PICONJO: zombrez!

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Piconjo and T0mmy vs ZOMBRFEZ???!?/

happy piconjo day! OGM!1 piconjo <3's j00


Normally I hate all movie's that Piconjo makes.

But this one's not so bad. But people will vote higher on your subbmissions if you don't diss LF.

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Sorry but I have a rule...

That is that if you make a flash and a penis is a weapon, then you can't score higher then 5. I have to admitt that I loved how you used the Scooby Doo theme thier. But once again, on one of your films, I have to say: "Please get ride of the numeric slang!!" And I will try to be nice about this. You have great talent, the films look great, but why you got to diss LF and other known people on Newgrounds like that. It remindes me of Micheal Moore's strategy: Pick someone big and find something to blow out of perpotion, and hope that it catches on. Just saying.

i love your stuff

I cant get emugh of this. But isnt this on a Piconjo Jam?

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Not to bad

Oh look my name is skater steve and im real cool kuz i skate and im a rebel to my dad kuz he hates me and dosnt love me like all other dads should. So im gona review movies and hate on other people kuz my life sux0rz. Boo hoo cry me a river you faget.

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Wtf is with the last part...and the retarded captions? For gods sake just put in real text so people can read what they're saying, and you'll get a better score. However I'm not in any way saying that this wasn't a piece of shit =(

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2.01 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2004
11:58 PM EDT