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Cloudstarter ep. 1

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What would you do if your world came crashing down around you? In this episode, Wayne's file on his video game gets saved over. How can he deal with this monstrocity of a crime?


Pretty funny stuff man.

Yeah, it was kind of badly directed, and animated, but the idea was solid and I really liked your humor. Grow in your art and emerge as a great maker of flashes. If you want to, that is.

Why did I watch this again?

Although it sucked balls, Sager, your movie sill cracks me up; then again, it still sucked balls. But, you know. As I always say...

As life was meant to be lived,
Balls were meant to be sucked.

Sagerman responds:

Although you suck balls, Jacob, your face still cracks me up; then again, you still suck balls. But, you know, As I always say...

As you were meant to live,
Balls were meant to live above you.

the horror the horror

the horror of all game players... working trieless for many a hours running though dugeon and castles to get to their boss and fighting them for what seems to take hours. the worry of your not going to beat him. then finally after all your hard work, all the hours JUST TO HAVE YOUR FILE SAVED OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not bad but way too long

fix the voice volume too


I didnt know what the hell was going on ... just the fact the all theese people and crap were dying... did anyone understand it or is i just me?

Sagerman responds:

The story is that there are these two friends. One night at, 4:30 in the morning, Cory walks in because Wayne is screaming and woke him up. Wayne just beat a big boss. So, Cory says, "As long as I'm up, can I play?" He proceeds to play for a while. Later, Wayne's turn approaches and Cory saves his game. Wayne tries to load his game, but discovers that Cory has saved over it. He is distressed. There is then a visitation and funeral held for the memory card that held Wayne's file. Cory makes a smart-ass remark, sparking Wayne's anger, causing him to snap and kill Cory. Though the killing is not seen, it is implied by showing his visitation, with his name on the sign, and his funeral, with his name on the gravestone. At Cory's funeral, some douchy guy shows up and said that Cory sucked donkeyballs. Though Wayne killed Cory, his was still his best friend and would not let anyone talk bad about him. So, Wayne kills the douchy guy (once again, implied by the writing on the sign and on the gravestone). At the douchy guy's funeral, we confirm the fact that Wayne has become a psycho killing freak by seeing him dressed in black and with a Korn song in the background. Hope you enjoy.

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2.35 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2004
8:20 PM EDT
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