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Little Fighter Alpha Ch.6

rated 4.34 / 5 stars
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Aug 10, 2004 | 8:47 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place August 11, 2004

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  • Little Fighter Alpha
    Little Fighter Alpha Created with Little Fighter game sprites, this series is like a hardcore in-game cinema.

Author Comments

*Update* Thanks for the daily 2nd everyone! Never thought I would make a comeback.
MaxR: No way! The Little Fighter Alpha series isn’t over (some people thought it did). I was just out for vacation. Anyways, this chapter is worth the wait, it is exactly 5 minutes and action packed. Sorry for not having an extra in this chapter, I just couldn’t think of any great ideas. It has been tough making this chapter, sometimes I wished the chapter ended there, but I knew I have to make something better than all my previous chapters. Well here it is Chapter 6, I hope you all enjoy this movie. Thanks for watching!

Anzrage: The longly awaited Chapter is finally here (Alliance), the longest chapter yet, and probably the hardest one so far, we've worked long and hard, and we have been planning this chapter for weeks, and it's finally here. Thank you all for your help, and support. Enjoy the movie.

Keele: Hi everyone! This is my first movie ever. I didnt really do anything to MAKE it, im just the new writer. and if gooffy is reading this, Im really sorry they replaced you with me. Ok?



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I gave it all 10!!!!

Its all 10 its nothing too say not a little bit wrong all are perfect!!!
This movie is so dam nice that i almos peed out of my pants!!!
Keep up with the Good Job!!!Rudolf doesn't slay he has mercy!!!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


It was absolutely perfect!!!! Except for one thing...When Rudolph defeated deep, and put the sword to his throat, there should have been some dialogue before deep just left. Other then that perfect!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Why the hell happened with Deep?

He just walked off?! Anyway, when making a fight scene, it's the good guy thats outnumbered. That way it takes skill for the good guy to win. Summoning two others to fight for you hardly makes it a fair fight. Compare one sword to 2 ninja blades and sharp discs. I hope something happens to make the fight with freeze fair, because as far as i can remember from the game, he's nothing special.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well again a good movie and again menu bad.

Again as in the 4 part: Whoa!

Again it was good. There were actually some good dialoges and lots of story. Glad you finally cutted out bat. that makes it equal, cince he had the entire last episode.
Well the introducing new carancters was cool. The freezed image and names. Although the story dosent tell how the bandits and hunters got there in the snowy area. (I presume thats Freezes kingdom) The music selection is better. I loved the music when Rudolf was fighting Deep. That was cool. Altohugh I have to agree with the previous revewer. You need some caracter profiles...or something to tell their backround.
But I didnt like the backround... A real life backround dosent suit with animated figures..

Graphics: They are not very mutch better, nor worse. And i wont give you highter score than this if u use sprites.

Style: Story..plot...fights...the style of this episode is a sgood as it was in the fourth. And the ending scene was cool. The music...the gave a certain dramatical feeling... I like it.

Sound: Cant complain. It has been always good in your movies.

Violence: You would think that blood can be well seen on snow..

Interactivity: In prev revew I sayd try to make a good long story full movie with a good menu. You made a good movei...But now no more specials in Menu. :P

Humour: There was some homor in the dialoges

Overrall: I dont know if it is the best one...they are pretty equal with the fourht in my eyes.. But its damn good!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good, so damn close to a 4/5

That was good, definitely the best in the series so far, I really liked it, unfortunately it wasn't quite worthy of a 4 in my opinion, it was still real good though.

I liked it how you finally got to see what happened to Davis and Jan, and while it was longer it could ahve done with a few more scenes instead of there just being two different areas involved in it, it would have been nice to have seen what happened to the other guys as well as that would have made this movie much better and would definitely have pushed it up to a 4 for my vote, maybe even a 5. The first fight scene where the 3 new people were fighting was a bit short especially since they were outnumbered, a longer, more gripping fight scene would have been much better, also having Davis and Jan help out would have improved it, rather than having them jsut wait till it was over, as it just seemed a bit weird having them just standing there watching the fight and not helping out. The next fight was perfectly done, the right length, the right amount of action and it was kinda gripping, perhaps the other guy could have put his sword away though at the end as it just seemed a bit odd that he kept his out while the other guy put his away. It was nice to see that you'd improved on the music and sound, it just seemed much better.

I wasn't too keen on the bottle cursor you put in that followed the ordinary mouse cursor around, it was just completely pointless, there was no need to have it in there, it didn't do anything at all(I think maybe there's an easter egg that requires a bottle or something, but I really don't think that there was, please tell me if there was or not) and it jsut got in the way and I didn't like seeing the one dot at the bottom of the screen, as when you know something's there even if it isn't that noticeable at all, you still know it's there and you get ditracted by it.

Again you could have improved the character part at the start, instead of it being the characters in a row, you should have had it so that if you click on them a profile about them opens up, or if you scroll over them their name shows up or something.

Peace Out, Afro Stud