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Minushi - Chapter 2

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Minushi is a feature length animated motion picture brimming with action and adventure presented online in 19 parts.

In this chapter, Trixi and Khal set off on the first leg of their journey... But with the military curfew patrol around every corner and a mysterious character in black following close behind - they soon find out that escaping of The City will be more difficult than they had expected.

You can follow the ongoing production of Minushi at Minushi.com.

Thanks for watching!

UPDATE: This is a "retooled" chapter of Minushi. Much of the graphics and animation has been reworked from the version originally posted.



this obviously took a lot of work so good job. but damn! this is soooooo boring. you need to find yourself a script writer with some talent.

needs work

ya that was pretty boring and your plot isnt going anywhere... u need a better soundtrack too


ok the graphics rocked(proffesional work, man) but the story quickly got old.. i thought it would be better than it was just because of the artistry used. It ended up reminding me of an 80's episode of batman with a tad bit more plot. I wish you'd hire a writer.

Work...Needs Work....

Your characters are really ugly, especially the guy character...I want him to die he's so ugly. The girl is OK, but annoying...wtf is with the guy with the afro? The bad guy was sorta badass but all he did was spew cliched dialogue, "it's past your curfew"?! The action needs a ton of work...not once did I feel the characters were in danger...heck, if they were, I didn't care. All we see is the silhoutte of the girl kicking the robot...it's fucking lame dude. People on NG want to see some decent action not power-rangers grade fights.

Otherwise it's decent...Nice graphics, really nice in fact, just hate the two main characters. The pace was slow as hell too....*sigh*...you need someone to help you with the action and music.

If you'd like some help or want me to explain what I mean, hit me up on Aim: Sonofbiznit

Peace man.

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it was a little too short, but it was ok

you shoulda made it longer. But u did a good job. Keep at it.

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3.93 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2004
6:14 PM EDT