River City Rampage: Ex

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Not much to say, really... Alex goes on a rampage in the River City warehouse and hurts a lot of people really bad. Sounds like a rampage to me.
Wow, guys, thanks for all the great reviews and (usually) constructive criticism! I'm in the process of making another one right now, and I'm taking into consideration all of the reviews I've read so far, and will be checking back for more. If you want to officially issue a suggestion to me, drop an idea down in our forums on the website (posted in my profile). Thanks again for all your support!


Pretty kickass.

I loved the newly done sprites of the RCR characters and it was a good and funny sprite fight and it went well with the music too,only thing was it seemed a little short and had kind of a bad ending to it but other then that i loved it. =)


SWEET, man you know how to keep it real. RCR is da bomb and that flash pwned. I can't think of anything else to say but this is my #1 favorite flash.

Excellent m8

Finally some1 makes a flash movie(even if it was short) out of RCR EX. Everywhere i only see the ol classic made RCR in 8 bit graphics. But u my friend, of many has finally decided 2 use the GBA-made game into a flash, n im giving a big holla at u 4 that :D RCR EX is so kool n intense 2 play man, n FINALLY, heres something from that game. I love the classic as well, but ive always wanted 2 see the new recreated game be worked out in flash cus of the new moves n techniques there, even when other RCR fans doesnt appreciate the GBA-made game, cus of the termination of the 2player option n stuff. But, it isnt that bad is it?

I really hope that u'll keep up wit that work n hopefully, make mo RCR EX flash! I want 2 c mo of the game being put on flash :D Keep it up!


I was wondering when they were going to make a GBA version of it... anyhoo,it looked alittle bit grainy, good though.

*Ahem* You have been deemed worthy...

... Of the "Best Sprite Movie of the Year Award"! I know it's a little late, but... That was awesome! River City Ransom is the best game ever, and you made a REAAALLLY good flash for it. Everything was so smooth, there was no frame-by-frame that I could see, I don't know HOW you did it. Congratulations, bring out the grand prize: Cookies, Milk, and of course... Tom Fulp's left shoe!* Enjoy your prizes, you lucky guy you!

*Tom Fulp's left shoe is comepletely %100 fake, and Heizncorp will not be held responsible for any injury attained while with the shoe.

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3.55 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2004
11:32 PM EDT