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Mr. Happy Face

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It's Mr. Happy Face! Watch his fun and wacky adventures!

Little Timmy gets a surprise when he watches the Mr. Happy Face show!



That was incredibly pointless and poorly made. It was far from funny. The only thing I can really say about it is the voice sounded like South Park's version of Michael Jackson, and that made me crack a smile.

I usually like this kind of shit..

but that was very disturbing.....

and since when was Tom Green sending voice animations for Newgrounds?


O.O that scared the heack outa me....mm your blood is sweet timmy....0.0 help me...

Omg SCARY!!!!

I feel like my heart was about to bleed its self to death as i was about to throw up even when i had not eaten lately [luckly] I was freaking out, like holy moly this stuff is violent and a massacar [i might have spelled it wrong.] If you are under the age of 100 you souldn't watch this alone, if your under the age of 20 don't watch it at all.

pure dogshit

I got an account just so I could say I thought this was crap. This thing didn't have anything to offer that hasn't been done better elsewhere, and even given that, it didn't offer much.

Based on the reviews this has recieved I could get flash, make a 40 second cartoon about a squirrel made of 3 circles raping school children with lawn darts and people would think I was some kind of gifted comedy writer. Screw that. The only good thing about this vid is it was so short, cuz I only wasted about 40 seconds of my life when it could have been a few minutes I guess.

Review guidelines say I should offer input on how to do better. Okay, for starters have something to say beyond "watch me make my creepy little character stab things!" Secondly, style questions aside, if you're going to do something gore oriented you might want to study some frame by frames of blood spatter I guess, you know the flying blood is (I guess) the bones of this thing so you'd probly want to make that look decent at least. My last suggestion is to try to give a damn about the overall quality of what you put out there.

I love senseless crap, I even love violence, but this cartoon is such a complete, poorly executed train wreck of poor intentions and poor taste that I'd blam the hell out of it if I had the voting power. Best of luck next time mr. happy face.

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3.75 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2004
8:45 PM EDT
Comedy - Original