Harry Pwner

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What do you get when you cross Harry Potter, Hermione, and an erection?

A big load of shit, if this movie's anything to go by.

With that in mind, enjoy the flash!!!



the game is awesome, and is really interactive. by the way, the password for god is SpleenFat

MessiaH responds:

It's funny the way people tell me this as if I didn't know.

Thanks for the review.


so damn true!! that was an amazing job you did dude!!
it was ALL extremely funny, all of the stuff that happened in there...
there were HEAPS of programs to choose from, and many many things to click and check out.
all of the sound effects were excellent, and fit in perfectly with the events that took place... all of those errors were just hilarious!! hahaha!!so well-damn done mate, this was just spectacular... i laughed my damn head off at all of that stuff. well done!!
overall score: 8/10
(THE THUMB: UP!!!!!)

MessiaH responds:

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I am revamping both Windows parodies slightly. Nothing major, just to make it feel a bit more real.

Thanks for the review.

great, where can i buy one?

this was great, you have to do more of those...
just great

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MessiaH responds:

With the scores you gave me it should have been a 10 overall.

As for making more, no.

But thanks for the compliments.

I love all this stuff.

I love this author he rocks. From windows aids to this, everyone has me laughing my head off. Amazing flash please make more. This was so funny.

MessiaH responds:

Thank you. I intend to make another WWEi at some point, then who knows.


ahahahahhahahha i mean i know i have a warped sense of humor as people tell me but whateva.... but i think the answeres to reviewers that blam you are funnier personally but then thats me

MessiaH responds:

Thanks. I'm glad some people read those, it makes me sad that those reviews will all end up deleted (don't hesitate to rate them abusive, though, people).

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3.64 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2004
8:21 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody