to worry about it. Hell, you're allowed to do that. I'm not going to get mad if you don't like it.


i agree you should have waited but good concept i give it a 3.

Rogan-YLS responds:

Agreed, thanks for the review!


coolness dude

Rogan-YLS responds:

Thanks for your support. I kinda rushed this so my apologies. I should have held off and made it better. Oh well, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


cool stuff, when u making the rest of it man? i wanna see it

Rogan-YLS responds:

I appreciate the support. I'm not sure when I plan on getting back to HOTM... But if you're wondering about my upcoming projects I have two. One is a jam between me and my friends. The other, well, it's going to be awesome. I really can't give you any more info than I already have, but I won't disappoint you. Thanks again for your review.

Credits & Info

4.24 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2004
12:13 AM EDT