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Path of the Katana

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5 months in the making. And I finished it last night. I can't believe it. THE WAIT IS OVER!

1.7 megs. Audio made it jump, and yes it is compressed.

Known bug list:

1. Walking Cycle shadows show the hands when faded out, as though the body is transparent.

2. Blood splats over-lap parts of the background.

3. Areku moves too fast in 2 sections of the Flash.

4. (Pointed out to me.) The rebels do not play their walking cycle, they just glide across.


It looked unfinished.

your naration needs the most work, as it seemed rushed. you also should take a good look at your backrounds. They're mostly grey, and therefore make it hard to see anything else that's grey. It's only flash, so you have all te time you want to fix theese problems. I'm sure that plenty of people like this movie already, but It takes a little more to impress me. On the bright side, there is always worse flash. If every flash artist worse than you suddenly had your level of skill, then Newgrounds would become infinitely better.

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PunishedOne responds:

Yes, I always rush narrations. Silly me >.<


Its good. Fix the bugs though... otherwise like i said its good.

PunishedOne responds:

Fixing the bugs is not an easy job. I attempted to fix the Walking Cycle shadows (stated the bug in the list, as #1) by adding the shadow hands to a higher layer of the body, but it was still transparent.


wicked movie here. the music was good too, and it kept me entertained throughout the whole movie.
good job.


it waqs overall pretty good exept for if it was me i would have made the final fight between the main guy and the leader guy much longer.

PunishedOne responds:

I scripted to have the Final Fight much longer, but I wanted to get POTK done, so I just jumped ahead and skipped the Final Fight.

Hey its noir!

Good job, nice to see it finished! The animation was a little disorientated, and enemy intellegence felt kind of weak, but it turned out great! Nice weapon animation too!

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Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2004
9:44 AM EDT
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