Childhood mishaps ep.2

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In this episode, the kid needs a day off, but will he get it? Special appearances by David Duchovny and Kool Keith. The script is written for 6 episodes, but I won’t have time to do the next one until thanksgiving, so please be patient. The epic conclusion is coming. You may want to watch ep.1 first(just so you get an idea of what's happened), but it is not a prerequisite. Also, this movie is 4.5 minutes, so grab a snack!


Thats Cool

Any flash containing a DXM trip is pretty cool with me. I enjoyed it. I love the voice and mouth movements of the mother. And David Docouvney(?) is always a plus.

HAha FUnny SHit

That was the funniest episode yet!! The doctor was funny as shit.


Kolohe responds:

I'm re-writing ep.4 right now and trying to make it a bit more like ep.2, so stay tuned!

getting better

dont know if it was just me, but the graphics seemed like a drastic improvement in this one. getting better and funnier, keep up the good work

Kolohe responds:



haha! extremely funny once again!
i loved the first episode, and i loved this one! heh, once again i found the kids voice extremely humorous.
the graphics were pretty good: although the backgrounds could have been better (like the kids house) all of the characters were drawn pretty well.
i really liked the animation in this episode, especially when the characters were walking, that was really well made. heh.
another thing i really liked about this episode was the length! it was nice and long.
so overall, another pretty nice episode, it was long, funny and had good animation. well done.
overall score: 7/10

Kolohe responds:

Dear M-A-R-C-U-S,

You sir, have reviewed all but one of my movies. You are probably my favorite reviewer due to your consistency and in depth commentary. I have never responded to one, sorry! Thanks for all the insightful comments and all of your thumbs ups! If everybody reviewed like you I wouldn’t have to email so many 13 y/o kids trying to explain all of my jokes (which they probably won't understand anyway).Peace!


thats one fucked up kid,i mean chugging a bottle of medicine like that and going to school,wow thats fucked up,and whats with the bleeps?

Kolohe responds:

I dont like profanity, so I had to edit the kids voice when he uses bad words (I'm really just making fun of the fact that I edit other people's voices and use them in flash). Thanks for the 10!

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3.91 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2004
5:51 AM EDT
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