Golden Glove Boxing 1.0

August 9, 2004 –
July 8, 2009
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Create the ultimate fighting machine........YOU!!! In "Golden Glove Boxing"! The first flash boxing game to feature a full on career mode, and over 1000+ create-a-boxer types. Enjoy! SLOW COMPUTERS NEED NOT APPLY!!!! Train your boxer, excite the media to boost ratings, become champion of the world, It's all here!!!!

Also if you like action sidescrollers, try out my other game entitled:
"Sky Boarder" also on Newgrounds.com!


killed it undefeated

The graphics were ok, a 2.5 out of 5, the spelling was great, the fights could use a bit more control but it was ok. Its a good 30-40 minute game that could use a bit more work, but its quite good compared to others, I give this game a 7.

This game is pretty decent. A fair amount of customization, good music and average graphics are marred by pathetic gameplay. I mean, I can't control him! Do this game again with better controls and maybe it'll be great. For now, it's okay.

Jt was a pretty fun game a very good time killer but. Golden gloves jones was made
way too hard he like obliterated me when I had maxed out stats and everything. I fought him like five times too. So just lower his healt down a bit and it would be good thank you.

it was good but the gameplay sucked which really took a lot away

I beat the game on my first try also, and the game is awesome, but it got to hard to fast

Work on the mechanics!!!!!! please!!!1

I like the music, who wrote them?

fun but to hard to fast

It was a good game really interactive but really easy to beat i beat everyone on my 1st try just press d,f really fast and you beat every opponent in no time

that was a nice game i like all the games u make .iv played both golden golves and beat them both on my first try i hope u make even more good games

this game is fuckin amazing was very realistic it was fun too i got 4 belts then it got too fuckin hard anyway keep up the good work

Whenever I set my attributes, they go right back down to 1 afetr every game

What the fuck?

it's so easy when you have the maxe attributes! GG Jones is nomatch! Ha! But, his punches are stronger than mine! Btw, good flash, huh? Hope to see Ninja Tales!

I liked it alot. The only problem I have with it is that the dudes are really hard to beat.

it was a great game, but Damn! that GoldenGloveJones is hard to beat, i couldnt do it even with max stats and that special jab, lol, but its awsum, good job, nice actionscripting!

It was pretty good but then it was pretty bad, but I'll give you props because you tried to make it like a real game.

And if u cant beat jones u MUST SUCK!! *cough* cough

can someone please tell me how to beat golden glove jones???

great game though i love boxing and this makes me happy!

You've done it again.. after playing the best games on NG, which are your games.. you've convinced my Favorite Authors list to allow you as number 1, forever.

This is amazing! cant believe it! must have taken weeks to program all that! great graphics... if this were 3d... it would sell at best buy for 49.99 just the whole advertising your boxer was amazing. 9/10 ! 2 thumbs up yeah...the best game in newgrounds yet

There are so many thing you can do and very orignal.

i really liked sky boarder, so i thought i'd check out your other submissions...your flash games are great! they're very complete, with so much stuff to do. there is so much more in your flash games than there is with any other games i've found on newgrounds. you're definately my favorite artist on newgrounds, keep up the awesome work!

Pretty solid. Not bad at all. Simple game, but much, much better than most things submitted. Strive for professional polish.

Very cool game, but very easy.In a match, if only push repeatly a punch button you win easily ^^U.


hey, though this was pretty good. I really like kicking the boxers in the ass. Haha, a chick that like fighting...no i'm not lesbian...anyways

good job!

but in the career mode, the controls seem to be extremely unresponsive

Heh this is one of the few games on newgrounds that i actualy STAYED AND PLAYED and this is for sure a 5 vote i encurage people to play this GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! play it!!!!!!!!! play it now i know where you live lol jk

good game, thought it was a great game for after work....next time make it your boss that your hitting.jk

First time I played career mode, the CPU kicked my ass. But I'm gettin' it after a while... it's VERY interesting. I get to choose my clothing, get more health, money, etc. I'm liking this. It's addicting. But you could work on the graphics. Nice Job though!

This is a really good game you hit a homerun with this one

not that good move too slow but nice try.

I enjoyed the game. The graphics were on the "alright" side, and the gameplay is kinda unique, but weird. (It's more like a one round street fighter than a round by round bout) The Media, the problems were kinda cool, but sometimes, the messages tend to come closer to the matches, which don't give you enough time to resolve them. Plus, I lose not because I didn't took care of the problems, because the problems lands on the day before AND after the fight.

What I suggest is that you make the "girlfriend" problems more troubling than any other since sometimes, that seems to cause more mental stress. Also, it would make more sense to have different senses in between fights... to give it a different look.

Can't wait to see what you do with version 2.

this games looks good but the fighting is easy and looks a bit weird to me... butt its good overall

i liked it a lot actually i gi ve it a 4 on votes...it was kinda ez yet long...it was fun...a kind of cheat would to b to get ur stanima all the way to ten first and then during fights just corner him on his side and just keep punching...

didnt like it all the things i didnt like have already been listed in the other reveiws sorry man but

the fighting was as akward as camals atempting to mate, i dont know about you but the last time i watched a match people could not only turn aruond to face thier enemy and also hit them from a close proximity, but they could do it with style. the pre-fight mode reminded me of a text based game, exept it made me want to vomit... out of my ass! wtf were you thinking? why dont you just die!

i was a good game but i found it too easy too play i dont know if u meant this game topo be a button masher but it certainly seems that way casue thats how i got a undefeated record and srry to those that take this as a spoiler but a good game over all with a little more work this could be an amazing game

it was fun for a wile, but the on my third match, the enemys health kept on regenerating. and i dont know if its sposed to make you lose all you stats after each game cuz i kept on losing those too. but it was fun the the 10 min i played

addicting gameplay, I actualy was bored enough to beat it.
The stats made no difference. (also they max at ten, how's that fun?)
The power up you buy is worse than your regular punch.
In fact the only punch you need is plain ol' left jab.
Terrible graphics, really really godawful.
Good try, however, level of interactivity you try to achieve is pretty deep. I especially liked the media hype thing. Better than 99.99 percent of stuff here.

This game wasnt really good at all.. all you really had to do was hit one of the punch buttons. Even that is was slow cause sometimes the punch didnt even work with stamina. if you redisigned the game and made it function better it would be great

It's a good game, but all I had to do to win was press the punch button over and over.

This game is awesome, this is going into favorites.

I had no clue what I was doing the whole time! The fists were just all over the place.

good game, make more

That game is huge, and quite fun. It is a bit hard though, and I really couldn't be bothered to go at the career thing. I like the customizability though. The worst thing was it took up the whole screen, so I had to keep moving it about.... dodgy. Well I do have a sar.

DAMN THIS WAS BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING and it laggs like hell!!!!
and wtf is that block for!??? it dosent even help!

That was a sick game i would like to see more stuff like that on newgrounds

Not to bad but needs work. The fightin system is pretty one side (i.e. u can just pound the enemy to death, basically no stratagy) I do like th carrer mode but i dont think u should put a cap on stats it will allow more diversity. All in all i think its a good concept, just needs more work on the combat.

i didnt like anything about the game.... sorry!

the fighting was horrible it was extrmly random if you hit the person or not. sometimes my character wopuld just randomly block till i got hit. good try and keep up the efforts but you've got some work ahead

This is the most well-rounded, in depth, and addicting online game I have ever played. I can't believe all the features you packed into your first version! The only thing I would say is that the fighting is REALLY fast. Sometimes it's hard to tell what's going on! Oh yeah, and also, if you get your enemy to the far right of the screen right an the beginning and continuously punch, he can't get out, meaning you get the easy victory. I never even had to use the jap because of this method. Just something to look at in the next version! Bravo!

I am the new golder glove champion of the WORLD!!!!!!! the world is now mine for the taking in a none-boxing kind of way. i never really appreciated boxing untill i beat this game.
nice work, i can tell that you spent hourless nites working on this game

I have already written a review about this game before. I do notice that the "urgent bug" has been removed.

There are still a few problems though: The "Penalties" can't reduce your attirubtes below zero, so you can actually gain a bunch of free points (If you are willing to take mental troubles). Also, since you can reduce your attibutes, gaining two at the price of one really means a free point...

Need randomly generated names... and the game is still to easy.

Thanks for releasing V1.1. Look forward to The sequel.

I liked all the options you included, made the game deeper. Although I found that holding down the two punch buttons and forward during the entire fight as good a strategy as any. Maybe I didn't get far enough though. Nicely done though.

dam this game is more addicting than crack... i have to play to win.. .YOU CANT STOP ME!!!

Reminded me of George Foreman's Boxing on Genesis.

...and that was a great game too!

Very nice set up and creative stats too...mental troubles (ha), very realistic.


Awsome game dude!


I liked the bug that made me beat golden guy without being touched!

Flawless victory !

Keep up the good work

I enjoyed playing the flash I just did a quick fight but I did look through the career mode and dude wow what a selection I mean differet types of skin and attributes that was cool to see. The graphics were pretty solid I think the characters could be touched up alittle bit and maybe some cooler affects when you hit the characters but I loved that you could get 10 shots in a row and just kill the guy that was really fun. The sound was pretty good I liked the punching noise and the menu when it said golden glove boxing! that was really cool. I thought you did pretty good on the game.

OVerall: Nice Work 8

not the best, not the wrost

thats a really fun game, I really liked it. I found a bug though. I got right to the end and then the keyboard controls stopped working. It was pretty annoying because it means my character got annihalated very quickly in the golden glove contest. Apart from that very good. Well done

This is a great game! Deserves to be in the top 50. You just need to hype up the graphics and get it lookin nice. That's alot of actionscript work there. Nice job.

Nice game, a little underprepared but still good. Like the idea, not alot of boxing on newgrounds so this is preaty good.

I dont know why everyone is saying this is so easy.beating the last guy is just impossible for me. even with 10 in all stats he gives me a beatdown still i loved this cant wait for the 2nd one

I liked play this for me it took awhile getting used to the non-fighting part the fight part I just bash FD over and over, I went insane after have some manwhore want to be my bitch or whatever went to the club to many time oh well still good though, nice actiontexting.

I played it for a while but didn't finish cuz I'm not much of a boxing fan, but I made it through a few fights.

Pretty much everything topcatyo said holds true. This was a good game to get your coding down, now it's time to spice it up and make it look hot.

Way too easy. I beat the game in less than 7 minutes. It's pretty fun while it lasts, but soon, my guy started getting golden glove combos on Golden Glove Jones every time, and then I win. The game is a great idea, and with revamped graphics, more options, better character customisation selections, and more extensive career mode (and a save button), this game could hit Number 1 spot and stay there.

Nice, keep up the good work.

all games should be like this

Very good game, but if you find the right way, it's easy as hell! I lost once, the first time I played, because I didn't what was going on. Here is how to win it all easy:

Every time you got money and time, train. Train until you can't anymore. If you have days left, get better media.
Stat points: First of all, try to have 1 in each stat, don't have 0. First of all max out Speed, this will make you hit all the time. When speed is at 10 keep it up there. Then max out Power, this will make the opponent go back a efter you punch him, making him unable to punch back. After that, max out the other ones, they don't really matter now so just do it so it looks good :D
Fights: It is VERY IMPORTANT that the second you start the fight do all the way to the other screen, you MUST punch at the opponents side of the ring, not your own. When you start fighting, simply press F,D,F,D very fast. Don't block. Even after you get the "power-up" or whatever from the shop, only press F,D,F,D.

I hope that will help.

In the next game, try to stop things like this happening, it made the game wat to easy.

Overall, great game, can't wait for the next one.


nice boxing game dude. It's fun to kill the other guys, and it's awesome to mess around with your private life lol. Good gaming, music, blood, fighting, everything almost. Great job man.

Yeah this game was great. It's quite addicting to.

Well done mate.

This game was pretty good but the mental troubles if u reach 10 u lose that not fun like that i was on my last fight and i lost and bang!! my dude stoped and i would have to restart thats not fun at all

it's a very good game don't get me wrong it's just that you need to make the fighters more flexible jump around like a boxer watch a boxing match and observe the moves they pull off
you've got the right idea it's a great game it's just that it needs that one little adjustment
good work keep going!!

This is a fantastic game and this is coming from someone who doesn't like sports games. I like how it's more of a Boxing RPG then anything.

Very good.

I saw boxing game and wasnt expecting much but this is good

I am not a big sports gamer, but what I just played, it is the best arcade/sim boxing game ever to be submitted in Newgrounds. I wonder if this is the only arcade/sime boxing game in here. I only play the Career Mode, and I can say this is the best example on how it should be. Customize the looks of the character, set the number of days, earn money, training, do something else other than boxing, and give your player a hard time. That is the sim part. The arcade part is in the fight. The controls are not too complicated and the results are pleasing. Perfect for noobs of boxing, but satifying and challenging for veterans. All I can say about this game is you did a excellent work. I am looking forward to your next game!

that was amazing, it is just like FightNight or some REAL boxing games out there! The game was fun to play and my boxer looked like a guy straight out of a freakshow.

anyways, it was very fun, try making a different kind of game out of these programming skills you have.

The graphics and animation were great! It's very intense and has great potential for a flash game. Nice job, and keep it up.

thats a good game! i hardly ever see good games in the portal any more. im gonna play this game for a loooong time. there was so much in it though! i got confused with all the buttons and stuff! but im just weak minded. this has a chance at front page in my opinion


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3.68 / 5.00