Raiden IIS - Part B

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The final bit of the game. I fixed the autofire (yeah, like it wasn't fixed in the first place) but it is still slow-shooting, though it increases frequency higher up the screen.


A few bugs

The purple weapon is broken! it hits EVERYTHINg on the screen regardless if the shot even goes in the right direction u need to fix that and the shots move with the enemy ships its annoying to have to follow thier ship and the shots too. Also on the boss u need to have those white triangles shoot. I just moved behind him and just sat there with the purple powerup. And at the last boss are the missles suppose to move or just sit there? Also the muisic on the last boss aint looped correctly it plays a bit then stops then restarts when the bosses pattern restart

Plus raiden was a lot better but then that was a freaking console game so the other guy should stfu and enjoy a nice flash

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Go0gley responds:

wtf ok i don't give monkeys on how the purple thing works at least it's fast and a decent replacement of the plasma ray and i can't be bothered to make every shot go to the right direction cuz flash is not the best program on earth and i'll check the white triangles on the boss and those are not missiles they're the rockets u see at the end of level 7 of raiden ii that drop a bullet when hit and the last boss the music is supposed to stop when it fires the big green laser thing because when it loops it sounds totally wrong and raiden is a lot better because they knew how to program it but i'm just a beginner who could think of nothing else but put the only 10 flash scripts i know into a damn crap game and i don't friggin kno which guy should stfu but thx for the 10s

now thats a real shooter!

amazing,just stunning i mean how did yuo make such an awesome game from flash at the age of 13 from what your profile says? that aside this is the best raiden remake and i have raiden2 on my computer! for the record my score was in the 7 millions.

Go0gley responds:

Yes I am 13 and gonna be 14 in August 18. And cool, I also have Raiden 2 in my computer (for some reason, I can't get Raiden 1 to work properly), and other than that, playing it is once of my favourite pastimes. Thanks for the review. :)

To the guy who gave your game a 5

he sucks :D


Is there standard an 'unlimited life' system in this game or something? Cause i think i died a trillion times the 10 minutes i played your game.

I like the concept of the coloured square powerups that become more powerful while collecting. I have never played 'raiden' before so i cant really compare this between the original.

What also was extremely annoying were the overpowered levelbosses. Not only did they shoot 1000 pixels per second in every direction, also if u have a good poweruped ship and encounter a boss, he will probably destroy you in a couple of seconds. Then u respawn again, but only with the standard level 1 gay weapon. At that point it basically is a matter of flying directly into the boss while keeping the shift button pressed...

Try to balance the game a little bit more. But i saw in your profile that you are only 13 years old. And although this game needs working it still is a very good job for a kid ur age. Im sure that when u are a little bit older and keep on doing flash u will make some real masterpieces in the future. Take care!

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Go0gley responds:

I was thinking of making a credit system but I wasn't in the mood with making a "game over" page. If you found this game bearable, I think you might enjoy the real game. If you like, you could get it free at http://www.the-underdogs.org/game.php?id=3013 at the bottom of the page where it says "where to get it." Once you downloaded it and unzipped it, you could play it instantly. Sorry about the overpowered bosses (I expect you were using the purple weapon, because they get killed within 10 seconds if you use the blue one), I'll try to lower down their HP a little. I'll be 14 in August 18, I'm glad you found it okay anyway. :)

You raped Raiden

- Shots are too fast
- It's too easy to power up fully
- No missiles
- Your shots "follow" your ship

You bascailly destroyed a good memory of a great game.

Go0gley responds:

Not that I can't accept criticism, but...

Pointing out just four bad things out of tons of other good and bad things overall hardly makes this a constructive criticism. I got the code for the homing missiles running properly for only ONE target, but Flash doesn't know how the hell to aim those missiles randomly at MANY targets throughout the screen so I had to give up the whole missile idea. Only the vulcan gun follows the ship (otherwise, Flash will lag, when the ship sprays lots of bullets) but the laser gun doesn't.

@ the "you raped Raiden" comment - Simply stfu. I made this when I was 13 and it's better than any of your shit.

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4.08 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2004
10:21 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight