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(old 04) "Igloo"

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this is couple years old, but this little piece is where the "beastie" came to be

oh and yeah i'd change a lot if i could but A) i like to see what it was when i made it back then, and B) i couldn't if i wanted to... old computer is toast.

haha still gives me a laugh to see what i was making years ago :D

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Funny and good style to this


HELLO and i like to see that i can see improvement in this (should i say mini series?)

good luck with your next pieces,
and thank you again.

p.s. yes i am evil by copying your message
pps. HI!!!


The only time i wish "10" wasn't the limit...

For all you who don't know...Wiley here makes the best animation on NG. It's funny...it's cool...and it's just plain awesome.
He is probably one of the biggest inspirations to me...right along with Klayton Scott (Celldweller), which is a HUGE accomplishment if you ask me.
But, more on topic...Igloo 3...
Lets start with the menu shall we?
It's got the coolest, most laid back music ever...an awesome choice.
It's got great art...which just surrounds you in awesomeness.
It's got plenty of options, which is a 10 in everyone's category.

Okay...now to the animation...
It's funny, and fun to watch.
It's got great animation, with characters you can love.
It's got a great plot, that's amuzing 10x through.

Now the games/dress ups/tutorials...
The games are both different, fun, and easy to learn. I always find myself coming back for more.
The dress ups are great if you love the characters...it gives you a chance to lay down your version of these sure-to-be classics.
The tutorials are thurough, fun to do and read, and extremely helpful. I thought i knew what flash was all about until i saw his tutorials. They're a must for anyone starting out.

So...What's my final word?

Simplexity...the art of being simple, yet complex at the same time. Good job Wiley...i could never ask for more man, except for MORE. Though i'd never pressure you, as things like this, have to come naturally for them to come across right. I just hope you do another...it'll be the day that i love the most.

Thanks again dude...as this awesome time on NG we've had is nearing it's...well...not "end"...but rather "Slowing down"...i'm remembering how this month has seemed like years...

Your best bro...



Very good

Very good.

Whats the name of the song in the animation part at the end? I think I heard it on a nabisco commercial or something.

animatorjones responds:

the song is "in the hall of the mountain king"

you probably did hear it in a nabisco commercial lol.

thanks for the review! (didn't know i'd get a new review, haven't had a new one in a long time!)