The Lord of the Sticks 2

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The music is a little low so try to max your volume otherwise u wont hear a thing. This is the second installment to the series, the first one was crap, so I may do a remake on it. I tried to get better at flash but this is not great.


i hate teasers i work with them in a pub

this was hard to judge beein a very short short that is. it looks to me like you will win over all that has badmouthed you if it turns out to be as great as i think it will. try to make it funny though, very very oh so funny, coz every one luvs funny even if its crap animation, i mean like team girl squad, thats funny, but the pics and stuff are CRAP! that stick should be shoved into som1s orifice now that will be funny!


Finish the second one and submit it FULLY. None of this teaser crap. I should hope the second one is very well done because I am not at all amuzed with this animation. Please take my thoughts into consideration. Thanks for your time.



I was looking forard to seeing this because i liked number one but putting that just kidding thing in just made my eyes also bleed, sorry they did not bleed, THEY FELL OUT OF MY SOCKETS!!!

How did thisNOT get blammed?

LOTR is overused, and if you're going to make a LOTR flash, at least make it funny.. And not 30 seconds long with graphics that make my eyes BLEED!!! The scream wasn't too interesting either. Well, look at the bright side: at least it was better than the Catwoman movie. =D

lunaticcloud responds:

LOL, it made your eyes bleed LOL, I'm sorry you didn't find it interesting, a few others did, but thanks for the review!


do you seriously have nothing bettre to do with your life than waste mine?

oh well thats how ll my movies are to they all got blammed too....just like this one!

lunaticcloud responds:

hehehehehe sorry to dissapoint you but this didn't get blammed hehe. Even though it is shit I dunno why it wasn't blammed.
Guess I'm a little lucky! :D

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1.59 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2004
9:14 PM EDT
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