Psychic Assault

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Abra is a powerfull being, but when faced against another, the match becomes even. Use mines to deflect attacks and then start an attack of your own!

The game might freeze. I can't honestly figure out how it does it.

It has a highscore board so enjoy



Pretty good stratigic game. There are a few glitches though. I'm sure there's some reason why the game freezes up.

Pretty good

This is a pretty good game, a few glitches need to be attended to, but other than that, it was a great game. Dont ever listen to those (cant say names here), they judge flashes by their subject, and just because they dont like it they blam it. On with the game, very good, make more plz

very nice game.

very origional idea, and the game was made pretty well.
but if people are having trouble with the game freezing, just right click and press 'play', works every time, it does.
graphics were alright - those flashing abras on the screen all the time got a bit annoying after a while, though.
sound was also alright - the sound effects werent bad, but the music seemed kind of early 90's, late 80's type, hehe.
game play was pretty good - it was an interesting game, with a bit of skill involved, but mostly just luck of the draw. so overall, not a bad game. nice work.
overall score: 7/10

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It's ok, but.

There are a few glitches which need to be addressed, and it wouldn't hurt to tone down the music a tad.

There also isn't much room for skill, it's more of a luck game.

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2.92 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2004
8:41 AM EDT
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