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Just a tribute to Dragonballz one of the first anime I saw in 1995. Thanks Akira Toriyama for creating one of the greatest manga/anime of all time that pushed me into doing manga/anime style art.. Thanks Akira Toriyama...

This tribute was created using photoshop, illustrator and flash 3 through a series of line arts techniques used mainly by inkers and colorers. Hopefully to please you the audience at newgrounds i'll try to make time to present another tribute maybe to Akira, gundam,spriggan,kenshin, or another great manga/anime, anyway people enjoy the show. Oh before I forget for the people who are clueless as to what they are about to watch this is the cell fight from dragonballz.Watch it speak your mind, but please hold no grudge, this is a tribute and respect goes to Akira toriyama for creating this manga/anime, well for me I am just proud that i was able to get insites for my own drawings from watching the anime and reading the books that had some wicked fight scenes. Also for the beings who have no clue what this is rent the video or dvd oh any dragonball movie in full japanese with english subtitles.



Actually i enjoyed this the musical choice complemented it well and i don't mind japanese im going to learn it since its a rather 'beautiful' 'expressive' language if you ask me Anyways Nice flash 10/10 man And it made me feel kinda good and abit happy if abit...sad to know dbz is over along with the time i used to spend watching it all gone all away...if they'd at least come out with a new game for 360 thats half as good as the ps2 ones..Maybe i'd be able to enjoy the series abit more for awhile.

Woah !

Man , you make me jealouse , I've been trying to make a dbz flash for a long time , you are definitly a great artist !


it was Japanese WTF is that u shoulda put it in English loser


i couldn't watch the whole thing...it made me too sentimental...supercucco,you just need to pull that stick outta yer ass

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supercucco, your a dumb ass...

supercucco dude suck my dick and kiss my ass, the vid may have had shitty music but you must be a fucking artard to think this vid wasnt awesome,mute the video you dumb piece of shit, man grow some balls because iknow your bitch ass cant make a better video.DUDE WHO MADE THIS VID, IT WAS AWESOME DONT LISTEN TO HYPOCRITICAL SCHOOL GIRL BITCHES LIKE SUPERCUCCO,KEEP ON ROCKIN. TEN OUT OF TEN FOR SHURE

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May 20, 2001
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