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this is my long thingy...kinda...um.. let me start over.. this is a trailer to my new game/movie that is 70% complete. sorry, had to cut the trailer music because of the size. :p
and no this is NOT a stick vs stick movie. infact wex and jim is co-operating :p

ok... it might be that outpost is not gonna happen for a while.. sorry. i got alot to do you know!? :p

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Thsi trailer doesn't even do real justice for the accualy series. Not only did you keep what was here. You built on it. The animation was really nice for this.

lookin gravy

it looks promising IF it is infact a game. remember the joe zombie game trailer then all we got was a prototype of a click on a helicopter to kill it thing. wot a lie that was. but there was the smart little item thing in the corner which cud fool us, the sticks walked to movie like so i doubt it is a game but if it is then kool man !

Looks Nice

Can't wait for the real thing, well, I can, but looks nice nonetheless.


looks like a game.....a good game... you could do a lot good if you made it a game. i mean it


looks more like a game to me since they have items slots, that they pick up items & drop n such with....which is one unique part....you havve talent, you should atleast add more detail to sticks or make them not sticks...

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3.99 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2004
8:45 PM EDT