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Path of the Katana

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5 months in the making. And I finished it last night. I can't believe it. THE WAIT IS OVER!

1.7 megs. Audio made it jump, and yes it is compressed.

Known bug list:

1. Walking Cycle shadows show the hands when faded out, as though the body is transparent.

2. Blood splats over-lap parts of the background.

3. Areku moves too fast in 2 sections of the Flash.

4. (Pointed out to me.) The rebels do not play their walking cycle, they just glide across.



the intro was a little on the boring side, but since you included the option to skip it, I guess I can't take away points for that. anyway, it was cool looking, but the bad guys didn't seem like they fought back enough. they'd just stand there while they were getting shot at or walk up to the main character waiting to be killed... well, you did a nice job anyway

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PunishedOne responds:

Enemy opposition is a side of Flash I'm weak at. I want to show the main character (Areku in this case) is too fast for the soldiers to react. However, sometimes he's too slow.

great job

i liked this alot, only a few things needed work, mostly the walking thing, the hands went WAY to fast for the legs, u know? other than that good job bro

PunishedOne responds:

That's going to be sent to SeiyruRenaih. He did the walking cycles for me. I don't even know how to get it even working correctly.


Thoese English SAS wannabes hav'n some motor func troubles?
Wtf? Oh well nice work overall. Tho thoese Dudes seroulsy act like Speds...

PunishedOne responds:

Oh the Rebels? Dammit! I forgot to put that under the bugs list! I couldn't figure out how to make them play the Walking Cycle! I believe it was because it was a movie clip inside a movie clip.

Good Job!

In my opinion this was your personal best! Although in some paets of the move it was kinnda slow, I stilled liked it!

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Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2004
9:44 AM EDT
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