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Harry Pwner

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What do you get when you cross Harry Potter, Hermione, and an erection?

A big load of shit, if this movie's anything to go by.

With that in mind, enjoy the flash!!!

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This was just terrible. I wanted to see a good Harry Potter parody, and this is what I get. WTF was that. I hated it. Again, it was TERRIBLE.


il give you a 3 for trying


That was absolutely terrible.Waste of my life. Too short, No plot, They both randomly die, and the drawing was terrible. You can do better than this!


This was crap. Nice try though.

Not Amusing At All

Okay, so I know this is a flash about Harry Potter getting a boner, with that in mind, I watched it anyway because I enjoy a good Potter parody. (Emphasis on the 'good')

This started off fairly well, it shows young Harry (in a very crudely drawn way, he looks almost like a drawing from my seven year old cousin) standing in a room with a bookshelf in the back. There were about a hundred books, however only 2 of them had a name on the spine for some reason. (One book on OWLS, one simply saying Stephen King). I also noted the little 'anarchy' symbol in place of his lightning bolt scar (nice touch).

Hermione then shows up and she is ugly as sin. I mean, straight UGLY. If Jason Vorhees and Sandra Bernhard had a child, this Hermione would be it. Harry's character looked like a god compared to her (and she had a big ugly wart/mole on her face). She also has a good double 'D' Pamela Anderson chest. She uses her wand to cause Harry to have an erection and then two tombstones come on the screen.

Harry's says he died of AIDS and Hermione's just says, quite simply, 'Hermione'. Not only is her tombstone blank, Harry's stone reads 'Harold'.

All in all, this flash was a waste of a minute of my life, and I want it back.

Sorry, but I believe you could've done better than this. WAY better.