Donkey Bong

August 6, 2004 –
October 8, 2007
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

This is Joe Cartoon Co.'s first official submission to Newgrounds! Enjoy!


im a lil catfish....w8 wrong flasg but this 1 is still better lmfao

I can't stop laughing at this. Joe Cartoon you rock.


poor doney and alien dude, actually, the alien dude deserved to be hit, the donkey, however, did not.

...to the naked...drunken...master...

lolzz i aGreE wiV dA oThEr 2 nd It iZ a FKD uP KaRt0oN

I love this one its my favorite cause "There just ain't enough weed, to full that need" Lmao.

i'd have to say that is the most fucked up cartoon I have ever seen..... but I like it!

"Hello darkness my old friend, it sucks to be with you again" lol so funny

the story was a trainwrecking bomb of histerical laughter, but i loved the fact you stayed true to the traditional animation ways.

I can't understand the basic premise of this flash but it certainly outstays its welcome. The story is pretty much non-existant and the animation's tight but what good is a man with a nice car if he can't drive?
Everything's done perfect except for the storyline and basis of its appeal.
The music video bit is alright if you can accept it but overall this flash is truly shocking on my end and I don't recommend it to anyone easily revolted.

I can't even rate this.

I have always loved "Donkey Bong" since I first saw it In my freshman year of high school, but I miss the song..

"Hello darkness my old friend,
It sucks to be with you again..."

the fucking scream!!!! HAHAAHAHAAHA

yoo sgarf i was about to say that!
very nice Flash dude.

I give iti two thumbs down. And a fart.

I love your cartoons. LOL is all I can say.

it's a real cool movie, but why the hell is it censored!?

Joecartoon rules short and sweet and this one was the best

Joe cartoon KICKS ANUS and I'm SO GLAD to see some on here...I LOVE JOE CARTOON!!!!!!!! shibby!!!!!

that was freakin funny

...Sucks to be with you again. Dude, seriously, Joecartoon rocks, and im glad you decided to spread it around on newgrounds!

Graphics - 10/10, who else draw's a gerbal stuck in a donkey rectum?

Style - 10/10, A movie and music video all in one, cant get much better.

Sound - 8/10, Aside from the very few high pitched squeaks and the one or two bleeps very well done.

Violence - 8/10, Not to much mindless violence though when the donkeys eye balls explode, classic.

Interactivity - 0/10, It is a movie dosent need any

Humour - 10/10, Mutilatting a song that gets sug in a donkey rectum very well done, as well as the "Im eating grass" video and the reveiw the gerball gives it.

Overall - 9/10, Very well done and brought together, hope to see some newer releases soon.

JOE CARTOON RULES and by the way love ya hummer man

I feal sorry for the donkey and wat ever came out the tree.What was that thing?!?!?!?!?!?

Great Submission


sweet dude! good song and graphics

i love this!!!!! its so beyond original that it has no catagory other than exellent!!!!

but i still hold that special place for SuperFly!!!!

oh yeah definitely go on my favorties. loved the song and the random disco grandma

joecartoon?!?! how do people get videos on these kinda sites? is it some copy & paste code? lol even if you weren't the creator of this cartoon..... great job. I'd suggest getting the poodle story from joecartoon (which they sometimes say joemama) lol

I almost wizzed my self lol that was halirous

Ive been a fan of Joecartoon for MANY MANY MANY years Im glad to see Joecartoon on Newgrounds :)

some lemmiwinks there...and that dude DEF sounded like BIg Gay Al.

Damn that had a f****d up story-line. Good though. Oh yeah the weird guy sounded like Big Gay Al from South Park when he was like "of course not you silly goose" and did I sense some Lemmiwinks moments when he was up the donkey's ass?

Every five or six months I'll just be minding my own business and then I'll think of this flash and HAVE to watch it. I just can't stop coming back. This is like crack to me. So, thank you Joe Cartoon - thank you for being my dealer.

Joe Rulez....

Endo Story

Well, this wasn't supposed to make sense so i can't downrate it for that lol.
The violence was really good, the animations of the characters was good, and definitely wasn't sucky, just plain disturbing.

i didnt get the plot at all and the alien guy thing had like 3 different voices. the song at the end was kind of funny but idk. thought it was stupid and definately made for 5th graders

this toon is awsome BONG KEY

Man, that was one great toon, keep em' comin yeah?
Lol I loved it so bad, the singing, the finale...Amazing Work Dude!

What the freak did i just watch.........


I felt sorry for the gerbal until he flew into the donkeys ass..
Joe cartoon kicks ass...


Lets just say I wasted a few mintues of my life watching this piece of shit. Granted, it was orginal, but it never made me laugh. I would rather watch 2 cats fuck than watch this

just be glad i didn't f### your dad..........porn mom though

I loved it especially the Simon and Garfunkel reference. Awesome work dude.

-Keep an oxygen-tank in hand or you'll pass out.

-Don't watch anything humorous for the rest of the day because you will have laughed so hard at this that you will not be able to laugh at anything else for the rest of the day. Either because your throat will hurt, or you will have run out of laughs. Or both.

this shit was one of the best cartoons ive seen in a long time and anyone who didnt like it can just fuck off

OMG thata sucked...sooo boring i practically fell asleep halfway thru it...sucked...bad!

that was pretty funny

I always loved your violent, yet funny, hampster series ever since I learned of it 3 or 4 years ago (not sure exactly how long ago). The only reason why I stopped checking back at the site was that there were hardly ever any updates. Seeing this again after all that time sure brought back memories, and now that I am older I can actually understand the parts I ever did before (its funnier to me now). Love your random humor, your flashes introduced me to the concept of randomness. Tens all across.

That was awesome. I love everything by joecartoon, it's so ridiculously humorous

Joe Cartoon kicks ass! This isn't one of the funiest however it does give a few chuckles. Thestoryline is a bit dull however the gerbils plea to be loved really makes the flick. I now have a better understanding of what the gerbil is going through. My heart goes out to him and all the gerbils who suffer so. Overall, i love Joe Cartoon and appreciate his twisted humor.

This was another attempt at killing a gerbal that back fires still good but a bit lame and story line over rides the violence ing the movie.

Nice job of animation,joe. Say joe, how did you get banned from Newgrounds in the first place? i wanna know... i give you a 10/10, a 5/5, and a 100/100. Excellent use of flash and mind tricks, joe. Keep 'em coming!

This was and is one of the funniest flash anims on NG. I absolutely love it and it's def. one of my favs. I give it a 9 because yes it was funny but there was a couple times when I had to to ask myself. wtf? Great job, love it.

i love this cartoon. ever since i first saw it i liked it. i visited the website too. brill. dude keep these good cartoons goin. this movie is what is otherwise known as bloody awesome. my fave part is when the gerbil went "im givin' that one two thumbs down, and a fart" i laugh my head off every time i see that

i love that your cartoons that are long and funny keep up your fucking perfect work

You fuckin rock

LOL. Never thought I'd see a gerbil in that position. Heehee. Loved that song, though. "I give it 2 thumbs down, and a fart." LOL. Pure hilarity.

I like joe cartoon alot. I havent seen anything i didnt like from them.

that was really funny. i really enjoyed all your submissions. keep up the great work.

im a big fan of ure work and out of all your work i think this was the best

One of the best flash on Newgrounds.Specially the voice acting...and the song's awesome.Keep it up and make this into a series.

Poor little gerbil. Funny song though.

i didnt expect the song but it was so funny at the end. the best one yet i dont usually write a review unless its really good or really bad.yours is styling artwork!

that was some funny shit lmfao!!!! i like the singing towards the end also that was halarious

Not bad, i like the singing towards the end...haha

pinthmatlomthedomky!!! a bong key? the hell's a bong key?


This movie is so Fuckin' funny!LOL!!!The hamster got punched up a DONKEY'S ASS!!!!LOL!!!!

the graphics are what i expect from a flash...
joe cartoon has his own style that is unlike anyone elses...
the sound is a little off but still good...
the violence part is what joecartoon is about...
and overall I laugh evey time i see it.

hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! :P

well that just fuckin sucked thats all i have to say thats why u got a zero overall u should find a new hobby that shit licked floppy donkey dick

are so awesome I love the other short flashes that you have.I feel bad for the gerbil though,he's get "fucked in the ass" every single time.But it's still funny.Some of my favorites are Nanna Hooter,Joe Fish (actually all the gerbil series), & all of the Superfly series.I think that "bong-key" was strange & gay,b/c he seemed to like it in the ass.Keep up the kick ass work man.

Hello darkness my old friend...
It sucks to be with you again..etc
you know i F***ed you mother twice
And you know that aint very nice
and i felt really bad
you should be glad i didnt F*** ur dad LOL Go
Joecartoon Bow to the naked drunken master woot woot

One of my favorite Joe Cartoon toons

this is awesome

That was funny, but i don't understand why it was called donkey bong. But that doesn't matter. I LOVE THE GERBIL!!!! :3

i dont relly know what to say!!

Two thumbs fucking-way up.

wtf this is the funniest damn thing ever dude

I Love It Its My Favorite

Lol ever since my dad showed me the gerbal in the microwave flash, i was hooked. This just shows that ur a flash god.

"Hello darkness my only friend
it sucks to be with u again
all this ass is making me ill" LOL @ THE SONG

Hi joe thank you for the oppertunity to speak to your holiness please don't smight me for this but please make another continuing series.

You fucked my mother! Im superfly, im gonna kick your ass! I loved the song it was awesome.


Hah! This was awesome! I loved the random act of violence. . . Kudos to you for that hilarious song! Keep up the good work

HA HA HA! Great flash man. And I wonder alongside with that gerbil...what the heck's a bong key?

i am a huge fan of your work! u gotta put more vids on newgrounds and put the uncut version of this though...but still friggin funny!

this is one of my favrotis flash the gerbil is now my homeboy

Hello Joe dude my old friend,
It rules to hear from you again,
Donkey cologn's where da musics at,
I think this toon is pretty rad,
That is all I have to say about dat.

Awesome submission but Joe man how
about making a how to draw thing for the gerbil?
I totally wanna make comic strips (I get bored in school) but I can't get him quite right. I'll check your website to see if you already made one there but if not please do so.

That was great. Loved the music video. The art was awesome. Keep it up.

fucking awsome man... u should go pro cartoon making... and i love live and die 2 ...

so f*** off you hamster f***er

ill give it 2 fumbs down and a fart...lol naa ill give it 1 million thumbs up and a choclate cake 2 miles high that were great

Same as before its a joe cartoon its been done before. but this one was kinda funny its not that i dont like joe cartoon but its almost the same every time you watch theem just different scenarios but overall it was teh good.


I first watched this on joecartoon but i love it so much that i had to see it again.I really dont get the tree but anywho it is amazing.Go to Joe Cartoon to watch more funny things.Peace.

The Paul Simon song was a good touch. I know how that gerbil feels. I give it two thumbs up. "And a fart."

that was pretty kool. I laughed because there was alot of humor incorporated in it. Ive watched the others on joecartoon and that is my fave so far.

I guess this would be appealing to anyone who's not sober. Other than that, a waste of 8 minutes.

lol funny, loved "The Big Finale" XD

Dat wuz phunnie. eye respeqte duh girbil. Eye wood nevor shove him up a donkeys ass. buht daht pertikular gerbil may just deserve it. I wish I could contact Myth Busters and ask them if the urbam myth of fags sticking gerbils in dare asses is true or not I hope that it isn't real.

Dude do you have an mp3 for this?
I wanna scare my friends with the song.

Yeah this was funny and stuff but what happened to the original? That one was better.

The hamster monologue and the music video are especially well done. They bring something to this that your average JoeCartoon doesn't. It also has the classics that Joe is known for like splurting blood, popping eyeballs and shit flying. Surely it won't disappoint the followers.

This was SO funny! oh, and for that one guy surrounderyourflash or somthing.... GERBIL POWER!!

Gerbil Power!
power to all gerbils
now who's with me?
it is awesome as the rest of the cartoons from joecartoon

I liked the ending. :)

never knew what was going to happen next untill the end ;)

Man i love these cartoons..so great in every way..YAY

hehehe luv joecartoon funny shit man just like joemamma :D

the song "Sound of Silence" is awsome my sisters play a version of it in marching band for our school

That rocked. I thought nothing could top Live and Let Dive II...
But that was really clever.
Love the multiple parts.
The finale was touching....

There isn't really anything to say, the sound was good, the graphics kick ass, it was one of the funniest things I've seen so far!! Kudos Joe, KUDOS!! ^_^

This was good I love it!

I give that two thumbs up and a fart

I give this flash a 8906856890456904578458604860809348450654!

I've been a fan of your works for quite some time, good job!
(Oh and to the guy below me, I have seven gerbils, one pregnant, and by the way, you shouldn't have one on its own you ass)

by the way i have a gerbil

ive seen all your creations since they first came out or when i had time in the past to see your site. Ive always been a fan and you picked my favorite one to put on here

great film i have watched all your submitted material and by god i love your stuff

That exploding hamster thing was one of the most funniest things I've ever seen.

that was really funny. thats the kinda humor right up my f ing alley. when you watch this you'll either love it or hate it. but hellz yea dude keep it up.

I LOVE this. I first saw ity last January at my best friends birthday party...I never remembered the name or anything so I couldnt find it... ANd on random Submission I got it. Im sooo happy ^_^

Just not funny.

Very nice, Joe. Very nice. I visit your site a lot but i havn't seen the long version of this. I enjoyed it a lot and i hope other people will too! Graet job and keep making more pointless gerbil genocide.

Awesome, i saw this one already, and again, and again, etc. etc.

For those who have never saw any of joe's work, you should burn in hell.

Ok the music video sucked but the rest of it was top-notch. keep it up

hahaha its funny....joe u rock this flash is great

this made me laugh. that was great. keep up the good work. you rock!

This was just funny as anything and the music video was great. I laughed so much my housemates concerned that i was having some fit or something!


hey I saw your thing called "slap my monkey" somewhere... thats the best, get it over here!

Heh i guess it was from the real artist, as the staff points out, all these cartoons are funny and entertaining, they keep me laughing also the reason why i watch them more then once heh, anyways nice work, keep em up...


Really good.

The one funny/sad part was when he turns from the story and starts going off on his personal side note about his lonely life and has a breakdown. That was unexpected and worth a grin. The rest of it...I..I don't know man. I want to go gouge my eyes out in a slow self depreciating manner that would make Charles Manson curl up and suck his thumb.

That had to be one of the best JoeCartoon flash ever. What was with the "Sounds of Silence" spoof?
For all you people who didn't know, Sounds of Silence is the song that the gerbil spoofs when he's in the donkey.

But all I really like was the ''Big finale''

Joecartoon is really cool! This flash from him was really great!

fucking hilarious man. that shit was good. good humour throughout the whole clip.

this was a good movie. especially the song and when the gerbil said"..yeah well i got an idea, kiss my ass. yeah, huhu, yeah. dickhead" wish Supahfly was in it though

just 1 question...WHERE THE HELL IS SUPAHFLY?

I've been watchin your movies on joecartoon for along time... I just had to look for it here to rate it!... Its fuckin awesome man...

The graphics were pretty good
The sound was kickass, (song)
The interactivity whatever man, there was buttons...
the style was fucked (why i like it)
the violence was pretty cool ( the eye popping effect )
and it was just funny as hell

omfg u r awesome, the song...u have to dance to..... graphics wernt bad, style was yours, sound was decent,violence was kinda wierd...when he went in to the donkeys ass........interactivity was good, humor was 10 cus of that song... overall 10 CONGRATS! only thing wrong,was that the beging was a lil slow., other than that its awesome....good flash, good animation..... it made my favorite list, and also u got a 5 out of 5 and 10 out of 10 good job, and i useally dont even give out 5's or 4's and rarely even 10's, so good job, and any1 who does not like this, is a abused immature kid, that has no life, good flash

man joe u r the best ive been watchin ur stuff since shoot the singer was new lol. u need more shit on newgrounds cuz u r KING

DUDE! This is a laugh bro, keep up the good work.

just plain amazing, you need to post more here, i could do without the bleeps
though, but other than that it was perfect

So pointless...yet so revolutionary :D Have you ever seen a depressed gerbil before?
A hilarious movie about a gerbil, donkey and an alien(?).
Outstanding animation and graphics.
The people demand more!!!

...after it roled off my shoulders and out my bedroom door, when I laughed so hard! Great, funny flash, but the squirrel's language (even though he was the most understandable :P) was a bit hard to decipher. The ending ruled; donkey blood fireworks, who doesn't love 'em? And, in translation; OMG!!!!!!!11urulemostly.

ive seen this on your site befor but it still makes me laff i always watch your stuff wen i high its the most funyest thing ever i just wont to see one flash were the gerbel dusent die and maby kill that fly for being a light wate by geting stoned off of second hand smoke wdf but still very funy

Finally a JoeCartoon on Newgrounds! I've been watchin your stuff for years now and I love it. I can't get enough! It's my crack! All Hail JoeCartoon! The God of Flash! U should really make a flash with Supah Fly and the gerbil together. That would be awesome.

Damn that was so fucking funny!!!

Wow that was one of the greatest presentations I've seen in forever. god damb that was funny.

man first thing the darkness part was solid, but it was a little wierd that the donkey really wasn't botherd by the gerbil up the ass part, kind of wierd BUT STIL SOLID MOVIE


HAHAHAHA......omg that was awesome...hah my mom laughed so hard!....hehe...awesome cartoon...man wish i knew how to make stuff like this...but i dunno how to.

Hey JOE! this shit is awesome, good to see it on newgrounds. considering soopafly by any chance?

there was no plot, it was a jumble of random ideas craped into a movie

You are on fucking rocks dude.

Why, Joe!? WHY?!? Why let you doing this?

This movie sould be higher rated than it is! Its awesome! I also like the song (Both remixed and the origional) I liked the donkeys voice. its so annoying :)

A suprisingly well done flash in the form of vulgarity and random scenes.

holy piss

Wow, the funniest thing i have ever seen, i think i shat myself when i watched this the first time. Please make more!

the only thing is i couldn't understand most of what donkey bong was saying.

It wuz random but it wuz funny

I've never seen this one on your site. Thanks for bringing it to Newgrounds, send more! All your cartoons are great.

I have played this one many times from the Joe Cartoon website. I love the music video on and I like the fact that I can replay that part. I have the whole thing memorized, which scares my friends and myself. hahaha. I'm hoping that eventually you get Joe Momma on here too. That one is great as well.

Very funny. Some of the humor, mainly in the song, was a little juvenile, but the idea as a whole was so random and crazy that it makes up for it. Very creative. One thing though, that screaming noise from the sheep and then from when the guy dies is somewhat cacophonous, might want to refrain from using it in the future.

You may find this movie to be a little vulger.
This has to be one of the funniest flashes I have seen in a long time!!!

This is one of the funniest things I've seen on NG. It made my laugh, cry, and want to take a couple showers.

i was expecting a donkey kong parody, but i was extremely disappionted

i didn't like it better luck next time though

this is awsome ive whached it ten times and its still funny as hell

You have managed to bring your own style and flare into every cartoon you create. The ongoing jokes and creative style is just amazing. However, I would agree that it is drawn out in some parts, but overall another wonderful movie made by Joe Cartoon, keep them coming, and please, on your website, add some more comics they are great!

I knew I had seen thisa sumwere B4

This is the funniest thing ive seen l8ly. Dont listen 2 Adin, this is class!! Keep this up ^_^

Poor bear thing.
A tad weird but parts were funny. It got boring after a while, but the beggining was pretty funny. Otherwise this movie was ok, ill give it a mid- score.

but this version and the version posted on your site seem a little different. but hey its a great cartoon either way.

word up. This is vintage JoeCartoon, all of the violence, the hilarity, and the pointless storyline. I admire the fact that you have your own definitive style and you've stuck to it throughout the years. You, alone with Killfrog, CampChaos and VGDC are my main inspirations to get into making and viewing flash movies. Now we need a new SupaFly movie.

Wow...that is one of the best cartoons I have seen in a long time. Although I did feel sorry for the gerbil, his song kinda changed my mind. But yeah, another genius cartoon by Joe Cartoon.

by the way what is his name i will adobt him lol well great job n the music video... well lets say it was FREAKING AWSOME simple but awsome. i love skipn to it n watching the girbil stuck inside the donkeies ass lol well F*** off u hamster f*****s

The Music Video was FUCKIN HILARIOUS. I love the parody of "The Sound of Silence" is priceless. One thing please don't bleep the song!!

it was funny but it was too long and drawn out.

sorry that i say this but i didint realy liked it

Joe, I do believe you are getting mellow in your old age ..

It happens to all of us. :)


but I still love it! i watch it alot...lol, i have no life! Wee! I loved it! More, I say! MORE!!

I Love Your Site...Your Good Flash Artist....And About Time You Submitted A Flash To Newgrounds :)

hi mr joecartoons, you were the very first flash artist i ever saw many years ago (like 6yrs i think) and ive always admired your style, humor and technique. ANYWHO, if you even read this, just wanted to say i was a fan of your before i even heard of newgrounds, and im so happy (and surprised) to see you two come together, glad to see you brought out some pure 'joe' to devirginize the newgrounds crew who've never heard of you; thanx again and good luck in the future

The music video was great but the rest was just shit man. toilet humor is vary funny but your TYPE of toilet humor is "SHITTY." you tore a vary crappy story and some crappy toilet humor out of a book and glued it on a perfictley good music video. that runed it! final verdic..... vary dissipointed.

Your old. Come up with something new, or go away and retire.

It was funny....5 years ago. Now, it's just sad.

when i watch the movie and when i clik on something in ur website tis mutes

This was not a stupid funny movie. this was just not funny stupid.


Joe Cartoon, You Truly Are God!

I liked the sheep movie and the music video 2 put more

What happened to the good joe cartoons, like the hamster in the microwave or the frog in the blender?!!!!!! This has NOTHIN on the others, try again...

I love pointless toilet humor but you did it in a way that wasint even childish funny work on your humor its pritty gay


this movie was funny..by the way,the joe cartoon website is fuckin' awesome!

this movie was ok

i'm eatin' grass too

I've been a fan of Joe cartoon for a while and I'm really glad it was brought to Newgrounds. This kind of animation is the best.

The music video part was insanely cute, even if it did take place inside a rectum.

It's one of the best movies i have seen its a double feature with a regular plot and a music video i couldent find any flaws with it but the sound could of been steadyer

Well done i think this movie was great i watched it more then once! The song was brill and the graphics rocked! This definatly deserves a 10!

That was funny! Great song! I watched it over and over!

Good job!!! I loved it! Keep it up!

My eyes are bleeding with joy! It was 100% origional Joe-Cartoon goodness! Ha! Excellent!

Being a joe cartoon fan i understand his humor and man its funny as hell. i give it a 5. And im gonna assume that was a fetus in the tree.

so cute, so sick, so perfect. Very well done. AThe song was starting to get to me after alittle while but it was still cute. and I LOVED the part where the guy started complaining about his need for love. What the heck was the guy in the tree suppose to be anyway!? Great job I look forward to your future flashes!

I love these cartoons!!!!!

that was some pretty funny stuff, man. Make another one!

That was a great flash. Well drawn,good sound, and it was funny. The song at the end was funny. Good job, keep up the good work.

havent anything quite like that before.. nice work..

that was the funniest thing i've seen all day. through the whole thing all i could do was laugh my ass off. PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!

Ive seen better Joe Cartoons, Stoned Flies for one, but this one is both typical and new. I especially liked it when Mr. Gerbil breaks down in his own pity.

It was Good, but had room for imporvment. The song at the end was lacking humor and some of the humor wasn't funny. Oh Well, 9/10.

Again Joe doesnt fail to deliver and entertain all us poor comedy deprived fools.

Good work man !

This is a great video, everyone should watch this. The music video is freken funny. This is such a great video so everyone watch it!

That was sooooooo funny, that cartoon made my day. you gotta make some more fast, that was brilliant!

I liked the part when the orange charcater was thrown into the donkey's ass after the character from the tree kicked him. PS I liked the singing part the best.

So utterly random...I loved it!

So when's the next submission? ^_~

Overall as I put, I would give this movie a 8, for several reasons. One would be because it was totally hilarious and the plot wasnt really a "regular plot" I would say it would be more of a runthrough of this squirrel's (or whatever it was)shitty day.Yes shitty days, one of the major things i despise. But also, I loved the characters, BIG PLUS, so thats another good thing i noticed. But the only thing I recommend is was the sound. To me it was hard to understand ANY of the characters but as I watched it I got used to it, but whatever you did good~!~

Man that made no sense to me but the song was funny as hell. Loved the ending also. What a twist lol.


wtf i don't know wat to think about this. it was funny stupid it was everything that was great.

i'm not too sure what that pink thing was, but it was funny as hell! awesome flash!

I think I watched the superfly cartoons hundreds of times, this cartoon is also great, as you can expect from Joe Cartoon. Not those silly humor as in Happy Tree Friends, what is also quite amusing, but is more blood and gore than good humor and that is why Joe Cartoon keeps interesting and other cartoons become boring. :)

Wow a JOE CARTOON here. that was great. I truly enjoyed it. My wife didnt like it at all though.
No aacounting for taste right?

Always been a big fan of Joe Cartoon, and this is why, top stuff yet again.

this is so fucking funny, i pissed my pants when i saw it.

but my favorite is and always will be frog blender!

Nice and i heard there was agood one named joemamma or something that came from ur site, its frekin hilarius

Good stuff!

A great joe cartoon- cartoon... The song is damn hilarious.

Pretty good flash. Funny but i don't think it was super. The song were best!

It was not that good.

Sometimes, you can do stupid things, and it's funny, like LIttle Brittan for example. This was not one of those times.

That song is gonna be stuck in my head all day.

It was good well i cant talk shit about it cause i couldn't do better myself so it was good man keep the god work

i love how everyone died at the end. i think all flashs should end that way.and was that a fetus cause im confused.

Ehhh This wasn't bad... but ya know this just doesn't seem to be as great as the other things we've come to expect from joe cartoon... i think it got kinda annoying after a while of watching it....

Oh I just love all of Joe's movies and this one has got to be one of the best, kepp it up Joe.

Well Its About Time U Guys Got A Submission From Joe, Im a Long time fan of his site and its well worth putting sum of his shit on newgrounds. His jokes are classic. joe is da coolest foshizzle!

i've been watching joe cartoon for a while now and this is his best work yet. i loved it. and great job on the parody of "the Sound of Silence"

it was ok i didnt like the music video that much but it was still good
i liked the really long name of the tv show O.o

maybe youd get more fans if u didnt hurt inocent animals

Sick, sensless toons ususaly entertain me. but this totaly sucked. Not even after 3 bong hits was this amusing.

er..appalling but pretty good!. nice animation techniques ^^"

i like the song

I wish i could've given the humor section more. I swear i almost shit myself. This reminds of mindless random things i used to say with my friends. In a good way. It was just so fucking funny. So glorious.

Not the content of the submission itself, but rather the fact that you submitted one at all. This reeks fairly heavily of "attempting to attract publicity", perhaps to account for less people visiting the site?

Anyway, I don't hold that against you. The thing is, though, is this really isn't that much different from the old JoeCartoon submissions I used to watch (and love). There's random violence, some language thrown around, a haphazard style, and that's it. The fact is though, while your style distinguishes you from the rest, it is, nonetheless, a dated style, and it shows. Newgrounds, while famous for groups of immature kids making bad submissions vanish into obscurity and making subpar series grow large, is still the standard for Flash. There is some very great talent here, and standing this up to it, it kind of shows its age.

I will admit, though, that dipping back several decades to find a song to parody did make me laugh. The ending, though, was just...dumb. Wow, lots of random blood. We've seen it before.

I assume this will be your first, last, and only submission to NG, at least for a while. That said, it's not bad, but the style is really showing its age. I miss the days of "Napster Bad" and, yes, Superfly.

That was hilarious. But why was it called donkey bong?

This was hilarious. I especially liked the ending.

That was the dumbest peice of %&$# i have ever seen. And that is y it is awesome. That was funny as hell.

Yeah! Joecartoon is da man.
But I gotta say Stoneflies II is the best fucking piece of flash you'll ever see. So go to his website instead dammit

I love you and you're movies. If I was a 50 year old lesbian I would ask you to marry me.

When first saw it I didn't like it because the animation was choppy but then I saw you followed though with the choppiness through everything. So I can see it was you were shooting for. My only problem was when your recording voices you breath into the mic making it really rough. So I suggest not talking directly into the mic. everything else was good.

one of the best vidios i have watch keep up the good work!

You realy gotta come up with something new, just killing and blood spilling gets boring... realy...

Plus your cartoons used to have a lot more humor, exept for the song, this didn't make any sence.

im a huge fan of joe cartoon! this was a lot like the other stuf he did it was alright

this shits crazey..i thought it was pretty funny when he was singin that song in his bladder and shit. but thats all i gave u a 5 and ur lucky to get that

kick ASS

Everything that i've seen doesnt even add up to this make a dam number 2!OH by the way i loved that dam catchy ass song "BETTER BE GLAD I DIDNT F**K YOUR DAD!

Very good and funy, but a litle to messed up, and hard to understand for somebody from non-english speaking country like me, but still I love Joe.

lots of profanity and crude humour......not a type that I find a particular liking for.

spin the snail on the bong + key?


it was still funny throughout the whole thing

one of the best of your subbmisions.
but all of them are good.
keep it up :)

I'm just kidding, This movie made me laugh uncontrolably.

GRAPHICS: 10, because everything was clear and fluid.

SOUND: 10, because I loved the song you took off of Simon and Garfunkle. It must've took alot of effort to write those lyrics

INTERACTIVITY: 0, because theres nothing you can do in the flash. But That's not important

STYLE: 10, because your plot was great. Though it made no sence, it was hilarious because who says it has to make sence?

VOILENCE: 9, loved the blood and the spontainious gerbil punching. I'm suprised that gerbil is still alive. Loved the finally as well. Thats what gave you a good violence score.

HUMOR: 10, because it was funny, and original. That gerbil gets no respect, and the song cracked me up the most.

OVERALL: 10 I give it two thumbs up, and a fart.

It's been a while since I saw the old joecartoon gerbil/frog stuff and have to admit I haven't been back there in a couple of years now, this was just so good to see. I especially liked the begining with the PIN THE TAIL ON THE BONGKEY bit and the speech bubbles, not too keen on the donkeys intestines but hey I'm sure If I watch it a few times they'll grow on me ("should that be something I should be concerned about"?, lol)


I know newgrounds posted that this wasn't stolen. But even if they didn't post it, many would know that this is true Joe Cartoon. Humor, Depressed Gerbil, Screwed up song, Disturbing. It dosn't to much better that this. Liked the end where you can go to the video.

This is one of my favourites on newgrounds... i just love it! joe cartoon rocks

i just find it really sucky but hey thats just m,e i thought it was pointless having this flash here

as there are already loads of reviews this one doesnt' make any difference, but that was seriously good! End of story

I cant figure out how something so long was squeezed into 2 and a half meg, lots of actual animation and not tweens as well as audio which hadn't been compressed too much...

i all ways have liked joe cartoon im glad they r on NG now

That was so funny! Just when you thought it coudn't get any worse...lol. Kepp up the good work!

A real masterpiece! I love all of your work and this only adds to that! At the Paul Simon song changed was excellent! I thought this was great!!

as i said its funny but it's just dragges on 4 ever you should find a way 2 make it sorter.

Twisted, Morally Bankrupt, and Genetically Disorientated. But Absolutely BRILLIANT!
I've been to your site before now, but out of all your cartoons, this is best only to "Lump: The No Legged Dog"
10/10 My friend. Keep it coming.

Yeah, I like the artist's style of making a flash. Violence, yet full with sadness n' funny scene! haha, Never think of that kind of flash movie exsist until I watch this flash movie from our respectful artist! Anyway, at the beginning of this flash movie, I feel kinda annoyed by the voices~~~however, later in the game, it's getting better especially the "MTV" there, haha!

Yes beat that fuX0ring hamster's aZZ and $H!7 on that hamster god WHY DID HE AVE TO ACT so fuX0ring pathetic what is wrong with him? NO NO see and that revenge part... gah... kill tha lil b4$73rd he deserves to remain in the micreowavey! put him back in it again except this time... have a little voodoo thing before it except... dont use a stupid fuX0ring doll use him as his own voodoo doll and have choices to stick needles in him and pry out his eyeballs with a spoon. RATS ARE BETTER THAN HAMSTERS!! yea... and and... make him drink lighter fluid afore he goes in tha micreowavey... and when he gets put in the micreowavey the pins in him spark and he blows up!!!!! yeaaaaaa dooo thaaaattT!!!! yes yes yes

I loved when the donkey's eyes explode when it was crushed.

Amazing(sniff). Ebert and Roeper say it is an amazing story about love and happiness. Lifting and breathtaking. Oh enough of this shit. You are a talented animator. This flash had everything. Music videos, violence, comedy, and drama. This was great and will rest in a special place in my heart. Hehe.

As all of your other cartoons, this one was funny as hell, loaded with gore, and had a very simple storyline.

I like your style, I get a good laugh watching your animations.

I think you're a very talented animator, Joe.

Fist i would like to say welcome but i bet u got plenty of that from many others.
And i would like to say that ur the reason i have internet i thank u joe thank u.

Thank u.

and now i dont have to bounce to websites unless this is goin to be ur only one on newgrounds,wich i hope the lord its not.


Frog in a Blender was the first flash I ever saw. Such a long time ago...
Nice to know Joe hasn't lost any of his taste for the tasteless. This ones got just about everything. Violence, donkeys, puppets, and a Paul simon parody. Awesome work, Joe.

wow there was a jack ass kind of like you

Thanks for the great work. I have been a fan for a long time bro. Good Work!!

I always loved Joe Cartoon's, I used to watch the one of the gerbil and the microwave alot..

Make more and submit them! This is great!!

that was sooo friggin funny

we need you to submit more...or else...

Your lord n master,

A Big Mr.Ball Review: Watch this, it's nice and long. Very funny it's worth it.

i loved the song, it was a trippy hippie song in a donkies ass, lol.


I absolutely LOVED that song =]

Well i'm not gona lie to ya...it wasn't the best cartoon i have ever seen...but don't get me wrong it wasn't bad eigther..just well you kno...you gota be High to get the full effect of its humor, But overall the animation was very nice and the music video was pretty funny so i give it a "Pretty damn good" rateing.

This is one of my favorite submissions on NG. The first time i saw this, i couldn't stop laughing! The music video was completely hillarious. Jeeze, i sometimes wonder how you made up this 5 star, gold material. I look forward to many more of your flash movies.

That was either revolting, idiotic, and horrible ... or pure genius. I'm really still trying to figure that out.

A Joe Cartoon On Newgrounds....crazy. That cartoon was really funny.You cant even judge a joe cartoon cause they are so out of everyones league. All I got to say is sweet cartoon.


Joe Cartoon on Newgrounds? Awesome!
The Lemming one is still the best, but this one rocks, too!

Coolwhipp wots ur problem that was great, and origional joe cartoon so thats what made it great. Not to metion the fact it was funny as hell and the singing part at the end was clever. I've been a bit of a die hard Joe fan for about 4-5 years but i havent looked at your stuff latetly. Keep it up!

Just when I was about to give this a thumbs down, the little hamster's(if it is a hamster) song came on. That was the only part a really liked, but still it wasn't all that bad the drawing was alright the sound came out clear, so a give it a thumbs up...

Yea, Joe cartoon r00x and newground too, but u put them together and its no comparecing !

1st part was funny, but the rest was gay as hell

cuz this aint a game u dumbasses..and this was amazing

I've seen some of what Joe can do, and this is one of the best! Hey, if you're reading this, joe u should get some of your other movies onto this site, too! Like Joe Fish! (this guy's got something against gerbils, buut I like it!)

I never thought that two of the internet's best websites would join forces to bring flash animations for so many. *sniff* It's so beautiful man!

I love this animation and all the other animations I see on your website, especially "Joe Momma." Any NG viewer that hasn't seen that one should go to Joe's site and watch it now. This flash was equally good. I especially loved the part with the gerbil singing his little gerbil heart out. That was the best. Keep it up joe.

P.S. You don't have to change your style like Tsuroki recommended. It's fine the way it is. If, however, you do change your style it doesn't have to be anything drastic. You don't need super special effects or anything. Maybe just new sound effects as well as background tweeks.

Keep it up, Joe.

I remember the first Joe Cartoon I ever saw, way back when -- gerbil in a blender. It's nice to see both of them making a comeback.

One problem, though, is that the movie itself is by no means outstanding. While Joe is a pioneer in the webflash 'industry', it seems his methods (sound effects specifically) are still sitting in the dark ages.

Good style, old tools. It's a combination that adds up to a "just-over-mediocre" score.

A true master piece, bravo good sir :D.

i love the song but its not as good as al yancovic

was an average movie, just because its joe cartoon its given more credit

that...was possibly the biggest waste of time ever,wtf is with the gerbil? and that..."thing" from the tree...i dont see how all these people gave this a 10,actually, i dont see how it got over 2. It was so terrible. I think i shall go gouge out my eyes.

It was ok but i didnt have enough humour and i dragged on longer than it should have.

the story sucks, but the animation,voice acting etc. rulez !

Another work of art. Keep it up, Joe! Even if you'll be an old geezer, we'll be still watching you...We are the stalkers! Your fans! But please, close the shower curtains! XD

that was real good! send some more of your stuff to newgrounds..im interested in what else u have.

It's pretty hard to hear what the gerbil says, but hey, this kind of stuff is just what i want!!!

well wadda ya know joe ,this sucks I'd rather play honney bunny all day than watch this crap

keep it off ng freak

That was the sweetest tasting flash I've seen for a while. It gave me the chills when the hamster sang the colon song. This is going to be a sign of things to come!

That is sooooooooo funny. i cant believe that a talkin donkey,gerbil and strange singing tree creature thingy could be so funny.the bit called "i'm eating grass" is funny, poor bloke. basically everything in this flash is brilliant. The song at the end is hillarious. i have been to joecartoon before, the home of this flash and i will go there again now. Thankyou sooooooo much joe for creating so much mayhem with gerbils,donkeys and strange tree thingys.:p

To joe or not to joe...
Either you love this kind of humor, or you don't. Me for one, love this. The gerbil was always the cool one :p

anyway; Keep it up! and bring on the gerbils, supahfly, satan and the handpuppet. And if you got the time to spare, make some spontaneous man animations too
Rock on!

From knowing almost all of Joe's cartoons since the early beginnings, it’s hard to have to give any bad remarks and criticism. The animation has always been fluid and distinct to Joe's style. You always kind of expect the "cheese" to be laid on thick, and it was with this one.

But, after a couple years, you expect an animator to evolve and work in new material or styles.. Joe has not. I really don’t see how this submission made it to front page other than for its notoriety. The animation is great, but the humor lacks into a realm of 5th grade toilet humor. Plus, you killed a Doors song with F-bombs...The music video was one of your lowest points in creativity EVER.

If this is what I can expect from Joecartoon in the future, then I think I’ll pass on checking back on the site here and there.

joecartoon is one freak-ass crazy mofo... in a good way. where the hell does he come up with this stuff!? ... oh and to the previous poster...COMMANDER_MOOSE, i think it was. ok, first, u do an anamation BETTER than joe's and THEN u can critisize him. "degenerate into childish stupidity" WTF?!?! Joe drives a HUMMER 4 christ sake! i dont think that reflects "childish stupidity" do u?

A very nicely drawn and animated cartoon. Although I'd have to agree with Saxman, the humour really let it down for me. Keep up the good work but please do not degenerate into childish stupidity next time you write a comic.

that song was aswome, very very good work, all FBF, all shaded, all very well drawn, must of took a very long time, but it paid off, great voice acting to by the way.



Best movie I've ever seen man!Great job on it!Keep up the good work

This really rocks!
i like this one more than the adited one on your website that one is not as funny because you cut the part of the little sheep 'im eating grass' movie out...
really that is one of the most funnyest things

Dear Joe,
I've been a visitor to your site for some three or four years now, and I must say. That over these four years you have changed, like all of us have. But unlike most of us, who have aged like warm milk, you have aged like a fine wine. You have gotten better with age as this animation is proof of. Thank you very much for you significant contribution to the Flash Animation Culture, you are an inspiration to many, myself included.

Sincerely, Trasofcom

the part with the sheep was funny

By all means an incredibly well done cartoon, but the jokes kind of felt like they were being made up as they went. I didn't really find it funny, I mean in terms of wit it was retarded. I dunno, I feel bad having to review cartoons that offer a lot in every categorey and then manages to fuck itself with stupidity. But hey don't worry about my review you've got plenty of people who are satified with that kind of drivel. Oh look ...shit...that means its funny...cause he's pushing the envelope the same way others have...how original. The animation is good so the cartoon must be good....

That is true to my reconing.

I find this flash to be very stylish and of the highest class. Yeah. Sorta.

The last reviewer is a moron.

I don't understand how people could like things like this. I guess Joe Cartoon sucks.

LMAO god i love watchin the gerbil take it like a man... I hope ya keep them comin JoeCartoon

yes it was a cliched piece of shit BUT i had what we all need another chance to enjoy someone ripping off the graduate or simon and garfunkel

yet... so.. pointless to what i understand that the sheep shoulduv desevered better u assshole (lol jk) good job


Great at the beginning, got better and better, song was genius.

Man I love this toon. I had the song stuck in my head all day at work. The voices were perfect, the plot (or lack thereof) was delightfully spastic and the art was top notch. A hilarious piece of work.
Two thumbs up and a fart.

I always loved joe cartoon... never paid attention to the fact that he never posted any on new grounds though. post more. this one was hot shit.

joe cartoon does it again, take a seemingly inocent little creature and take some origlanlly horrible music, change a few lyrics and come out with one of the best cartoons for a long time...\
ppl at joe cartoon, thanks

very nice animation, i can see that alot of hours must have gone into it;and although a little bit hard to catch on to the plot it's overally excelent. 9 OUT OF 10!

that was pretty great...and by the way, fuck the dog already jesus christ its a dog ya know theres millions of em one wont be missed

that was pretty funny but wtf with the weird purple guy and him smacking a gerbal with a donkeys tail into a donkeys ass, and then a gerbal signing a song? but it was good =D

That was funny. The sound was a bit week in some parts, but the rest pretty much made up for it.

Do you have a canoe I can borrow?

I am a big fan of your site (which I cannot mention since my last review was just deleted... dammit!) Frog in a blender... hampster in a light socket... you push the limits of what is considered funny even though it is a bit disturbing. Still, I must say that this is my least favorite of your movies that I have seen so far... it was definately one of the more odd ones.

I think it is a great idea to submit your movies to Newgrounds since, otherwise, I wouldn't have known you had a new movie out. Also, you will definately get a lot of feedback here, as you can see by the number of reviews ;op.

that hamster thing sounded like a rat on helium horrible sound.

..........the sound was awful still kinda good

This movie was pathetic and stupid, i didnt understand what was going on when the pink guy punched the gerbal and he got in the donkeys anus somehow, how can the pink guy have such good aim? this has no point, please blam it!

If you love Joe Cartoon, then I guess you'll love this cartoon.

Personally, excessive swearing is just weared out its 'funny' to me.

"Oh, whats this? A potty joke? HAHA, its so funny!!" If your 15 and not getting laid on a regular basis, then I'm sure you'll find this to be a work of art.

Very good must make more

...and my love for him has just grown some more.

Talking animals and violence is agood mix.

i love joe cartoon!! my favorite sites were newgrounds and joecartoon and i guess now i can see both on one! kick ass cartoon too

This movie has everything. Originality is it's biggest strengths, it's got so much insanity and intelligence mixed up that it makes you think while laughing insanely. In the end, it's one of my favorite movies because this guy is the next Jhonen Vasquez, hopefully he gets a tv deal on cartoon network or comedy central. JoeCartoon rules! I wish the voice could be a lil more fine tuned, if there was a problem with this flash.

I enjoy watching this violent humor! Some people think it's lame but they can "Suck It" :)

This was long and cool! I liked the song :D


I dont think theres a single person out there that hasnt heard of Joe Cartoons. This is, as with the rest of his cartoons, pretty awesome, I love his series nothin better or funnier

Frog in Blender Pwnz j00

I watched this over on JoeCartoon and again here for good measure... this is some funny shit that I highly recomened for everyone to watch.

for the first flash movie to be put on newgrounds by joecartoon it was pretty good. it did get a little boring in some parts when they were talking but the begining with the purple tree thing saying "pin the tail on the donky" and the song at the end were funny as hell. all my five belong to this.

Donkey Bong. Wow. Just the name makes it funny. Although, i have to admit that it makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. Then again, who said it had to?

i seen it before but its still funny everytime i see it but poor guy always get hurt or killed lol

Very very awesome, very very funny :)


Go 2 his site.. its funny as hell... i cant beleive he submitted sumthin to newgrounds

That was funny and realy random.you bleeped mother but not f***er.

and they'll kick your ass

It wasn't very good.

Well... I remember the days of froggie in a blender and gerbil in a microwave and were's my dog... You are still the king in my book Joe... back then and now... I am so glad you finally decided to put your work on newgrounds... you are a genious.... plain and simple... Hail to you king of gerbil genocide! Keep up your wonderful work... your huge fan.... Liz

You can easily get a 9 or 8 from me, 10's like this are rare! But this is a rare movie! I mean, extremely funny, that's it!


It's not a rubbish animated thing with great comedy, or a greatly animated thing with bad comedy, it's a greatly animated movie with brill comedy!

Watch it! It's the best!

This was an excellent movie, it was funny and you can watch it over and over again. If you make another movie/game then avoid the singing.

Joe Cartoon and Newgrounds? That is gonna be great! Ý predýct a brýght future!
Excellent movie! Thýs had more story behind it, plus ýt was more dýfferent then your previous movies!

Keep em comin thts what i like to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! None of tht gay shit

make more man that was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN THIS SHIT IS FUNNY!!! I've watched it like 50 times and it never gets old. I WANT MORE JOE ON NG!!!!! Especially Joe mamma! MAMMA!!!! Keep em comming u guys, keep em comming.

Im sure the aliens voice turns Gay at the end o_O and the endsong was great !!!! keep it up

Hot damn man that was some stuff i should take lessons from you

joe cartoon on NG... stunning, absolutely stunning. brilliant too i guess.


dude that kicked ass (no pun ment) i dont reveiw much but this was so good it was needed. plz do more because youll go places

Its awesome that you are submitting to NG, and that was an amazingly great cartoon, i loved it, great animation sound and everything, A+, it was great, keep em comin-----

Well it's Joe cartoons everybody. And Joe i just have to say that i feel your pain. *gets all tiery eyed* I LOVE YOU JOE AND ALL YOUR CARTOONS THAT AMUSE US AND TEACH US TO DRINK MORE OFTEN!!! *runs into the distance sobbing*

Not a bad flash. It's not exactly my sense of humor I liked it well enough

good job man ive been watching all your old stuff since it came out bout time u do something new do more with the gerbal.

It was pretty funny. A little wrong, the ending was good though. I'm not sure what else to say...

heaskj fHFe8 vdl

The first flash creations I ever watched were joe cartoons and they ruled! so I only expected humor and got it!

I love cartoons with filthy songs in them!
Al my 5 go to this Awsome flash
Best Flash Ever

im going to joecartoon.kom right now it fucking rocks. I wanna see more hamster vids lol. funny stuff.

This is a Very Funny, But Sick, in a way, comedy.

LMAO why havent you been posting more of your work on newgrounds that was awesome very funny great animation and the audio was outstanding

That was the funniest clip on Newgrounds....really. Omfg! I love that fucking donkey dammit! Ur better than Knox man! And that's pretty fucking funny....u know? Hey dont bleep the fucks out like this F***...k? Thanks for that and made a ton more!!! PLEASE!!! NOW!!! DONT PROCRASTINATE I GET IRRITATED!! thats from ur clip....u know? BYE!

That shit was fuckin hilarious. Make more.

I love how these kids are coming out and saying "this is cool" and this "is the best animation i've ever seen" . they don't know joe. You're old school ...about 6 years me and my kin have been enjoying your movies. about the time these new little snot nosed brats were still whacking it to the sears catalog. it's good to see you back in action ...show them how...lead the way

This was one of the best animations I've ever reviewed!!

man i fucking hate joe cartoon, but it doesnt deserve a zero....god damn hampster fuckers.


A weird little classic that people will love. But if your not into the bathroom jokes and violence then you wont. As for me, I like it.~Elizabeth

funny i've seen 2 more times

but why did you censor fuck?!?

Excellent animation and voive acting, lots of humor and violence. This is a probably top 50 flash and definately a front pager. keep it up
also, please ban qwerty0909 because the link to this users site posted in his review is to an outwar(ish) type site.

Ratso what the hell is wrong with you?!
This is probably the best thing on NG right now!
I laughed i cried...I laughed some more!
Good job joe good job

Hats of to you gent for commitment and imagination, imagination, imagination and creativity, thats such wild train of thought stuff dude.
Very good

Wow...that's really all I can say...I was laughing all the way through...and when he got launched into the donkeys ass...o man...u've got what some people like to call talent...neways...great flash...

very very funny!!

joecartoon never ceases to make me laff!! glad to see it on newgrounds!!

i love that song, it's the best song ever!

You are really good at drawing and animating. I liked the characters and stuff. The only problem is that there is much of a story line to keep one's attention. Good Job, still. Submit some more to newgrounds. Pretty amazing for your first submission.

I just love stuff like this that doesn't really mean anything but is still freakin hilarious. Keep it coming.

damn, thats some funny shit, love the graphics, even if there is not point its just funny!

man this is good stuff i pesonally liked the big sing off man it kicks ass. This is why I like negrounds keep them coming man that is kick ass.

Donkey bong RULES the hamster is hilarious in this one!!! Joe Cartoon rocks!!!

Joe Cartoon is the bomb! Fuking funny music vidio & finale.


lol great flash... (the music video is hilarious) One question... Who does those screams... they sound so funny... lol...pin the quaill on the honkey... rofl

this is probably the best cartoon submitted 2 newgrounds

despite what ppl are saying i am still going 2 give this all aces

uhhhh 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

While normally sick and/or twisted humor makes me laugh like a drunk banshee, watching this animation had my right eyebrow raised and my face in a look of complete confusion the entire time.

I remember back in the days of frog in the blender and gerbil in the microwave, THAT was funny... but this seemed waaaay to sick and twisted even for me. Either I've gotten old and soft or JoeCartoon has been steadily losing the remainder of his sane mind over the years.

This all I hope for in a good joecartoon. You got a damn gift to make me ROFL. I am glad to see they are submitting to your site now. Best I have seen here for months.

this was really funny! I actually lol'd. (it takes a lot to get me to do that with a flash film.)
The song was just too dam funny! ROFLMAO!!!
PLEASE! For the sake of all that is funny, MAKE MORE LIKE THIS! (Pleaze??? I'm beggin' ya)

that was pretty fucked up right there.

And that means it just great!

that was very weird and most of the time i didnt know wether to laugh or feel stupid. it dragged on toooooooo much. i stopped watching when he got punched into the donkeys ass. that was just wrong.it probably would have been better if you had cut it up into difforent episodes. thats all...

omg, that was one of the funniest things I have seen. It may have been dementedly strange, but damn it was funny as all hell. The music scene was the greatest. I almost wanna download that to listen to daily. Seriously funny stuff man. Thnx for submitting it to NG, all the fans appreciate it. Hilarious!

That is probably the weirdest one ever. O_o

Your animation style and sense of humor are legendary. I hope you continue to release movies here.

and a fart!:) i like the acid trip to sound of silence:P

Today we spell redemption

i love joe cartoon and im so glad they made a submission here!!

that was some funny shit man, make some more :)

I go on your web site all the time, Its great to find this on newgrounds!

You have failed miserabely i'm giving that 2 thumbs down and a fart!!!

that was pretty funny how they get smacked around and one punch from the alien dude would splat out blood everywhere. yet it was kinda strange. a little too strange. so i gave it a 9.
it made me laugh though.

This was really funny, i loved it, they should submit more, i think it was really funny, especially when he cried then showed the crap movie, that was really funny. Keep it up

I've never been into Joe Cartoon or that style of humor, but thats just me, no offense intended. It was good though, especially the music video, which was frankly, the best part. It was good, it just didn't make me laugh.

This flash rulz! I've never seen anything so funny or well-drawn in my whole life of rewiewing flash in NG! Frigginaed! That wuz a real piece of work... Three thumbs and a tail up!

Hello, Joe. I've seen all of your movies and they're all pretty nifty and smooth. I really love the voices, the nice graphics and the animation. I hope you visit more to NG. Oh, and keep up the good work, mate. ;)

To mustache_man: uhm, if you check his homepage it sais "2004" and yaddayadda on it, so it's not so freaking old

To joe: great movie, I love the new text to The Sound of Silence ;)

why is it on newgroudns again? its like 1000 years old

what a goof eh? thinks hes all hardcore cause hes acting all mature, he probably laughed his fuckn ass off at this flash, i hate people like that, think there kool cause they can act mature, stupid bitch, but he was right about 1 thing......FINAL FANTASY A+ CAN SUCK A DICK! IT BLOWS!!!

The only reason that Donkey Bong is number one is because its from joecartoon and people are excited about the fact that joecartoon might start making flash for NG.
I really dont understand why people find this so funny,
Wow, blood and swearing!Woop de doo!
Well it is original at least but not good enough for # 1!And im not a Final fantasy A+ fan either, I hate that movie!

Dude, I am a big fan of your work for about 2 years now. LoL I love that girbel (Donno if that is spelt right) too bad he gets soo much crap. Uhm.... this reminds me to go to your site and dude, I am actually honored to see this LoL. Maybe you can give me some tips on animations =P p i x k l o w n @ y a h o o . c o m (without spaces)

This was an extremely good flash. I cant wait to see more entries from you.

that was pretty stupid yet funny

and hes finally on newgrounds. good job ;)>

thats the worst cartoon ive ever seen. nothing was funny about it. it was boring and stupid. the only thing good about it was the animation quality, which was totally wasted on this project.

Truly great lemmiwinks style comedy, i loved it!
Only thing missing was a frog in a blender somewhere in the pasteure, but its all good. Keep em comin!

It was pretty bad. The best part was the quality of animation. The sounds of silence part was awful -_-

I never really saw anything by joecartoon ( I spend most of my time on the internet finding stuff to build my penguin war machine, I go to newgrounds because I need it to give me a good laugh once in a while ) and I must say that it is one of the must funny things I saw since Monty Python. I hope more of these appear on Newgrounds.

Good Graphics, but the story sucks... Me and my friends watched it and we were disgusted. It is as pointless as the movie "Gigli" Overall I fell asleep watching it, it was so boring.

Was the song called Song of Silence?

i must say, ive been a fan of joecartoon for quite some time... it was quite possibly the first flash website i ever visited. and i must say, this is one of the best ones yet, thanks for making my day funnier... but maybe you could pick on someone other than that hampster every once and a while, i mean... he was pretty sad =(

anyways, make more and ill keep watchin

i didn't find anything funny about this i even lost intrest in it half way through ur a good animater but i didn't find anything that should make this number one or put it on the top 50

First off stfu Skelamanga this is #1 and one more thing 'what pin the tale on the bong key" lol

number 1 is just wrong...it was ok...got boring....wasnt that funny

This was just plain crap. I found it stupid and anoying despite the good artwork.

I don't think it is #1 worthy. Sorry man, but it's not as good as "final fantasy A++" or "there she Is!!". No offense, but , well, it's not.

why the fuck is this number 1, it wasn't that good at all. But what concerns me the most is the score currently is 4.14. The number 50 entry is 4.20. Thus this should be way down in the slums around number 70.
Whos been fucking with the system again??

I expected a whole lot better from Joecartoon. This was awful. Very disappointed......

its all good. love the violence

nice . thats all i can say!! it was too good to describe!

This is a very well done movie but I think its just not that funny and not the most sane movie you'll ever watch but still cool

ive been on ur website for a long time wondering when i would c some of ur work. keep it coming

Ok.. Good graphics, pretty funny.. but what made this flash cartoon, is the full length parody song... Great job

It took forever to finish, wasn't entertaining, wasn't funny. And how the hell is this rated #1, This sucks.

This was an excelent flash, definetly deserves the spot its at. those people that dont like it are the types who beat off to happy tree friends and clocks. screw them, this was great.

Been a long time fan of tha joe man, i got to tell you this was a long time coming, been a while since i saw something new from joe cartoon, and it was very good.

what the hell was that?!
completely random and not funny at all.
it was stupid humor that only an idiot would find funny.
i can't even begin to understand why this is even close to FFA+ on the charts.

I think that this is one of the best ones the Joecartoon team has made yet, and I think it kicks ass that they wanted to share it with the newgrounds community. Its got that twisted humor. Hope you all liked it.

some nice blood splatters in that, very funny, the song definately has to be the best part!

i love the flash, i've been 2 joe cartoon a few times, but i always wondered WHO THE fuck IS JOE?!!?

Just got fucking boring... and anoying... so fuck that... it was altight i guess the the graphics and all... but i just said fuck that and closed the window... just got fucking anoying.

I've been a long time Joecartoon. com fan for years, but unfourtunatly, Joe had seemingly fell of the face of the planet. Thank God he's back. I nominate the Gerbils Song THE GREATEST FLASH SONG EVER, even if Joe didn't write it. I hope to see more of Joe soon.

It was kinda weird, but then again, it was funny and thats all that matters, right?

Oh yeah, and the Donkey ROCKED!!

I loved this movie its one of the funniest things I have ever seen... I especially liked the song at the end

that would be funny high or sober. a new addition to my favorites!

seriously funny shit. welcome to my favourites!

That was some petty funny ****ed up shi*...

I've loved Joe Cartoon for quite a while now and while i still do think its funny its just not neraly as funny as your other stuff.

but it was like the same shit over and over.

No O, but this didint deserve no.1

yeah, how did that get number one? I mean, it wasn't horrible, but jeez. The graphics weren't bad, the style was pretty original, the sound got kind of annoying after a while, what with the hamster? and his hick accent, the gay alien thing, and the drunken donkey, the violence was okay i thought, except for the sheep thing...but i guess number one is decided by us, the audience. So eh.

some people just dont know what this means its like merging joe cartoon and newgrounds both sites are popular and now newgrounds is going to be like a mega-god site

please email me when he comes out with more funny shit like this

miscreant there is a reason why hes in the top 50, becuase HE IS GOD!!miscreant if you don't think this isn't funny, then you have no humor at all.miscreant, now go back to your barney shit, bitch.

How the hell is that number 1 ?
It didnt suck but my god Newgrounds has so much better to offer. I cant say I found one part of that amusing in any way, not even a smile.
The graphics where pretty decent and the animation was good but it had little point, even animations which have little or no point are usually better than this. The sound wasnt great,and the violence was there but used in excess, probably for comedic purposes, which failed anyway. This wasnt a bad movie, but waaay to standard to be even in the top 10 of all time. and if you dont agree with me you are wrong.

I understand that SOME people find this entertaingng. But jeeez. It should not be in the number one spot. HE HAS A WEBSITE FOR THAT SHIT. This should NOT be on the top 50

how can this....beat ffa+?!?! im not saying i didnt like this one its just that...but o well it WAS the funniest thing i saw lol

Oh My God!Joe Cartoon RULES!!!His Website Rocks!!!He Is Amazing Full Stop!!

That was the Funniest Toon Ive ever seen lol U GO JOE!!!! U RAWK

The Portal has a new King, and he goes by the name simple JOE

RANKED #1 FOR SCORE!?!?!?!?!?!

Other then that had to be the most bizarre flash animation I have ever seen.

Ha ha, that was one of the funniest, and most random Joe Cartoons ever. I love the guy with the gay accent. Keep up the Joe Cartoons. Oh, and by the way, nice frame by frame animation.

I'm lost at words when people like these shallow and violent stuff.

The sounds a bit scratchy, not a quality recording. Animation wasn't exceptional, the frames weren't smooth.

I hope that people learn to get out of this twisted humour.

OMG, tht was AWSOME!!!! about time there was some joecartoon on this site, VERY GD!!!

joecartoon was the first person who ever showed me animated cartoons. This guy rocks and i'm happy to find him here, on newgrounds. The humour is one that'll never get old... senseless violence, and low-IQ humour! LONG LIVE GERBILS!

If you go to the original joecartoon website, there are alot more funny gerbil flashes. This one is great and could have been used as a Joe Cartoon Finale -- i hope he never haves one.

that was funny. I enjoyed it thouroughly. Keep it up.

but as a joe cartoon flash it wasn't quite up to par. Still good work though.

and here i thought it was gonna involve a gorilla
but nontheless still humorus

At first it seemed pretty formulaic and unoriginal. However, it really picked up mid-way through and just took off at the end! The song at the end was AWESOME! It was hilarious. If you like this one, check out the other stuff on Joe Cartoon's website. Gave it a 10 for interactivity just because I wasn't sure if you can leave it blank, since it didn't really apply here. Have a nice day!

Simply wonderful. The same ol' mundane stupid random shit that the Almighty Joe has drummed up for us!

*holds lighter in the air*

I love Joe Cartoon!

Maybe it was just me, but the first 2/3 of the movie seemed... too long and drawn out. I nearly x-ed the window with that whole pity speech thing. Something about the voice acting was off too, like it didn't quite fit. Normally I laugh at this kind of stuff, but the pace and voice acting just seemed to kill the humor for me. An excelent by any means, but not deserving of the #1 of ALL TIME spot.

Joe Cartoon kicks ass.

another masterpeice. I bow to you like a god *bows*. everything was great about it. woot ive loved joecartoon since 1999.

Nice work! Not something I was all "omfg, so omfg hilarious" over - but still a good lol ^_^;
Graphics were well done, and I had a good chuckle over the music bit :)
I look forward to seeing more work from you.

great movie man keep it up btw i wanna kno the lyrics to the song if you hav the time.

Good work Joe.
i love all your work and this is added to the list of my favourites.
i dont see why so many people dont like it, ok its not perfect but who gives a damn?!
Joe, you need to submitt more stuff to this place, cause some people out there do not yet know of the wonder that is Joe Cartoon.....poor souls....*sniff* i feel sorta bad for them.....then i realize they are most likely n00bs so i dont feel so bad... ^-^
anyway i digress...keep it animated Joe!

funny shiznit man, hilarious

I've always been a fan of Joe Cartoon, and I'm glad you guys decided to submit your stuff here.

i've been away from NG for almost a week, but im sure glad I came back to see such a great movie like this one here.
great job on this one.

This is the best flash animation I have ever seen on the technically side. You actually did it frame by frame like real animator. I'll bet you have training in traditional animation. The mechanics were superb. Though in between drawings were sparse, thats to be expected on a web cartoon, and it beats the hell out of most everything else out there in the world of flash.

You're an inspiration to those who frown upon moving rigid vectors along paths, and the use of automatic tweening. Kudos.

It just lacked in alot of things mainly humour u can tell there was alot of time put into it tho and it wasnt that bad at least u had a guy who lives in a tree thats kinda cool?

i hope u can get more stuff from joe cartoon

I have no idea why this is ranked so high, since it is garbage. It wasn't funny, had no plot, the sound qualiy was poor, and i didn't like the animation too much either. This is weak.


ya... it was a miracle i got to the end of this. about halfway through i was tempted to close the movie window, but i figured i would give it the old college try and watch it through the end. waste of my time. anyway. the animation was good... the sound quality was sorta lacking at some points... but overall it just wasnt a joecartoon. sorry joe... give this one a 2

good: animation, offbeat humor
bad: incoherent
ugly: not that funny
I think that this cartoon is a nice addititon to newgrounds, but as a viewer who has already seen all of Joes past works, this one does nothing to entertain me and is just the same as countless works he has done before...nothing new.

This movie was beutiful, the song brings a tear to my eye...

It reminds me of what my friend did to...my other friend...

The movie wasn't generally funny. The only funny part was the music video, but it's not like the kind I explode. But I really don't know how this got first place.

i didnt like it to much weither

Thats some funny shyt.

I dont know if im the only one, But I didnt really like it at all. Could'nt stand the voices at all and it was'nt funny at all. Joe people are only giving you high scores cause of your name. Thats what I think anyway, But who cares what I think?

aw my fuckin head man im so wastid

Joe Cartoon is great. I nearly fell out of my chair when I seen one of your (Joe Cartoon) flash movies here at newgrounds.

This movie was below mediocre. It's humor was about as funny as Ross Eaton making a joke. This is not one of Joe Cartoon's best.

really funny, but a lil hard to understand the muffled voices.

Well tweened, but the audio is a bit loud/low in spots, and a bit unclear. I did'nt find it funny at all. But definately well made.

i still cant breath i was laughing so hard

I clicked review and the hamster exploded wtf.

it was very well made it had good sound, good graphics, very funny and, quite unique
keep up the good work eh

i love joecartoons style and voices. great animation, very funny. i liked the song.

joe is the king! this is just another great short film from joe cartoon. if you don't know joe or have never seen his stuff got to joecartoon dot com

Well, from top to bottom, your animations weren't bad but kinda cheap. I had no problems with the sound and it fit in with the animations perfectly. It wasn't interactive (how could it be it's a movie?) And your style...well...I have no idea what your style could possibly be, but i think...THINK...you achieved whatever semi-twisted goal you were trying to reach. It was kind a violent but who cares, and the part were he was getting all depressed was pretty funny, and right when he started singing "hello darkness my old friend," It got damn hilarious! Good job, whoever you are.

This was FUCKIN great! best joe cartoon gerbil toon yet!

dat was great i lved it if i could giv it more den five i would hve LOL keep it up please! do i didnt get wat da weired alien thing was about

Dude that was funniest thing I ever saw keep up the good work.

Well Joe, that was just beautiful. Your cartoons greatness always seem to put a tear in my eye. The randomness, the music, the sound fx, everything... Its just perfect. **Lights a lighter** This ones to you, man.

Ill rate it a 5, but the end song for me was incredibily long and boring. But other than that it was funny.

I've gotta say, this is definetly getting a 5. It was freakin' hillarious, especcially when the gerbil begins rating the alien dudes movie. Please submkit more, I would love to review other animations of yours.

I'm glad to see you've submitted something to NG. This movie is hilarious, violent, touching and stylish! I love the gerbil character, he's got a lot of attitude! The song at the end was great, I didn't expect that. I hope you submit more of your work. 5/5.

this is one of my favorites... right here budy. common, i mean, at first i was like "what the heck is going on" and then... then came the "music video" part, and that is what makes it so good.

For years Joe has amuse us with hundreds of possibilities to make a lil' gerbil misserable. From feeding him to fishies, to sticking him into a donkey's ass. Joe's dark, dark humor is one of those things that reaffirm that there's more to the Internet than free porn. Long live the father of junkie flies, redneck parody and misserable sad gerbils.

Ghehe, great job! Joe really knows how to hurt Gerbils. :p

simply great :D

NOONE FOLLOW THE LINK IN THE "ashelysmith" review its a Spybot trojan which can get you by simply viewing the page without sufficient Anti-Virus protection.

This is the greatest cartoon you have ever done, it is god, keep up the good work joe

Aaaaaaahahahaha, this is so funny!!!
My stomach will hurt for days because I laughed so hard!

Joecartoon rocks! he is definitely the king of flash humor (sorry joseph blanchett). I've been to joecartoon's website before and have already viewed almost all of his magnificent work.

P.S. Vote Joecartoon

That was funny, poor teddy bear thought. The movie reminds me a little bit about happy tree friends. Keep up the good work :)

It made me laugh but there r better flash movies out there. The movie had no meaninjg to it.

We beat the Japanese Animation With Something...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

that was great man, i havent checked the site in a while cause well, i never saw a lot of recent updates, but this was still great. Oh, ya, and i think its a gerbal...not a bear...

poor bear, i feel sorry for it going up the anal on the donkey...honestly...BWAHAHAHHA! xD
LMAO im giving it my 10

this movie is soo funny!!!!
i really like the music video...
Did you really sang that song??
if yes, ill be really impressed!!!!

weird but good as usual by joe love ur work joe

that was the greatest thing ever

While I was watching it, I was thinking that it wasn't that great and kept switching around to other not so great scenes, but then the video came and you totally redeemed yourdelf! After it was over, I did watch the video again.

I love the song. However, I thought it was too random to be that funny. I mean, things just didn't seem to flow very well.
The song is the standout bit. I also liked the sheep bit.
However, I know you have a lot of talent, and I normally love your flashes... I just thought this one was perhaps too random for my tastes. Funny, but not your best work by far.

I thought this was going to be one of those dumb films that everybody talks about that has no good jokes,but I was so damn wrong! This was a good movie!It had a nice balance of Parody,Fart Jokes and some jokes Dumb people wouldn't understand and some nice smooth anmation.

good, funny, and violent, what's not to like
"i'm eating grass that's all i'm doing" lol that is very very funny

good animation, the only funny thing was the sheep and the donkey,.....joe's done better,....

I think i need therapy after watching that. Maybe I should have been stoned first...

Okay, I've seen some random flash vids in my time but that was pointless. I've seen worse but that was just a little to creepy.


Oh man i Fing love this cartoon. i just plain love it, its incredible. the song is the funniest thing ever, its stuck in my head. this is the best toon EVER. hahhaha bong + key
your procrastination irratates me!

i luv it all, i give it two thumbs up.... and a fart

You have not only created a awesome Flash, you also Took that overated Jap Flash Final Fantasy A+ down from its position as number 1.

You have earned respect from the Newgrounds community who shun that boring and unhumorous Flash Final Fantasy A+

Sure, it was funny at times, but it just didn't make me laugh at all. Most of the voices were terribly annoying, though generally well done. The screams, however, were painful. Even though you say it's random, much of it is just really dumb, or really predictable. It was WAY too long.

Loved the graphics, but you're seriously wasting your talent.

That was too long and wasnt at all funny.that was the most annoying song ever that was coupled with a really annoying voice. PLeas never make another cartoon like this....please.

HAHAHA that was 1 of the best flashes ive seen, that was original, funny and wierd the best combinations. The Ending was the best...
shame donkey
shame wierd fucked up pink alien thing

message to joe: Bring out some of the of the supah fly to newgrounds plz

Maybe this is what happens when you get paid to do flash? I thought it tried way too hard. When you try too hard, you're not funny. Some of the voices annoyed me too. The animations were well done though, so that saves the score a bit.

Awesome! makes me laugh so much at the whole song at the end

joe always have rule the world

i laughed my ass into the next county. this is the funniest thing ive seen in a long time and its truly professional. definitely a worthy #1

i can totally reflect on that
everytime im stuck in a donkey's rectum i feel like singing paul simons

and there aint enough weed to fill the need

Ah, gotta love Joe Cartoon, his were the first flash movies I ever watched, he's the man

that was the funniest movie on the web, i love it.

I am giving that two thumbs down and a fart.

Thankyou and have a nice day!


Who is this Joe cartoon and why should I care that this is his first NG submission? Anyways, ignoring all that shit, I don't see what the big deal with this is.

This movie is a real bore! It just goes on and on about basicaly the same thing. Try and improve your story lines please!

its is no good
joecartoon gets boring really fast

I love joecartoons. I think they're all terribly funny and this is no exception. The only thing it lacks is the interactivity that are in some of the others (microgerbil, frogbender). All in all I give it 2 thumbs up...and a fart. =p

good stuff, love the gerbil, good job, need more on newgrounds.

very funny and well drawn. Interesting plot though. haha

I've been a fan of Joe Cartoon for a while, and this definitely meets the standard of his cartoons. Great voice acting, funny material, and nice lengthy animation.

does everyone here feel special for the underrated joe cartoon submitting a flash here finally? do you people want a biscuit!

I really haven't even had too much to drink tonight but this was awesome. I think it was multiplied by the beer.

I give this film 2 thumbs up.

As always, running with the best. 'Tis a monumental day in history, when the Empire of Joe spreads to new boundaries!
"I hate you too, you make me sick, you fat sack of crap!" -The Yes-Man (Family Guy)
"I'm givin that two thumbs down, and a fart." The Gerbil (Donkey Bong)
"Cockbite!!" -Simmons (Red vs Blue)

Yes Joe, you have managed to make the impossible possible. You actually made a music video up a donkey's ass, and managed not to make it a just a disgusting, moronic, time blower (which it is) but a funny, disgusting moronic, time blower. I am a big fan of your site and constanly keep up to date with new flash you make. Belive me you have not lost your talent over the years. You've done it again and You will do it again, cracking up people with sick senses of humor all around the world, for years to come.

i've seen joe's work before(its good)i think you should send all the joe cartoon too Ng so it will be in the series area.anyways it was pretty funny.

that was realy funny. A litte heavy on the toilet humor but funny:) keep up the good work.

Joe Cartoon has yet to fail at making me laugh. To gavnook, your not supposed to get it... I don't think. It just random acts of hilarity. Keep it up Joe.

Nice animation and music, but it's not that funny. Maybe I just don't get it.

dude this was funny, laughged for at least 10 minutes after watching the video. keep up the good work. 2 thumbs uuupp...down! =D

i luv joecartoons sh!t they always have sum of the best

ive seen this flashbefore on the site AND IT NEVER gets old very good flash joe very good indeed

and thas all that i have to say about it. watch it and lyao

Why haven't I heard of Joe Cartoon before?

Is it because his previous work is as forgettable as this?

This bit dragged like a dog's ass.

this is great man!!!!!!!!


you are the god of god.

joe is my god

that was fucking awesome. amazing flash. great lyrics for the music. fucking brilliant.

Jolly good flash

I just find it amazing how you can film an intire music video... from inside a donkeys ass.

damn i love that music video of 'sound of silence.' funniest thing ive ever seen


I like a good laugh at something stupid but whoever made this one must've been on something. And been on Something for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time. To long. Enough time to make somethign this stupid is just stupid. But I have to admit, it was funny. But I must be on something to cuz the girbil actually made me cry! Can we please ease up the the poor guy for once? Just once please?! He's to cute to be tourturing like this.

santa yo daddy! yo yo yo check this out!christmas is canncelled !santa's got no package! SUPHAFLY! DO SUPHAFLY!

you da man joe!! ive been a fan forever! thank you for sharing your talent with newgrounds. now do one with superfly!!!!!!!!!

The hand gestures and facial expressions added a lot to the movie. I was impressed overall. Keep abusing the little guy!

my fav Joe Cartoon is James Brain!!!!!

I like the song, it made me laugh. The bad singing made it better with harmonic singing in the background. The bleeps could have been taken out.

That was just what i needed since i had a shit day....

I loved the plot of the story (wherever it was) and... yeah...

When the gerbil was in the donkey's ass... it kind of reminded me of lemmiwinks... (south park?... anyone?)

Anyway i think this is your best flash and thats saying something....

One more think...


I thought it was an exceptional piece of flash.
good work on your first submit bro.

this was one of the funniest things ive seen, nice music as well

So... o_O;; XD

i love joe cartoon just as much as the next guy but i have to agree that the gerbal shouldnt die he does rock and i think that maybe the story should be a little longer and have some real characters like the gerbals family or maybe he gets a girlfriend who loves him n then goes of with some other guy or summin like that but nothe too O.T.T make more though!

I loves JoeCartoon dot com and its about time the gerbal didn't die, he's the greatest. Keep 'em comin' Joe.

think of happytreefriends and imagine yourself getting tortured and overall murdered horribly.this explains it alot.it was fucking HILARIOUS! i loved the simon and garfunkel spoof of sound of silence lol!!.and the donkey and the other guy deserved to die. :)

This is well animated, good use of colour. The voices in it fit the animation almost perfectly, which helps make this movie incredibly funny. Even the song was a laugh, which is sometimes hard to manage in flash movies. Well done. Worth the bother of writing a review for it.

that was briliant and the song was awsome, good work

Finally... Joe Cartoon on Newgrounds

This film delivers the same thing all JC films do... Sick and twisted hilarity. This was great. It was pretty funny. Good job, I can't wait for more JC on NG.


I am really impressed at how much your flash skills have evolved over the years. Your cartoons have went from funny to extremely funny. This is an example of that phenomenon. I have watched alot of your movies,and the gerbil gets beaten up more than usual in this movie. It gets funnier and funnier after every moment. The music video was hilarious and disgusting at the same time lol. Joe,keep on making astounding movies :D.

But being the FIRST ''real'' JC to appear on NG gets you teh fiven!!!
Good job, go where people will see your hard work!
Click on the ''link'' link to see even MORE Kooler shit...

man that was awesome i love joe cartoon im glad to see some i hope ng gets more joe cartoon l8er

I'm glad to see some joecartoon's stuff again. FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! It's the kind of insanity you can't find anywhere else. And anyone who watches this NEEDS to see the music video.


I seen the other version when this came out and when I seen it i was cracking up so much. I have been a joecartoon fan for a long time now and it will never get old. Awesome Work!!

Woooo! Gotta love those Gerbils!

Wow, Joe it is an honor reviewing one of your movies. I was so young when I first saw one of your movies I think I was about 14 or so been a good few years since then viewing your movies. Just viewing your psychotic images makes me laugh and realize how great you are. This is a great movie by you Joe. I loved the remake of the song ''in the darkness'' ( i believe thats what its called. ) by Simon and Garfunkel. I hope that the gerbil may never change he is what made the way i appreciate you today. The tree guy is probably a new character. I like him a lot too. Put a lot more of your stuff Joe so that it makes me laugh and almost wet my pants and the other peoples' pants throughout the country l:-). With a Superfly Salute ( Ahhh, my freakin' head wasted. . . ) - killerpineapple <( '' <) <( '' )> ( > '')> dance fat boy dance!!!!!!

Kicking my ass. Larf My Arse Off! I have to say i think ive seen and enjoyed eveysingle one of your animations (on your site) why submit this one to NG first? loved the song. great style of animation and good file size for all this animation. what a pleasnt ending to rap it all off with aswell :)

Joecartoon is awesome, its good to see him on newgrounds, be shure to check out joecartoon .com for more f***ed up cartoons. 2 thumbs up, no fart

Great, love the music video. Hope to see more joe cartoon stuff here.

Great representation of joe cartoon at his best.

im high ass fuk n i fukin luved it!!!! omg hifukinlarious!!!!! more!!!!!! more more!!! i neeed more!!!!!!!!!!!!

this was awfully boring. Most Joe cartoons are boring. anyways, better luck on next.

I loved this and almost all Joe Cartoon movies! I give props for the music video! Keep em coming man!

i know the animation was great but the sound quality was poor and hard to understand making it not very funny

your pretty famous @_@

I was just wondering when the music video would come out cause if you made it longer and made better audio quality, i would buy it.

That was bloody f**king awsome send in more!

that was so wrong but i loved it

I've always been a huge fan of JoeCartoon. Keep up the good work my sick friend. Frog Blender! 9! 9! 9!... 10!!!!!!

This is another great hit. Now I think he should submit his Supafly cartoons to newgrounds. They Rock!

it's not a bid finale it's a great finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was really great! I watched it twice and was SO MUCH better 2nd time round :)

I love the characters and the animation is really well done!

Overal top job *thumbs up*

I've been a fan of Joe Cartoon for a long time, and I always wanted him to submit his stuff to NG just so I could sing his praises. The first time I saw this I almost shit my pants laughing, and the song is absolutely hilarious. The parts where the gerbil gets hit and there's blood everywhere... classic. Thanks for such a great cartoon.

Characters looked good, voices were ok. Only 'Ok' because it had a little static. Good humor in the song.

I've always been a fan of your website, and all your movies kick ass.

Excelent That was with out a doubt one of the funniest things I've seen today. Especialy the song at the end! I loved it! I tip my hat to you.

... who gave us greats such as: the blender, gerbil in the microwave, and many others.

dude, you tried WAAAYYYY too hard to fit in with newgrounds, but this was waaaayyyy lame. you also ruined a classic song.

finally, dont think we didnt notice the rip-off tarantino ending where everyone dies. it's wack. let him do his thing and you do yours.

you really should put some effort when you add shit to newgrounds - this is a grade "A", top-notch site. while most submissions suck, the good ones make up for them. you should be right up there with them.

Yo Joe! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) I have to say, I've been with these animations ever since the original Gerbil microwave and Frog in a blender, and I have to say you ROCK! No ifs, ands, or 'butts' about it. Oh, and by the way, got any extra weed man? "Oh, my frickin' head, I'm so wasted!" :)

To the Reviewers:

Joe Cartoon has been around for quite some time and he has his own Internet Site where he entertains viewers and receives some money from the merchandise he pawns on you. This isn't meant to insult the guy at all, but it is meant to inform the next reviewer, or the one smart enough to read through the reviews, because some just don't know how long this guy has been in business. View his site if you enjoyed this, but don't expect him to respond if you seem as though you haven't seen his work before.

To Joe himself:

I can admit to having seen your Gerbil Microwave, Joesterizer, and the "Easiest Flash Game Ever--Shoot the Singing Man." I have therefore seen all the classics and your other work, though I haven't been there recently. I notice all your work revolves not just on violence and haphazard gore, but on ridiculous hillbilly redneck humor (Gerbils in your ass and Frogs in the blender, I believe, are Southern in origin). As though that's a bad thing! Keep up your insane work, but don't expect to fly into the mainstream anytime soon.

that was f**king awesome!!! i felt sorry for the gerbil, but i guess it kinda got it's revenge at the end. hehehe. I really liked all the blood too >=) that was cool. Good Job, keep it up!=)

I have been tracking Joes stuff for quite awhile and have always loved it. you gotta visit his site if you haven't.
The best part of this was the video, but I guess I show my age since I know the song and the movie it was from

first off dustyr1989 that wasnt a bear, that was a gerbil u dumbass. secondly that was fuckin amazing!

I always loved joecartoon .com so this comes to me as a good thing. yaaaay!

another addition to the greatness of the joe man himself. i enjoyed this as much as anything by joe cartoon, i LOVED it!!! the randomness really made a hit with me plus the fluidness of the cartooning with wonderful sound and an amazing choice of song. i laughed my fucking ass off! keep up the good shit, 2 thumbs up!

Man Joe CArtoons toons Fuck kix ass and a Love the Gerbil Keep up the good toon oh yaeh Vote John Kerry I know that has nutting to do with the cartoon just wanted to say that fuck george bush

The loading screen was not that funny but the song and and the "Finale" was great. I just want to know wtf was that thing that popped out the tree?!

thank u for that. the loading screen alone made me laugh for like 2 minutes. you are the best. this is great, not as good as the microwave crap but great none the less.

i am a 15 year old boy, and i just want to say, that i have seen joe cartoons since i was like, 12. joecartoon dot com is the shit. i wouldnt expect less from joe! and if that real was his hummer, THAT IS F'N AWSOME! white hummer with dead gerbles on the botom. beautiful. i learned of joe cartoon back when i was 12. me and my friend were looking at videos from atomfilms, heavy, and etc. joe cartoon is the man. "Hi Do You Have A Canoe I Can Borrow Please?" -- or maybe there is no please i havnt visited joe in a while haha.

YES! THE JOEMAN COMETH! Finally we get to see some of the great animation from the legendary comic animator Joe Cartoon himself. This guy ROCKS!

should of been kept a short with just the first like 20 seconds up until he gets punched into the rock cause after that point this movie is painful to watch

Do U like RAB's Nut cheeze ?

This was fucked up and messed, but I loved every second of it. The finally was the best part. 10!

The website's been on for what, seven years running? Maybe more? It has not been heard from in a few years and now it makes a combat of a mediocre animation/presentation.

Why not rerelase the animation with the Lemmings-like hamsters jumping off the cliff? It was a lot funnier.

really funny hopfully the first of many form joe

This was awesome and funny but i exspected this from joe. Iv been watching his cartoons for a whill and they ROX great job keep them coming.

lol, i thought this was a parody of donkey kong cos it rymed with donkey bong, but instead i get a hamster talking shit with an alien. Does that hamster have a name. I think i'll call him timmy and great thing you did with the music video well done.

heh u should make a seqaul dude that was krunk fo shizzle dude keep up the good work

Joe Cartoon has now shown his interest in this site and I shal now take a moment of kudosness..................................................
....................................................... OK I'm done. THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!! Me lika do da cha cha with sexy girl, A.K.A Dingleberryclock

voices were hard to hear sometimes though.

always been great
i love joe cartoon

I have been a fan of your "art" for years (ever since the days of Spontanious Man), and I almost shat myself when I went to the Newgrounds front page only to see a JoeCartoon animation there. Your cartoons helped me lower my IQ. I thank you for that ;).

that ruled so much you all suck!! that was so funny when he started singing. It doesnt need a point its still hillarious.

Allthough it's original, it still sucks

Wow man, i cant do better (well I would cos i can use flash and do think bout it but im just to fucking lazy) but this really was crap.
I didnt laugh, i didnt see the plot and it was almost lethaly boring.

For people who say this cartoon from Joe is pointless, well your right but did ANY of Joe's cartoons really have a point anyway?

Not every flash movie in the world needs a point to be a great flash movie! Also, he may get high ratings because he's Joe but I personally like his style of work not because he's Joe.

Something to think about!

but...it made no sence. i mean first the guy gets wacked around by an alien who came out of nowere that can turn into a tv and then a donkey who can talk it just had no story it was a little funny i was smiling but. im REALLY sorry i just cant call you a Flash master your a pro though i can say that.

great flash and joe you will have to post more i mean man these were great i nearlly forot but u brought more back. keep it up joe. great music video aswell.

The gerble(whatever) finally takes a stand for what's right! hahah classic joe cartoon

That was one of the bes movies i've seen! I'm stunned!

I have to say, applause to Joe; another wonderfully funny film with all the proper Joe gags: anal jokes, the gay lisp, grandma hand puppet, and of course, the gerbil.

Way to go on the Simon and Garfunkel parody. "Sound of Silence" eternal!


That was by far the best and funniest thing I have ever seen. Make more!

that was better than i thought

I like Joe Cartoon animations but to be honest this cartoon wasn't really that funny or entertaining. I think that this cartoon is recieving to high of a rating considering that this is done by Joe Cartoon. I've seen a lot more funny none making sense cartoons on newgrounds but that have gotten no higher than 2 ratings. Not saying I didn't like the animation just saying that it really wasn't as great as it's ratings let on.

This totally rocked, now only find the lyrics to the song :-) keep up the good work.

its cool i liked the song to ese!

i really liked the music vid it was soo funny

Just great im dont know who Joe Cartoon is but this one was a great intro to newgrounds as its first entry, keep them coming.

I am a HUGE fan of Joe cartoons work! I've been watching his vids for over 4 years now and they just get better and better!! Oh and to peepintom go to Joecartoon to veiw all of his crazzy ass pot induced mind fuck videos! ROCK ON JOE!!!
::head bangs as a salute::

loved the music vid. loved dick's vid. and loved the finale too
great work !!!!
great style and plot
very good graphical texture
make more they're brilliant

by the way Marwo its a GERBIL not an orange bear u really need 2 go 2 joecartoons web site and watch the orriginal ass kickings of the gerbil

realy good animated and the orange bear has got a funny voice! great job!!

...the best cartoon you've ever released. I thought that nothing would ever top the Super Fly shorts, but I was wrong. Hell of an NG debut, dude. :)

ah "iloveboys" u gave me a virus

but i laughed my ass off. Great job.

That was hilarious- all of you with no sense of humour- piss right off ahem*sumpthing*ahem

good job!!!

That wasn't worth watching.

where the hell is the bong!?

A legend...the flash legend debuts on NG, and this was the weirdest flash from ya yet, and hope to see more in the future. It's awsome you still are spreading your madness in flash format :)

Joe Cartoon is a legend, i remember when i watched "Gerbil in a Microwave" for the first time, i couldn't stop laughing, and others such as "The Boss" and "Joe Fish" those were extremely funny, but this...well it makes no sence, there's no plot, and to be honest there's not much in the way of laughs, for a debut of Newgrounds i think you should've chose a different film, a classic film, it would've made a better impact. But of course that's just my opinion.


This is soooo good, how amazing is this, its so hilarious, nice action like when the alien lookin dude smashed the liitle hampster guy, lol! This is Probably in the top 5 on newgrounds, submit more JoeCartoon, please:)

Wicked, -Josh-

i thik this is the best thing n newgrounds! theres nothing rong about it! nuff sed.

Omg, long, funny, short size, beutifuly animated, wonderful lip syncing, great songs...nothing u could of improved on coz it was pure perfection!


When I firts got internet, I saw your site in a magazine, and I got hooked immediatly!
And this piece is like your others truly a work of art, lol!

soz i cant spell 4 shit
fukn awesome i rekn the song is sum funny shit, good job u should submit sum more shit on here

yeah man, im a fan of your work and never knew that you were going to submit it here on newgrounds, i have one quest to ask you though, did you know Kevin? of killfrog? do you know what happened to him if you do know him?

that kicked major ass!

this movie is hilarius thats about all i can say

That was good as are mos Joe Cartoons. Im glad you submitted one to New Grounds its a nice change from all the utter shit we normally get

...but then again, how many of them flashes can boast a music video featuring a rodent stuck in a donkey's rectum?
Way to butcher a Simon & Garfunkel classic. 5 for you.

I love you.

Well Joe,

You never cease to amaze me. I remember watchin these babies when i was 10. It seems you never lost your edge, eh?

Keep it up!

hell yeah, joecartoon. long time fan, first time writer. uhh, yeah. i'm kinda drunk so i think what i just saw was hella good, and i gave you a 9. i think i gave saladfingers a 10, but damn, wtf is better than SF?! shit joe, you rule. please keep making toons and keep em free unlike those faggot ass n1gger happy animal friends or whatever the fuck they are. peace dude.

...and counting. Awesome man, but its pretty messed up. Good to see your still making stuff, but most people probably arent gonna get it.

No Literally, What the crap. I mean its good but, um... Im traumatized.

Joe Cartoon is the bomb...i say they could take over newgrounds with there good art in the flashes

That was a great movie, and i must say thats one of the most orginal plots that i have seen on new grounds in a while. That little gerbil is hilarious, espically when he spills his guts to the alien like thing. then he gets lanunced into the ass of a donkey and then cuts to a music video, inside the ass. very funny! keep up the great work

This is great, I love it...it's one of my favorite flashes!

(i'm not that weathered though...so I could be missing out on better?)

It's very original and funny, and i loved the song...!!

It made the rounds on forums/emails quite awhile ago but it's still good. Great song btw.

i sent u an e-mail about 2 years ago asking u to submit to ng, its about time. nice work

Cool hehe, Tat was Funny Damn haha but Some parts of it was quite annoying but o well keep it up now =D

I like the song Hello darkness my old friend... ohh it is too funny you people just gotta watch it.

Very funny, perfect animation. Keep up the great work!

perfect animation and good humor. Keep making them.

It was pretty good but it basically the same thing that Joe Cartoon does in every movie they make.

all I can say is god damn. that was sweet love the simone and garfunkle shit too

i have been watchin joe cartoon for years now and i have always though they were holarious now my 2 favorite sites have combined

This has gotta be the best thing to happen to newgrounds yet...i've been watching joecartoon for a couple years now. Its about time joecartoon rears his ugly hamster antics on newgrounds. I actually saw this cartoon before it came to newgrounds but it never gets old.

I've never heard of JOeCartoon, but that was superb. Great job people!

joecartoon always rocks, no doubt about that!

ok great stuff everyhting was superd animation. joecartoon is tops.

Joe Cartoon...what can be said that hasn't been said as of yet. You're animations are a hoot. I've been watching them since I was about 10...which I guess I wasn't supposed to but STILL! They rock nonetheless. You rock. I really hope you'll submit more to Newgrounds and let me and all the newbs here enjoy them.

...by the way, you get a 5.


holy c*** i love your flash movies ive watched all of them and i must say this is the strangest one yet. i just want to know were you high when you made the music video?

wow, that was so funny, keep updating! ^^ very well done animation

it had a slow start, the music vid was strange. But when it hit the musical video part, I had to give it a 10, it makes the difference. Just wish I could get the music video

Joe Cartoon on Newgrounds? Kick ass! Put the rest of your stuff up here!

I don't think the musical number at the end was neccessary, though. You get points off for that.

it wasn't too bad, i myself have never heard of Joe but it was good, i like the music video

Joe's finally on Newgrounds. It's good to see we got another tough competitor to submit flash films against. Not to mention a veteran at flash.

nice one...like every flash before it deserves the best score...yohho shut the fuck up at least joe has a web site u fucktard

Flash talent was excellent, humor talent was zero. try making some actual jokes. i didnt laugh once.

alright well i love joe cartoon and ive seen donkey bong a million times, but you cant go submitting his shit! Check his site under q/a it says not to submit his creations. unless you got permission from the Joeman himself, im displeased at what you did.

im always at his website i love his work and this is pritty good :)

God knows i love S&G as much as the next guy, but not in a donkey's rectum. Come on......

just another fantastic cartoon from joe cartoon.

you cant do better then that.

enough said....

that there was a good joecartoon flash. just as good as the old ones. and the sining was a nice new touch.

this would have been much funnier if i just smoked a blunt but since i didn't it was ok but i just couldn't laugh out loud.best part waz tha song!joe stuff is usally sooo much funnier with or with out blunts.

This movie was so Fucking funny but the song BY FAR was the best part. You rock JoeCartoon.

...but that was the most fucking brilliant thing I've ever seen. Actually, I don't hate saying that, it's fucking AWESOME!!!!!
JoeCartoon, YOU ROCK and so does that damn gerbil!!

Magnificent... it was hillarious, the music video was funny, the voices cracked me up, and it was made by Joe. Just like all of his other toons, this is one among the titans of cartooning.

this is the best video ive ever seen ... GREAT JOB VERY FUNNY !!

MAke m0re please !!:D:D

This is like, the only Joe Cartoon cartoon worth watching. It's actually very funny. I was quite surprised.

This movie was absofuckin great! Well made and well written only interactive when you press play though. All in all exceptional work.

ultra pleasing likea well manufactured lubricated mutual pleasure condom. Excellent.


that was the best flash i ever seen..keep up tyhe good word :)

hahahaha that was some good stuff watching a bear get his ass kicked

It's about time you made it to Newgrounds...
~Long time fan

It's a happy day when joe cartoon and newgrounds join together.

Joe Cartoon should make an actual flash game for NG... you'd have to create a higher rating.

Omigod, I have seen all of your videos atleast 5 times, each, and I must say this one may have beaten them all even though I love each and every video. From Microwave Gerbil, to this one. You keep coming up with new and better ideas each time. Keep em' comin' !! You're already famous in my book.

Overall, I give this one a big fat 10.

Who sits on their asses and makes this shit all day? :P

meh it was funny none that less. i loved the music video and the goat scene XD

I didnt quite follow the storyline if there even was one but it was pretty damn funny, especially the sounds of silence parody. Damn funny, man.


wow i gave it a 9 cant you see how that works i gave you 0's 1's and 2's but and over all of 9 lol i will eat your face

i dunno wat the hell that was, all i no is it was hilarious and i love it

my favorite part is the end with the music video..hehehehehehe..this is like my 100th time watching it.

Great to see your cartoons on NewGrounds! I think this is one of your best cartoons you've made. Keep it up!

verry cool keep up the good work

ive watched joe cartoons' before and i gota say i didnt really enjoy them but this one was really good. The animation and style was superb, and the song inside the donkey was...well wot can i say

Finally joe cartoon has made it to newgrounds keep em cumin joe

joe cartoons kickass make more on newgrounds man

Overall it was an enjoyable experience, the ending was a bit abrupt but still very effective. keep up the good work *thumbs up*

great singing part and grand finale

keep up the good work joe

i watched this on atom films a while ago. love it

In the great tradition of Joe Cartoon comes Donkey Bong. This is truly a great film to stand alongside the classics of the Supahfly series, and so many of the other great animations. May Joe's reign be long, funny, and full of the gratuitous death of hamsters!!!

I don't know why, but I really didn't enjoy this film as much as I thought I would.

Your visual artwork was wonderful, crisp, clean and fluid. I felt, however, that the sound was a bit poor, it was hard to understand because of the sound quality. On the positive side you were able to make this whole file under 3mb, and considering how long it runs for, thats impressive.

You had some genuine comedic moments, as well as that great dramatic monolouge by the gerbil. I felt that the whole film started losing its momentum and then fell apart totally just after he was launched into the donkeys colon, the song wore out its usefulness and comedic value quickly, and it dragged the who thing to an anti-climatic crawl.

I'm sure you can do better, but like I said, it was good for a laugh, and all things considerd it was pretty good.

That was excellent. Great work, wonderful humor. It couldn't have possibly been any better. Nice song, too. The Sound of Silence still sounds great in a parody.

I feel you would have more of a classic that EVERYONE could enjoy, if you were to reduce the violence and make it less filthy. THEN my dear sir, or ma'am, I feel if would be great. Some clips can get away with filth and gore, but for sure not this one.

And ah, the orange guy's voice is annoying and computer sounding.

This is so cool cartoon and I laughed so hard that my stomach ached for days. Keep it up Joe and post more things like this!!!!

I'm a massive fan and is glad to see a joe cartoon animation on new grounds


... it makes no sense at all. How high were you guys when you made this?

joe cartons are the best ou there! this is my secongd favorite toon o all time but i wanna see hampster in a light balb here soon!

this makes no fuking sense!


Thought you would never submit to NG. I've been going to Joe Cartoon ever since when NG was just a small site.

And Joe still continues to reign supreme!

It's great to see a good artist submit a movie on Newgrounds! I'd always loved to see your movies on your own site, but now I can see one here! Will there be more?

The toon, is just like, always, very funny and really good animated! The art is also good. I'd just love to see your toons! Great job, I hope I see more from you in the future. Take care.

Big fan, and welcome to newgrounds.

Whoa joe I love this one too but check out the orignal on his website lol But I like this one too

i didn't really like it that much, but you really need to start putting all ur old stuff up there, like where's my dog and frog blender, stuff like that, just like fill newgrounds with ur glory!

HAHA That was by far the funniest thing i ever saw, i nearly pissed my pants, keep up the good work and make more, im about to visit ur site i havent in a while :)

The humour just wasn't there. If brief violence (i.e. a guy smashing into a solid object... twice) is all this relies on then Joe really needs some new material -- especially because all of his other stuff is great. Ah well, there's always next time.

dunno man...not mocking you but you might be running out of ideas....i like a lot of your previouse animations..Ive always liked your style of drawing and animation though!!


a big fan:

p.s. what the f**k was that thing that came out of that tree anyway?

I didnt egt the whole thing and i like joe cartoons. I question this episode. Submit superfly n il give u a 10 all round pls :D

I saw the one on your site Joe and it was freaking hilarious! It changed though I didnt see the part where gerbal says "I dont swing that way but thanks for asking." you also edited him crying that was funny man lol! You didnt add in the part where he explains about the effects of how bark served to your face at 90 MPH can have the same affect of smoking a the big bowl of monkey pot. But still I give this flash a 5... And a fart.

worth watching till the end indeed lol

funny as shit. got me laughing for minutes.

good work, your very talented,
keep it up!

Funny as shit man.

Joe is one crazy mofo!

fucking funny shit man i love it gj :)

I'm so glad you're finally submitting to Newgrounds! I really enjoyed this flash. Gerbil finally breaks down. Yay! Actually, I friggin' loved it. Keep up the great great great work Joe.
P.S. Submit some Stone Flys series!!!! :D

because its very educational............... :)

Never thought i would see a music video from in there... oh well, very well done. The ending was classic as well.

that was a very good movie, the song was good too and i like the violence. am looking forward to seeing more work from you.

Great flash make more of these flashes

Great animation Boring Cartoon

joe cartoon always does it for me. great stuff

three thumbs up and a bowl motion

*tokes to joes success*


welcome Joe! your a crazy mutha fuka and its awsome!

It kicks ass that you joined Newgrounds, Joe. Welcome, and thank you for giving us great cartoons after all of these years. You rule.

that was the coolest evvvvvver with 5 more v's
keep up the good work
and i give the gerble a 21 gun salute

what an odd trippy movie.... liked it though, funny.

Way to go Joe! keep up the gonads and the hee haws.. etc... always been a big fan so i gives it 2 thumbs up and one mouth full of angry hornets

Hello NG, Cobalt here for another review -

My friends and I have gone to JoeCartoon for a long time, to get our wacked out entertainment, and I'm glad to see it in NG.

Alright, I thought this flash was really good, the sound quality was good, and the animation fit the atmosphere exellently.

I like the random humor, but I thought the begining was by far the bes(got a good laugh out of it and so did my friends). But, after that, the movie started losing it. The violence was alright, but the redone "Sound of Silence" didn't hit the mark it was aiming for.

All and all, this is a good flash, same good quality from JoeCartoon. Keep it up, we'll be looking for your next release!

Cobalt's rating: 4. Good, but not the coveted BEST.

-- Cobalt

joe is da supa fly! kick ass. i've always liked your material, and this is another one for the books. if you don't like this. go to joecartoon and i swear you will find something there that will make you shit your pants in laughter.

Its about time Joecartoon's stuff made its way to newgrounds! and come on people! this guy came WAY before foamy!

It had the same type of humor as Foamy(annoying high voice, talking giberish). Just not my type of humor. Art was ok I guess.


That was the BEST PARODY EVER.

How do ppl not like this. This is humor. This is funny. All who dont like this dont appreciate good humor. We need more joecartoon. Plus jow has said himself. Most of his cartoons are pointless.

Awesome,cant say enough,i love things like that,stuff that you swear makes no sense but you laugh your ass off.

Joe Cartoon, Flash staple and for those of us who loves to see guts, blood, and maiming living beings. Great Job!

I don't get most of it, but it was funny.

*sniff sniff* finaly! joe cartoon has a flash flick on NG! it is a happy day in my brightly filled computer room!..or it was till i dropped a nuke....but huray for joe! The music video..totally has all his humor put into it! I love it I do!

Mr.joecartoon you need to submit more of your awsome flash movies NG isn't a bad place! so post post!...10! 10! Ok that's enough! perfection in a cartoon is what your about!

Its value of entertainment was awsome in nearly every respect. Joe has become quite an artist.

That was hilarious... Freakin hilarious dammit... HILARIOUS!!!! did i mention hilarious? ANyway all my 5 r belong to this

ive always liked joe's stuff on his site...too bad it always takes forever to load, but this was good even though it had a relativeley low score

I liked the music video the most....
You know I f%$#ed your mama twiiiiiiiiiiice
and that isn't very niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

Dont worry you silly goose hehehe funny......

poor donkey did he have to die lol. great music video... good touch. not much to say but GGGGGREAT

I remember when I was young and I saw joe cartoon episodes, wuss WuSS wuSS wuSS wuSSS lol Joe Cartoon U DAH BOMB and its great to see u here making a newgrounds appearance Congradulations JOE!

This was very good.
But when the gerbil started crying i felt sorry for it. The little movie with the lambs was hillarious.
My favorite part was the music video he sings lol.
Its very good.

people betterget the fuck out of tha' way cuz this guy's a professional!Joe kicks ass in so many ways possiblean' he don't brag aboutit neither....

I used to watch your cartoons all the time, but W00T!!! JOE CARTOON COMES TO NEWGROUNDS TO OWN ALL!!!!

...I remember joe from wayyyy baaack. Has it really been that long? GOD I FEEL OLD!!! **sobs**

joecartoon stuff on newgrounds... all i need now is popcorn

I was never a fan of Joe Cartoon. This didn't change that. I really don't see what all the hype is about.

haha I love the song and "i give that two thumbs down, and a fart"
and i think that the guy from the tree looks like James Carvile, that guy thats on those cnn type shows lol

nice graphics and I like the movie

good work keep it up.

Your first official cartoon! CONGRATULATION! It looked really great! Almost like a real cartoon! A real master piece if i may put it that way! THe sound was very well worked, a little scratchy from time to time but voices were so cool so didnt bother. Id like that song on MP3 or something since it was totally kick ass! I will be watching you if u make any more movies in the future!

holy cow that just wasn't funny... i'm sorry for whoever else happened to watch that, it's 5 minutes of your life you'll never have back


It's da bomb! I've always like Joe's Cartoons, especialy the Gerbil ones...

That was awesome. Joecartoon is a fuckin legend...and now its on newgrounds...man there is no stopping that duo...nice job! two thumbs way up..heehee

that was truly one of the funny ass flash movies that i ever saw.

you know i grew up with joecartoon i loved the microwavegerbil and the frogblender SWEET.
i emailed you once to ask if you could put them ojn newgrounds and finally you recieved my email.
finally you find that newgrounds is worthy to have your movies.
ROCK ON newgrounds is growing it reaches places its too dark to know of.
oh yeah 2bad we have 2 pay for your site :P

Omfg anyone who doesnt like this is fuckign stupid! One of the most hilarious things I've EVER seen!

I've always enjoyed the VOICES of JoeCartoon Characters. This was a great first Submission to NG!

this seriously bored me, the plot was ehhh..."left alot to be desired"


that is for the famous joe cartoon, that kicked ass. I thought the song actually flowed pretty good.

It was kinda funny, the "Independant film by some guy named dick" was pretty damn funny but the rest wasnt that great =/...

i think it was kinda long and drawn out.

That was a fuckin masterpiece......Good job!

There are not enough words...

Joe, you are the best...

The legendary Joe Cartoon submits content to Newsgrounds! I've often wondered what has kept you from doing it before now as you have been around as long as Newgrounds has. As for the flash, well the animation and sound was as expected, superb. The humour in this one was spot on and the music video was simply a gem. Lets hope we see more of your work here in the future as Newgrounds will be a much better place for it.

BRAVO BRAVO!!! That was absolutely great! I really liked the song too...keep 'em coming!!

The most fucking movie ie every seen

...yet totally brilliantly funny. Great job...totally.

Joe I liked yer work from the begining. Everyone know about yer famous frog blender and gerbile in the microwave. But I liked yer Red dot and spontanious combustion man series. My favourate cartoon ya did was gerbil in a light socket. The Joezilla section in yer parts to the worlds greatest story ever told i would love to see him get his own cartoon for that was some funny shit. Anyhoo on with the review eh. The extended version of this movie was fucking ace And the music video was funny as hell go check it out fer yerselves. Joe ya have outdone yerself yet again keep them commin and i just wanna know. Was the gerbil used to take the utter crap outta the hamsterdance and did it go on from there. i just wanna know im begging you man tell me :sob: why wont ya tell me :) Joe i am a big fan of yer work and i like the style and humor. Keep it up and ill by ya a dam beer if i ever see ya. Its the least i can do fer yer hard work over the years and thank you for puting a smmile on my face with every cartoon you make.

I love this! I hope you submit more! And I'm definately checking out your website!! Good Work!

How can something so wrong, be so right? Funny as hell.

------------APPROVED BY BLUE_MONKEY_69-----------

This Cartoon Was Hilarious I've never been to JoeCartoon before but this has made me want to go check it out! Awesome Job!

Have you ever wondered how cute that guy was, how ugly that donkey was and how stupid and cruel that pink alien was? No no no, this isnt a Donkey Kong parody. It's just somethin that gets all lame in the first place, but gets a little better!!

incredibly funny- i repeat constantly

How did this rate number one? It was not only sick, but tiresome as well.

Tiresome toilet humour. bleh.

I remember I stopped going to Joe Cartoon cause it wasn't funny any more, they have just redeemed themselves.

Great movie. Brings back good memories. Like when I first saw the lemmings movie when I was ten.

im so glad this was put here i hope you start to make more movies again i remember when it was just a hamster in a microwave and a frog in the blender *sniff* >.<

Ive been a fan of Joe cartoon for a long time and this is your best work yet! Nice job!

maybe now that he's on ng he'll start making lots of cartoons again! good to see you're still around joe cartoon!

I've seen every piece of work you ever put on your site, and this one tops them all off like bread on cheese.

now, when i say the greatest ive ever seen, i mean it, ive been a long time fan of joe cartoon, and this video sets the bar very high for his next one, great job, keep em coming

you know what would make it a lot funnier?....IF YOU CAN ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND THEM!!! not bad though...

That wuz funny. You should put more of your movies on NG. They're just a lil' f*cked up in the head tho, but good. Plz put more on here!

Rock da F*CK on!

put more on the site man

dat wuda bin better if it had bin stolen steda joe cartoon makin dat crap

you guys are retards , the ones that voted bad for this , did YOU wake up with sumthing in your ass? this movie is beyond funny , I am impatiently waiting more of joe's submission , this had alot of though it it . even though there wasnt much of a plot , its probably an awesome series. i loved this one and cant wait to see another action packed moe flick.

you guys suck , and i love those who dont suck

i am a big fan of joe cartoons work and i would like to just say that you could have done a better job with the alien thingy that came out of the tree. phuk yes!

When is a Gerbil not in someone's ass?
I thought the music video was weak at the end and the part when the Gerbil broke down was actually kinda sad. I like a lot of the old JoeCartoons.

Yeah, not impressed. It's cool when you get high to get ideas for funny cartoons, but if you maintain some sort of drug and alcohol buzz during the detailed writing and production, there's the chance it won't be funny. It dragged, and it didn't make sense, and it wasn't bizarre ENOUGH to compensate for that.

That was fuckin hilarious. I hope to see more of ur stuff in the future.

Stupid donkey and that thing, it was comin for them, im glad they died:D

So not much comments or critism is need here. Septembers king of the portal will be joecartoon, indeed. Now keep submitting your work to NG at people will evenutally dislike jc cuz of the popularity.

it was actally pretty funny but i almost feel sorry for the hamster the key word there is almost great cartoon i liked it

Does this really need a review. This was just funny. Nuff said. When you get your own disclainer saying that you are who you are, it has to be great work.

I didnt really like that one. I just dint find it all that funny. Not to mention the audio was pretty tough to listen too. But I did like it when crap went flying everywhere when he went flying into his ass.

this was insane cartoon vilonce!(spelling)

i forgot about joe cartoon,i was watchin joe cartoon before i knew about newgrounds,back when it wa frog in the blender and gerbil microwave,lol,good ol days

that is without a doubt the funniest thing iv seen in years! its hilarious, its long, its violent, it is perfect, i have no idea how to improve upon it go home and sleep you are kickass

"Your procrastination irritates meeeeeee!!!" anywho-ha-dingaly-dork...that was funny....in a sick and sadistic way. Just the way i like em!!!

The only thing I hated was that stupid donkey bobing it's head during the song..I don't know why it just angered my blood.

I was wondering when joes next peice would be out, and here i find it on newgrounds how forcunet for me. :P not bad


your cartoons are still great I ve been watching them since they were on shockwave, with classick like frog in a blender and gerbil in a microwave...damn that was a long time ago. I feel old. anyways Keep up the good work.

i think that was the best one you ever made good work

That is great I like of all of joes cartoon.s best Joe fish Keep the dumbshit coming Joes the deepshit king

another absolutly awesome peice from joe cartoon wanted to vote for a 5 but apparently someone on my ip has so woteva bit unclear on the sound but the comedy made up for it
p.s ne1 who thinks this is crap should be shot in the knee

I've seen almost every joecartoon and this one is a extremely funny one. It got my 5. I hope you submit more, joe! (Micro Gerbil 2000 is my favorite)

What an amazing flash. Just when you thought that Newgrounds couldn't up the ante any more..they did with your flash. It was truly mesmerizing to the eyes and ears. Graphically it's amazing (top 5 for sure), the butt tune at the end is the funniest tune I've ever heard on newgrounds. The violence factor is uber wack, with gore, and the like. THe gross factor is way up there a la "south park" but masterfully crafted. I'll try not to give much away (spoiler alert) but the main dude goes anal on thee ass (literally) check this one folks...it's an instand ng classic!

Joe cartoon and Newgrounds? What could be better?

good plat, FUNNY AS HELL.... i give it 5 stars*****

Disturbingly gross. I demand more!

No doubt, Joecartoon is awesome. The gerbils are the best, so f*** the hamsters.

That's what I'd say if I didn't like this movie, however, the current situation is different.
I love the movie. The graphics and animation are superb. The voices are hilarious, and I love the whole plot (if this even has one). I love the song at the end.
"You should be thankful I didn't F**K your dad!"
Great movie!

I saw this on AtomFilms first and it's nice to see that Jo Cartoon have found his way here to NG aswell. I like this flash and I would like to know where can I get that song? :)

This is one of the funniest Joe Cartoons I've ever seen. Hope to see more of Joe's stuff here.

Man i've seen all of joe cartoons "cartoons" and this one is by far one of the longest. its almost as
good as lament for toad. But its still as funny as ever. :)


LOL Joe your stuff is the greatest


I didn't see the movie yet but I'll give you 10's and vote 5 anyway!!! Now i'll see the movie...=-)

That was sweet! I used to go to your site all the time to watch your gerbil bashing cartoons. It's great that you've decided to air some on NG!

joecartoon is the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, i swear I was always wondering and even thinking about emailing u about putting ur stuff on ng, when i saw donkeybong on the front page I was so figgin excited!

..............Ok, maybe not, and I dont care if its just some ploy to get more people to his site, you gotta love the guy. I mean, he's the inspriation to many, the naked drunk guy sittin at his computer makin this... ok, maybe the drunk and naked thing isnt the inspiration here... at least I hope to God NOT!

w00t for Joe!!

Omg i love joe cartoons they are the greatest and i was so suprised to see one of his toons on here this one is by far one of my favorites.

i love joe cartoon, i always have and always will just for the tastefull good wholesome humor that they project.

Have always loved joe cartoon,and this one is no exception.Fantastic piece of flash work.

New n1 favorite,I loved it...

What. The fuck. Was that??????

that was the most random assortment of ass jokes and cuss words i've ever seen!!! WHAT, IN THE NAME OF JESUS H. CHRIST WAS THAT?????

anyway, i kinda liked it. I vote five.

love BUTch!

I especially liked the Simon and Garfunkel spoof.

when u made the guy go up the donkey's ass what were you thinking

dude seen all ur flash films the funny as hell
keep up the good work.

hope and pray! for more

Great cartoon! It's about god damn time you submitted some of your shit to newgrounds. its great!
Graphics intense, good sound quality, and violence humour (2 for 1!).

Easily worth my 5/5

I saw the short version on your actual site, but this version is better. I hope to see some more of your work over time if you find time. Keep up the incredible work.

I loved every part of this specialy the music video

Very good animation. Good sound, great graphics, and quite funny.

i think my first line sims it up + wat is that thing wat comes out of the tree

Yeap thats Joe alright...
If you haven't seen the super fly series you haven't seen what a hilarious flash comic is yet :)

Way to go Joe...
Big Fun

lmfao!! OMG brilliant!

Yeah i liked it very much. I hope to see a donkey bong 2

wow, I was impressed, I loved it, great animation, nice graphicks, the voices were ok, it was also very funny. I also liked the ending, very funny. Though the song of that orange 'thing' was a little to long. But then very funny ending.

also concrats on the daily feature

ur movies just roxox! i love ur site ive been there for many years!!! go joe cartoooooooooooon!

if u like the movie go on his website joecartoon exists fmr more then 4 years and there are lot of flashmovies

i absolutly loved it except we want more.MORE MORE!!!!!!!

The music was fantastic. the concept was fine, the hero was a simpathetic charactor and what a finale. More please.

This has got to be one of the best cartoons I have ever seen. Great job...keep up the good work!

i loved this,both on newgrounds and joecartoon fukin great work

i give this a 18 out of 20 score!! thats pretty good!!

Im glad that Joe Cartoon has finally been put into Newgrounds! This would be the best movie on newgrounds and every1 should watch!

best flash ive seen in a while loving it so funny and rocks!!

I've always loved your stuff!! I think Joe Cartoon flashes where some of the first that I ever watched and I've been a fan from the get go.
Welcome to NG. I must say I've been wondering where the long version of this flash was for about a month now and shockingly it's on NG before on your own site!! As always great work, can't wait to see more.

I luved it was good shit. Keep it comming... yay its more fun that the Merry-GO-Round! that's alotta fun!

Joe cartoon > I just love all ur work in this movie and in the other movies on your site !

Great that you joined NG cause then it is easier for me to see when u've made another flash.


that was so awesome i loved every bit about it it had sadness humor violence music randomness and everything else that made this flash the best ive seen in awhile!

That really is the most professional display of animation skill on this entire website. the content, while a little low brow, is better then most on here.

Luved your work really good for a first i give you a 5 man!!!! ;)

The thing from the tree was... DAMN funny!

The rest.. well, nothing I haven't seen from you... and I hate drugs, so...

I laughed, I cried, I gave it a 5!

I love all ur cartoons... and special the superfly :))) btw nice to see u in the NewGrounds.

Wow.That was somethin alright.Great animation.I cant even express how good the movie looked.The voices were awesome.The part when the guy starts crying was done so well, that i felt very sad.Good job.

I loved everything about this movie...

Nice fbf animation and stuff. i would like to see more of your work ( i know i can to your site but im too lzay so just submity some more k?)
good job!
Btw... Some of the voices are kinda irritating.. Especially the voice of the Hamster/monkey/BANANA WHATEVER!??!

A nice touch and not a bad flash at all but i do see room for improvements. good luck in the future joe

its the Joe!!! *kneels* ... mm m my liege!!! i didnt ever think you would submit something to newgrounds! welcome to the site. been a fan of yours since the frog blender, and still get your newsletter. im willing to bet there are a ton of JoeHeads on the site already.

just wanted to say that your last five or six cartoons have been killer! oh, i havent seen the Gerbilsplat hummer lately, did you steal it back off your brother?

keep up the great work, as always.


especially the end. It was pure gold. you should submit more things to newgrounds(not everything on your sit actually loads)

Joe knows what hes doing...
but honestly, this wasnt the best 1.
super cool craphs, nice woice acting, good characters..
keep doing what you do :D

Omg i have never laughed so god damn hard in my life. That music video was fucking hilarious. I love it man i cant stop laughing lol. Keep up great work.

I really liked this,very funny!

That was hilarious, great job! I've loved all of your movies and this one is just as good if not better. Good to see you on Newgrounds, Joe!

I didnt like it...sry alotta the other stuff on ur website is good...but this...blows...except the finale

Your flashes are the best =P i've been watching them for like 3 years now !!!

5/5 good job

well i didnt really found it funny. but it was a good movie overall, i liked the song tho. nice parody

That was halariouse, are you going to make another one? I want to see it, the singing was good to.

I must say it is definitly an honor to see one of Joe Cartoon's works of arts on here. So of course he would be on the front page. ROCK ON JOE!!!!!!!!

I would love to kick back some day and smoke a bowl with you some day man. If you get injured really bad and cant make flash anymore you should become a singer cause that was funny shit!


/hold hand into air with lit lighter

Party on Joe...party on...

I was shocked to see Cartoon Joe on Newgrounds. Not in a bad way. I was quite glad to see it. and it was hillarious. Keep sending em' in to Newgrounds, dude!

Sweet! Welcome to NG, Joe! The cartoon is funny as FUCK!!! Congrats!

Kudos to the Joe man.

Hah ha ha ha. Yet another great cartoon from JOE CARTOON. You were probably the first person I ever saw flash from... that and stick death. Keep em comming Joe, keep em comming.

I was wondering if you were going to load some of the classics such as Supafly, The Frog Blender, and several of the other Gerbil movies. My Favorite is when the Gerbil is a Brown Nosing Assitant.

As for this, I liked the the S&G Parody.

I never thought I'd see the day that a Joe Cartoon would end up on NG. I hope that there will be more of these surprises in the future.

I got a little bit bored in the singing sessions, mostly cause my parents are asleep and I have to keep the volume very low.
If you decide to make another, I'm behind you all the way.

Fuck what Got_Goat_Milk said, I mean, for fuck's sake man, get a life instead of straining at every fucking detail about a film. Dumbass.

Heh. This gave me a bit of a chuckle.

the decent animation was the best part, way to go! Wow, donkey bong, I get, it makes no sense so we're supposed to laugh. Bad sound and some of the worst jokes, EVER! Why not make new stuff that actually has a meaning. That other guy was right, you're just living off your name. I've seen some of you other cartoons and they're the same style. You can keep the animation I guess because it's your trademark but almost everything else has to change. It was supposed to be random but it met that line in between making sense and so random it's funny. It got there where it had a bad plot and bad jokes but since they almost made sense to the story, it made no sense. Moving on, the sound wasn't the best, not even close. Overall I'd say it's too overrated .

they all got what they deserved at the end....but did the hamster make it? we may never know.....

ur crazy man....i like you, but ur fucking crazy man....u musta been hi i bet. white power

All i can say is ......Nice

I myself am a HUGE Joe Cartoon fan and I brought alot of my friends to the site... All I have to say about this is..(excuse my french) ITS ABOUT F*CKING TIME!!! This guy is hilarious! Thank you Joe for coming to Newgrounds!

"What the heck is a bong key?"
"Booooooooong Keeeeeeeeeeeey!"

Bring more of the best Joe, you da man!!!

- The Surprise

I loved that..... the hamster at times reminded me of bush.

MY favortie part was the music video.

good job!

Of the Joe.

I've certainly seen JoeCartoon cartoons plenty of times, but this is the first one you brought to Newgrounds' Portal. Can you bring JoeClassics like Gerbil Fishing, Microwave Gerbil and Frog-In-A-Blender? It's time Newgrounders got educated in JoeCartoon.

That was great man.. keep more stuff liek that comming

two things i have to say, one: that was some sick and twisted shit and two:i loved every minute of it! i couldn't help but laugh at the little guy i mean he got crammed up a donkeys ass and started singing! great movie,i hope to see more of your work! oh so you know i like sick and twisted flash!

ya hmm
the song was great! best part of this animation. Also when he pops out of his ass and they all die. mostly i just write reviews so there on and ppl see them or else i woudnt give a shit.

the humor!

I loved how you raped that song... but I must add that it was pretty sick that the rat/hamster thingy got cannoned into a donkey's ass... but hell that's life. Graphics amoung the best I've seen. Sounds could have better, but still pretty good.

But what I dont get is why there is an alien/zombie/watever thing stuck on a tree... really didn't make sense to me, but I didn't enjoy it any less cuz of that. Just made me wonder.

Overall, really, really good. Laughed my ass off...

Joe cartoon,Killfrog,gigglestick and newgrounds inspired me to do flash animation so, it is good to see the people that paved the road for me to do flash are still around. Excelent job Joe!

i saw this long before on your site and watched the long version so i dont have to watch it here to know it kicks ass!the graphics of course a 10 cause thier drawing type things and ive watched most of your stuff.the sound gets a 10 cause of the song.(my fav. part):)since its your original work 10 for stlye.of course the the humor comeing from joe is gonna be a 10.as do most of his work,even the cheap short ones like nevada joe.
(takes breath)only someone as talented as you can inspire this long winded review.im adden to favs list.plz put more like all gerbil ones on ng so i can add to fav. list. GO JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love all Joe Cartoons and this is one of the best! LOL U will laugh like a Bong+key NAAA! Very Random that is the way I like it!
Grade= A+ = 10 = a 5 vote!!

Haha! How cute! I just love the voices and that funky thing that comes out of the tree! Graphics were good and it has a really cute storyline. Though I don't understand why he should bleed that much even though he's was just punched! hehe. The sheep part was cute too. Good job.

...........HELL YEAH! Dude that was awesome!!I've always been a fan of Joe's, but DAMN. Tah surpassed anything I've seen yet, except mabye the "Micro Gerbal".........Ya know what, I'm goin right now to see if its posted on Joe's site.

Keep up the good work Joe!

This cartoon is almost TOO funny. The first time I watched it, I had to keep pausing it to gather myself, and catch my breath so I could continue watching it. This is one of the funniest webtoons I've ever watched, and I've watched alot of them. Joe, you are going places my friend.

I've been to joe cartoon forever, this is great.

nice drawing and coloring, sound was good too, good movie at all

now that is quality animation there!!! i love it! that is something that deserves front page!!! its going on my favorites list!!

That was one of the funniest song paradoys i have ever heard. That was also awesome, smooth animations. please submit more! Good job.

this shizzle is great...love to whole series...nice to see you on here

No other words can describe this except "Instant Classic"

it was so cute when the gerbil was crying, and I really enjoyed that song while he was trapped inside the donkey's ass. Also, the newgrounds-esque cartoon review was brilliant, I don't think anyone made fun of it more than you just did. Way to go. Two thumbs up and a fart! *poot*

Frankly even bad "Joe Cartoons" are good. This one started off being good, but seeing the hamster in a music video ROCKED!.... Hope "Joe" watches the "JibJab" case though. Even more so is I hope he and others throw their support behind Parody and Free Speech.

*<}:o) H-D

joe cartoon has done it again but this time on newgrounds great! but why you hate hamster's so much

that ive seen keep em comin

finally joe cartoon on newgrounds. a perfect combination like chips and coke... a cola


one of the best flashes

In my teen years bro, you were da shizznick. Animation has improved hella dawg. da humor is gettin pretty vintage. OK ok ill talk normal. good animation. i honestly turned it off when he started singing in the donkey's ass. the poop humor is kinda stale now. need new material .

toilet humor and intermediate animation.

Hey Joe awsome first submission and awsome work i only wish the humor rating could go higher but this is an awsome piece tankx for making it.

that was good

it was pretty funny. i liked it. dont listen to the guy before me cuz south park stole the gerbil up the butt thing from richard gere.

that was funny shit but it was a total rip off of south park with slave and the girble up his butt but all in all it was good

i loved it =] very nice and cute animation and characters. more! =D

hehehe. this is awesome. joe is bringing his stuff on newgrounds. and 2nd, ive been coming to your website for a long time. and all your flashes are hilarious. 3rd, dont listen to what these ignorant dumbasses has to say. they are pissed because they cant make any good flashes like you do. so, keep up the good work

that was great want the lyrics for that song

that was messy. the sound was horrible. i did not enjoy much but the end. i did almost fall asleep, and the characters were bougus!

i love joe cartoons great movie just like all your others bring back the stoned flies hey were hilarious

the move was awsome i love your style of cartoons it just like retarted animal babies keep making more at newgrounds the song was so funny GOOD JOB

it was ok but not great,the song thogh put me to sleep.

nobody cares about what that stupid french pussy thinks. the movie was pretty good.

Wait arent the french a bunch of pussies? u cant go by what that guy says.

I love Joe cartoons, but this one was great. Especially with the singing.
And the indie film.

Many years ago, I discovered flash animation with newgrounds and you. Since I speak french and I wasn't understanding everything, I liked your job. But now that I'm better in english, let me say that all the joke are not that funny to me, but, the essential point is that I feel that you graphism and animation skills didn't get better. It is old... Think about something new, reinvent flash animation...

i've been waiting 4 dis. this SHOULD b joe's natural habitat. so joe, good going!

That was the best song ive heard all year, even better than usher and his two big hits.

I love your work joe, Ive watched tons of your cartoons on your website before, youre a very funny guy. Superfly rocks
That poor gerbil gets put thru so much torture, this movie started to make me feel bad for him..... oh well..... he deserves to die anyway


WOW! i love Joecartoon, i cant believe they finally submitted this here, good stuff

The heck's a bong key?

bebst video on newgrounds yet...by the way is there a way i can download this song its really good....i will visit these people website great animation weard and good!

Joe cartoon strikes again! I think his flashes are funny and entertaining. Can't wait till he sends another one here. :p

Nice job joe. Ive seen this on your web site like a month and ahalf ago and it was funny then and still is today. Im abig fan of your stuff and so i say keep it up and hope to see more of your great stuff.

it's funny as hell submit some of your other stuff but not all of it otherwise people wouldn't go to your site to watch your movies they'd just stay on newgrounds.

I don't know, maybe I was just in a bad mood. The animation was good I guess, but I hated the sound and the voice acting. The Sounds of Silence parody was lame, and I thought it was all around unfunny and overrated.

No offense. :)

Old school favorite!

not bad

Very nice, I loved the big finale; my only gripe is the fact that some of the dialogue was a little hard to understand. Excellent job, and please make many more of these films!


ok, this is great not a complete waste of time You really fucked up that song 10 all the way. (If you made this while you were drunk then I can't wait till next time!!)

I haven't gone to Joe Cartoon in over 2 years and now I am glad I stopped going. The graphics are mediocre and the comedy is horrible. Joe Cartoon has turned into what Metallica is today, just living off your once great name. Sorry Joe but this was a complete piece of crap.

that was so freakin funny dude, i loved it! it fits right here on ng! and i really want to see more of joecartoon on ng!

ok maybe there was more to this but i thought this was a waste of my time



*hill billies can't count :)


But this cartoon.... made me jiz in my pants. thank you so much for making my day joe