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Mrs. Oni Period 1

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this is my first one ever.....at this time i just got flash and had fun with it. It's crummy, but the new episodes are longer, and better animated. So here it is....Zepppelin man's first cartoon...

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It was good

if this is in fact your very first flash animation it is very good in my opinon, its rather funny, and i enjoy the shifty eyes at the end, i will kill all you tommarow... or see all of you that is... lol but. i had to turn it up to hear the voices and when i turned it up to hear them, the sounds of like crunches and the death sounds were really really loud, you might want to work on that, cause i dont know many who enjoy that. but other than that, keep up the good work and we'll be seeing you around NG.

I loved it.

I love this movie! Everybody should watch this, EVERYBODY! The whole movie is just one HUGE inside joke. (Beleive me, I know the animator)
And yes, there is an actual school called Huntington where we all went.

zeppelin-man responds:

yes, people, an inside joke. Mrs. O**** (i wont show real name) happens to sound like mrs oni, and she is a sweet old science teach who always wear a lad jacket even though you dont do many experiments at all. So we made graphic murder comics, then i got flash and i made this!


very cool indeed, i have a suggestion for the second episode... mrs. oni gets sick and doesn't attend school that day, instead her twin comes in to substitute who is actually a good and very kind person, unlike her sister oni... But it turns out she end up killing everyone in the class by accident and doesn't notice the kids have died until the end of the movie. then she says in the end "must run in the family" or something like that...
CAnu make the next one like this??? PLEASE???

zeppelin-man responds:

i dunno, its gonna take a lot of money...eh hem....just kidding. i already pretty much done two and three
(coming soon) but four...hmmm...its a good idea and it will probably appeal to most people...ill think about it!

You should listen to Daddy

There's a good reason he doesn't like it.
There's a good reason I don't like it either.

You get the fisheye!

zeppelin-man responds:

???? I don't know what to say.........really....?

i like violence

tasteless violent gore! u got to love it

zeppelin-man responds:

and i gotta love people like you!