Toasty: Insane

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A piece of toast that gets stuck in a toaster oven for 5 days and goes mildly insane. There is even a bit of Banana Phone in it!

And there is stuff after the black screen at the beginning. The black screen at the beginning is there for an Intro effect. So BE PATIENT.

P.s. If you believe that you have already seen this movie... You have... Most of it. I submitted this a little over a week ago, but there was a problem with the end being cut off and screwed up. So enjoy the ending you never saw.



im being generous by givin u a 3 because (1 it was a good idea but it wasnt what it turned out to b (2 the quality wasnt all it was cut out to b and well im givin u 1 extra point cuz im kind

that sucked

that wasnt really that good
you could have come up with a better idea, and the graphics were lame

Awseome work

i liked this soo i gave it **5**
also it had good drawings
and a good story.....bit random?!?!?!?
but hey that makes it ***GooD***
and i think it turned out great

Not that good.

This movie wasn't that good at all, but it definitly had potential...It was a really good idea, but it just didn't turn out good.


ok that was lame!! the only part that i liked in it was the banana phone song

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2.09 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2004
11:21 PM EDT
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