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NOTE NOTE: Forget what I said before, don't watch my shit at all, whatsoever. I would edit this submission to contain an SWF of Bill Cosby doing stuff, but I'm keeping my crap here for ol' time's sake. Or so you have an example of shitty sprite movies.

NOTE: 2 Authors did not make this movie. I simply had trouble logging in my -SuperYoshi- account and was forced to make a new one and submit it. So ignore the Super_Yoshi account.

2/10/05- I strongly suggest you watch Behind The Series DX instead if you want to live with your eyesight intact. I made this in august and now realize that this is one of the worst animated movies ever. The humor is the main part, though.....watch BTS DX instead for better animation.

This is a sprite movie ripping-off VH1's Behind The Music. It stars Dynamite Headdy as he interviews various video game characters about their franchises. NOTE: This movie starts out slow but it picks up! So watch the WHOLE movie before you vote or review! Thanks. Hope you all enjoy it! Currently workiing on Episode 2: Behind Sonic The Hedgehog!

8/11/04: Well BTS2 is working out fine. This is going to be A LOT better than the first one. Expect the release around hopefully the end of August. To all of you who hate the first one, you will NOT be dissapointed in the second one. Trust me.

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decent humor but it would be way better with voice actors. i mean it was ok but still...needs some work


funy mario he so faked it


im speachless

That pwns my sandwitch!!

that would be funny, pokemons mansion.... Would the ghosts be ghost pokemon or some random thing?

Super-Yoshi responds:

Ha, wow....people still manage to find this thing? Not to mention think it's funny >_>


That was hilarious... *Woooooow* and the pokemon at the end was a nice touch, it was way funny when mario kept saying wooooow :P It should have a higher score than this :/

**** - Great!

Super-Yoshi responds:

Yes, it should have a better score. I'm verry happy that people are starting to like it now, though. Thanks for the nice review!

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3.73 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2004
9:34 AM EDT
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