The Puppet in the Closet

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The Puppets in the Closet
This is the "sequel" to Experienced Puppets, but only in the way that its another puppet movie. (Yeah, two in two days, I have waaaay too much free time.) I spent all day (11 hours) on this, and it's loads better than Experienced Puppets. Better sound, better visuals, better script, better everything. Enjoy!
Thanks to Sunny_FS for the Giant Rat and Ninja at the end! Also this movie was worked on non-stop for about 6 hours at one point, longest I've ever binge-flashed. This is a fine piece of work in my opinion.



It wasn't that great, in fact it was pretty boring, i couldn't even watch the whole thing. Come up with some better voice acting, and an actual story

Nothing original, but still a work of art.

I liked it, even though it resembled "Potter Pals", or "Potter Puppets", or whatever it's called.

You did a better job than them.

Your humor was forward and to the point, which is sometimes boring but in this case handled the job well.

1969 responds:

"I liked it, even though it resembled "Potter Pals", or "Potter Puppets"

Potter Puppet Pals, it's actually my inspiration.

Not bad, but it's an improvement

Good to see you manage to make a video in two days, and I can see that you've improved since the last one. Your voice is pretty clear, as it was in teh other one. Smige's was a bit on the rough side but better than the other guy in your first video. I found at the beggining though that it was a bit on the boring side, and not extremely funny, but I found it got better as it went along.
Also, on the debate of music, I found it a bit too distracting in both times. I think the best soultion would proabably be to either ditch the music, or use instrumental stuff since the vocals can be distracting (like Green Onions by Booker T and the MGs. That's a classic). Also if you worked a bit more with the music like to establish mood and things as opposed to it just being something played in the background it would proabably be better. But otherwise I'd say you deifnetly have potential.


hmm.. I see a future front page movie. Possibly


that was pretty good, it was funny, very random, and the dude saying that he got bichslapped by an anvil was funny and original.

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3.73 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2004
11:59 PM EDT
Comedy - Original