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The Puppet in the Closet

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Author Comments

The Puppets in the Closet
This is the "sequel" to Experienced Puppets, but only in the way that its another puppet movie. (Yeah, two in two days, I have waaaay too much free time.) I spent all day (11 hours) on this, and it's loads better than Experienced Puppets. Better sound, better visuals, better script, better everything. Enjoy!
Thanks to Sunny_FS for the Giant Rat and Ninja at the end! Also this movie was worked on non-stop for about 6 hours at one point, longest I've ever binge-flashed. This is a fine piece of work in my opinion.


"bitch slapped by an anvil"...

hmmm, one wonders how people come up with this stuff. i think this particular chunk nugget of a movie ("chunk nugget" is a generic term for something that is odd and slightly stupid and generally freaks me out) was thought up whilst rockin' da ganj and then done after pulling an all nighter at the nearest bar. but i guess its that that has made it into the style it has. dont get me wrong, its not a bad movie, its just different.

1969 responds:

"was thought up whilst rockin' da ganj and then done after pulling an all nighter at the nearest bar."

Um.. I'm 12, I don't think It's even.. legal.. for me to do either of those things... I dont even know what Ganj is.

Not bad

I liked your style the whole puppet thing is very cool and different. I liked the characters they were both different and I loved their personalities. The graphics were pretty good I like that you can see there puppets and just how they move is so cool and uniqe. I liked the backgrounds you had they were so bad they were good! The sound was something I personally didn't think you did a very good job on. I thought that your music was to loud so I couldn't understand what the characters were saying and even though you did have subtitles sometimes I couldn't read them because of the background so next time turn down the music. I thought you did a very good job and can't wait to see more.

OVerall: Not bad just turn down the music. 7

1969 responds:

Alright, music down next time? Thanks for the 7.


A white substance on a guy's face... a guy in a dress... those puppets are definitely in the closet alright ;)

1969 responds:

..Oh god, HAHA. Totally not on purpose. Thanks for the 7.

Good job

well, okay. I couldn't really hear anyone over the cool music in the backround except for when the english kid started talking and the supertittles (subtittles above) were really hard to read the the seeminly slap-dash backround. Not only that but it didn't really make and sence. It was enjoyable, and you look like you could do a lot with it but i just suggest creating a plot, better then "who ate all the mayonae and I got eaten by a rat...........................RANDOM NINJA!" Kinda thing. But i enjoyed it! Keep it up!!

1969 responds:

I will, I hope!



1969 responds:


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Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2004
11:59 PM EDT
Comedy - Original