Turn Around

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This movie is about a selfish rich kid who wont turn around to help people. Thanks stevemyster for help.


Werid (Agein) AGEIN!!!

I didnt really understand what was going on just a bunch of violence in the background and someguy walking :(

A walk shaft (: /) where have I seen that?)

Well i liked the song that was onginal but he just keeps walking (BORING) but the scenes in the backround r funny!!!

hidden message

not bad at all.
thought the music was great and suited the flash.
The graphics where kinda poor, but it also adds character and it makes the flash unique in its own little way.
But nothing happens at the end to the kid, he just continues to walk which is a little bit of a let down. i was hoping all those people would mob him for his money >:P
Great job on the flash..cant wait to see more


what was the point to that movie?! It wasn't scary, sad, funny, dramatic, It wasn't anything!


really people are suppose to get what the flash actually means by just seeing it only... i got what you were trying to conve after i saw it in authors comments. Either way im gona pretend you ment to draw it like that for style........the music rocked?

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2.28 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2004
12:05 AM EDT
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