Goamy's Hate Mail

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*if your a goamy fan vote all the goamy haters come out at night.

thank you to all that e-mailed me keep more coming Nathan Rozelle,Elizabeth,mmmkay@owc.net,Henry Kari,Luke Armstrong,Bill Gates,vincent argiro,YoYoClock,Kevin Race,Tanya K,Jimmy McKee,Muffin_Clock,Bart Dulys,Greg Koshman,Susan McClure,Emily,EarthMage12@aol.com,jan,izax,Jeff Hyde.

thank you


What the..?!

I don't want to watch it, and I don't NEED to see it, to know that Goamy, if a *F*oamy ripoff. The art from what I can tell is pathetic, and just, this is against copy-right laws, I am SURE.


Well, if you hate Foamy so much, then why did you make something that is supposedly, an exact likeness of Foamy, only minus the funny? But, however, I will admit you were right about something...the voice of Foamy. I am a diehard Foamy fan, and I did not expect his voice to be anything like that. Slightly disturbing.
But then, after that, you say, and you all wonder why I hate this guy, because he says a bunch of stupid bologna like that. Well, you pretty much say the same thing. Like, your lord and master, and you are at least attempting to be like him. Why be like someone you hate? I'm just saying.

I thought the bunny was dead.

This is clearly a cheap ripoff. Why was that rabbit ressurected in the first place?

ok this has almost the same subject...

this almost has the same subject as the Blam Master series. dude goamy is the most PATHETIC fake copy i have ever seen in my life! it says at the begining that "This is a parody of Foamy. that means that this is just a mere joke and if you hate this then you think that fomay sucks too." Now in Blam Master 2 it says that you hate foamy but yet you made a parody that is just a joke. you think that Foamy sucks and you make a little joke that staes that if you hate this then you hate foamy. so i rest my case here.


Okay, was this supposed to be funny? How can it be funny if you can't understand a damn thing that it says. Advice: Don't make another flash unless your skills get a WHOLE lot better.

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Aug 8, 2004
9:15 PM EDT
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