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The Road of Life

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This a cartoon My brother and I made for are youth group NexGen.It is a Metaphor about how prayer can get you through tough times and your prayer life can also improve through tough times.If you aren't a christian you probavly won't like it. Also, Each of the morals are different.Matthew did most of the drawing I did most of the animating.The replay button doesnt work


gud stuff!

r u a preacher or sumthin? u really know how 2 reignite a christians faith!!

It was good but needed work

I really like the value expressed. I myself am a pretty strong christian and I felt sorta touched by the flash.

My only critque is that not to many people here in cyberspace are patient, keep in mind some of themselves might of gone down the sinful path aswell. So, i suppose if you added in elements to make it a bit more exciting (say.... voices, say....christian rock... etc) it could go far :)

It was good though
God Bless!

Woots for the Lord

I liked that one :3. I don't find many nice christian flashes here so this was nice a refreshing. I loved the theme and the moral. It's true, even after seeing and hearing the miracles of God, people still take the wrong path.
Jesus luffs j00. ^_^

Poor you...

Ok..... moral is good. Sure, this religion has a lot of good sides, if you look at the messages of love it carries, But how the hell (no pun intended) can a person believe in hell? Didn't you understand it was just a metaphor written by the bible's writers? There is no god. God is a representation of fate. There is no heaven. Heaven is a representation of how your life and relationships will be better if you are kind to others and such. Hell is there to tell you that there are many possible negative consequences to your actions. Sex, drug(except coke, crack and these kinda shit), and alcool aren't bad things! It's only a question of balance: if you don't abuse them, they are there to be enjoyed! So my message to you is: Believe in God if that is what you wish, but don't ruin your life feeling guilty about everything you might do!

I liked it.

It's a funny little cartoon, sort of like an animated Chick Tract. It reminded me of my own twisted days in youth group.

The morals need work though. It will only alienate people and make them angry or just plain confused. As if christianity wasn't confusing, crazy and corrupt enough.

I gave ya a good score for going against the grain though. There is not too many religion cartoons here. I wish there was more. They are fun to watch, and the comments from all sides are always interesting to read.

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2.50 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2004
2:54 PM EDT
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