Red Rooster Shootout demo

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UPDATE: full version expected out in about 4-7 days! see ya soon!

I submitted this just to see how it would go, its 1/3rd finished. This is made by me and my friend aaron and both of us got the idea i had once we were at reddies and started working on it. Right now i am working on it. If it goes through then good, i will make even more features then i would and etc. Also if you need help, i will make a guide for it if it goes through. review, hope ya like it!

First get the cash from the desk, Then go to left door, click on the money and you will recieve a lid. Then go back and click on the "Manager" sign, it will fall down and click the button behind it. the it will be unlocked, go into the door. And click the lid, you will then recieve and black gem. Click the gem, and the gem will go onto the face of the missing eye. Click the face and a secret door will appear, go into it. Click on the dead guy and you'll get his key, go into the Janators room. Click the key then the door will open, get the gun and go back outside. Shoot the lock the go into the door. Shoot the back ninja behind the delivery box. Click on him, you'll get his swipecard, then click the "Delivery" sign and a number will appear(60839) Click the key code thing next to the door, and the screen will appear. Type in the number and then click the swipecard. Go into that door, then shoot everyone in there. Click the left open door, and shoot the middle door on the handle. It will open then shoot 2 times on the ninja. Go Back then go into the right open door, shoot the left door handle and a guy will be there. Talk to him then he will give you a gun, shoot him, then click on him to get a key. Go back, then to the left door again, click the key and you'll get a mask. go into the door which says " Caution: gas ahead" shoot the 3 guys in there. then click the open middle box, and you will get a pair of rubber gloves. Use swipecard, then open door. Thats all for now, Hope ya like it! There is only one bug which is gay as thomas davies which goes white when u press back on one of the back buttons, we are fixing it now

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an alright game

this was pretty good but i got some things to improve on
1. better graphics all the rooms look the same
2. the storyline sorta sucked

but otherwise a pretty damn good game

well uhmmmm

this suck this fully suck na im jokeing i give it a 10

((( DECENT )))

This was ok, i like the setup of the room and stuff, the backrounds could use more detail and sahding and much more props and such, but more detail for sure, the sounds were decent and made it more entertaining, anyways fun game, hope to see more soon...


Pretty good.

It kept me amused for awhile. But you could've done much better.

Outraged-Josh responds:

Well check out the whole thing, weve finished the full version. I think weve done pretty good

Hey, just wanted to review!

Well...I have played it up the point in which you all stopped making it. (Right after you connect the wires)

I have a few comments.

First, you really need to work on the graphics. Make each room unique and different. Give the backgrounds some style :) I would also suggest working on the graphics of the people. I *know* you can draw a person. Most of the people in this movie only have 1 pose, so it's not like you are animating some hard frame-by-frame stuff. Remember shading too!

Secondly, you might want to consider making your hit-test areas a bit larger. The doorknobs are especially small. It was a little aggrevating when the people you need to shoot are only able to be hit when they come out of hiding completely. You also give the player about a half of a second to react to the Ninjas (which was a little too short).

Thirdly, there is so much you can do with the story. You resorted to making it about ninjas that took over a restaurant. Although it's kinda funny, it isn't as serious as this game is. In the future, you should work on it.

Ok...now that the comments are out of the way, here is what I liked!

I really like the find the weird object to continue you path method. Very fun indeed! I also liked that when you die, you don't have to restart the WHOLE game over. You just go back to the previous room. This really helps in games where you only have 1 life. I also really liked how the music got serious after you saw the blood. It added a lot of mood. Got things off to a good start. So, good job on the music. Maybe when you get a little deeper in the compound, the music could change into something a little bit more dramatic. I liked the fact that your cursor was not only the gun, but the touch tool as well. That was cool!

Awesome work you two. NOW MAKE THE FULL VERSION!!! I am dying here!

Outraged-Josh responds:

Thanks for the HUGE review. The doorknobs did piss ppl off, and we have made the diameter bigger so its easier to open. Those pointers we will try and work on. Kool review with all the critism and good points about the game. Right now im checking for more bugs.

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2.84 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2004
6:55 AM EDT
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