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TheMJ Dress Up Of Madness

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Horay! Since Tokyo raver there have been a severe lack of updates, please pardon me. No hentai here, you're wasting your time if that's what you think it is... Due to my personal concetion to this game, there really is no nudity at all because I know people who would use any nidity in this game as blackmale till the end of time... All the objects in the game are either things I own or variations, Im sorry about the amount of variations in this game, I just wanted to get this up to be quite honest so its a little rushed in places. Shameless egotistic plug fweeeeee. Can you gess what pathetic lable I get slaped on me every two seconds? He heh. This shouldn't take long. The game is more Jhonen Vasquez inspired than Anime because of several things I poped in there. he he he. Oh and the last big change to the game: The hair was origionaly pink and black in the game but then I got it schedualed to get it Black and red do tell me what you think of the hair too. Should I change my profile avatar? Feedback makes me smiley face so send me some and I allways respond to my coments. Please enjoy! =D

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Is there a way we can turn the music off? It's really lound and annoying

I turned her into a government spy! Sexy one too!

no take off the bra and panties but i will give you five stars

whats the music

dragon j ooola pwroa kola!